How to Ping a Phone Location – Best Apps to Track a Cellphone

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Parents are always concerned about the whereabouts and safety of their children, especially during teenage. A company may want to “spy” on its employees to determine if they are honest and trustworthy. Government agencies or law enforcers would be interested in locating a fugitive after committing a crime. At some point, you may have lost your phone and desired to recover it.

Well, in all the above instances, tracking a phone’s location would be the best option. The process is also referred to as “pinging a phone,” and enables one to locate a phone via GPS systems. You can, therefore, find the whereabouts of your cellphone or a targeted person’s phone.

What Does ‘Pinging A Phone’ Mean And Why Is It Needed?

Pinging a phone refers to a digital process where one sends a message or signals to a device through signal towers. The signal towers then send back the device’s exact location. The method is also useful in retrieving a phone’s last location after it goes off. Traditionally, phone trackers used “triangulation” to locate cellular phones using aerial arrays.

The pinging process utilizes the GPS location systems that are installed and activated in a device. The GPS location systems work with tracking software and other tools to track a phone. They help in determining the phone’s location coordinates, which include its latitudes and longitudes.  The method has gained popularity in the digital era as more people want to “spy” on cellphones’ activities.

So, Why Ping A Phone?

People ping phones for various reasons. They include:

  • Parents use this method to spy on their children’s location for their safety.
  • You could ping a lost phone’s location, hoping to recover it.
  • The technology is effective in tracking criminals.
  • It can help locate harassers and unknown callers.

However, tracking a person’s location via their phone is illegal unless you have their exclusive authority to do that.

Methods of Pinging a Phone

Pinging a device may involve the following procedures. Here are four ways to ping a phone:

  1. Location Tracking Software

Using GPS tracking systems is the easiest and most effective way of tracking a phone’s location. You can use this method to track your preferred Android or iOS devices. However, you must first install and activate GPS on the targeted device. There are numerous software and phone tracking apps that you can utilize in phone pinging. Some of the best trackers include:

  • Google Maps – It is one of the most reliable navigation software in the market. Google Maps is available on the Google Store and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The free app works by sharing a device’s location. Through the software’s inbuilt functions, you can accurately locate a phone.
  • Life 360 – With various incredible features, Life 360 is another top tracking software to ping a phone. You can use Life 360 to track a lost phone or spy on a loved one’s activities by finding their location.
  • Spyic – It is a convenient tracking app with a straightforward user interface. The spy app lets you locate your targeted iPhone or Android device undetected.
  • Cocospy – Another reliable tracking app, Cocospy helps you monitor a device’s activities, including its location.
  • Where’s my Droid – If you’ve lost an Android device, this is a perfect location-based tracker app to use. “Where’s my Droid” is an affordable application that uses GPS to give the exact phone location’s coordinates.
  1. Default Phone Mechanisms

Android and iOS devices have in-built GPS features. However, if the GPS location is not enabled, you must activate GPS settings on your phone to allow pinging. You will find the feature as “My Device” on Android, or “My iPhone” on the iOS device. Here’s a step-by-step method of pinging a phone using Android’s phone mechanisms:

  • Go to
  • Using your Gmail credentials, log in to your Google account.
  • Turn n “Location” to find your lost phone’s coordinates.
  • You can also lock your phone or delete its data remotely.
  1. Tracing the Phone Number Details

If you have ever fallen victim to a fraudster, you could be interested in determining their identities. Apart from finding their location, you can track the targeted user’s phone number details. Several apps, including the Truecaller, CallApp, and ShowCaller, bring universal caller IDs to cellphones to facilitate sim card number tracking.

The phone number tracking apps are popular as they enable one to identify a sim card’s owner, the location, and other details. Hence, you can find out an unknown caller’s identity.

  1. Using the Phone’s Carrier’s help

The last phone pinging method involves the device’s carrier. If all other options don’t work for you, you can contact the carrier company, such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Method. The companies help users in locating their lost devices or those of their loved ones.

Phone carriers use the analog racking method called triangulation to determine a phone’s location. The process involves making triangles using several signals from a device. It is, therefore, a cheaper and legal phone tracking method.

How Can I Ping My Cell Phone Which Has Been Powered Off?

Pinging a switched-off phone is practically impossible since the device cannot interact with GPS towers in its location. Hence, you cannot determine its exact coordinates when it is off. You can only retrieve the location where the device was last active.

However, in some cases, it is possible to ping a switched-off phone. The exception only occurs in war zones using NASA’s advanced technology. NASA has used the method in the past, but the details are unavailable.

How Can I Prevent My Location From Being Tracked?

Despite being a widely used process, some people do not appreciate others tracking their devices. If you want to prevent other people from tracking your phone’s location, you can follow the procedures below:

  • Turn Off Your GPS Location – Go to your phone’s GPS settings and turn off the live location. By doing this, no software will track your location.
  • Turn On The Airplane Mood – You can also switch your device to airplane mode to stop the phone from sending signals to nearby GPS towers.
  • Turn Off Your Phone Completely – If you’re not using your device, you can completely switch it off and remove the battery. The procedure will protect your phone from any tracking software or applications.
  • Turn off Location Services in Phone Settings – Go to your device’s location settings and switch them off to hinder any tracking.

Final Words

Phone pinging is a renowned technology used in tracking digital devices. The process involves sending signals or messages to a cellphone via signal towers and receiving them back with the device’s location details. You can ping a phone for various reasons, including retrieving a lost phone, spying on your child or loved one, and locating a criminal. Phone tracking is only legal when the phone owner has given their consent. You can use several apps or software to track a phone’s location. Moreover, you can also rely on the device’s carrier or default phone mechanisms. If you do not want apps to track your cellphone, you can turn off its GPS location settings, turn on the airplane mode, or switch it off completely.

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