Epic Seven New Event Bittersweet Dessert Festival Week 2 and New Hero Politis. Can I play Epic Seven on PC?


Epic Seven is an online role-playing popular android game. This game has unique gameplay and a unique storyline. It is a mission-based game, and there are multiple stages in each story. Recently a new story is added in the game named Bittersweets Dessert Festival Week 2. Also, a new hero name politics is added to the game. You can download Epic Seven on PC to have a try.

New side story

Epic Seven, the best role-playing game, is continuously adding multiple side stories to make the game more interesting. Every week the game developers, add a new story to the game. Recently in the game, a new and popular side story added in the game by its developers. It is known as Bittersweet dessert festival week 2. In this article, we will discuss this new special story in detail. It is a very interesting story.

Bittersweet Dessert Festival Week 2

The bittersweet is a new special story added to the game. Mainly the two heroes Cidonia and Ritania, take part in the story. This story is like a festival. It is not difficult to take part in or access this new special story. When the players complete the ” Food Comes First ” stage, which is available in chapter 1, they can easily access this new special story. This event only lasts for two weeks.

Currency of Event

As we discussed that this is a special event, the currency of this event is special. The Scavenger Hunt Treasure is the currency of this event. This currency resembles the Treasure of the popular game Scavenger Hunt.

How to enter the story

It is very easy to enter this event. Because this story does not require any energy, so the players can enter into this story without energy. Also, the players can not get rewards after completing the rewards. The players can unlock on story stage by their choice during the story forks. When the players complete one story stage’s requirements or condition, they can go back and unlock another story stage. The players can also set the level of difficulty of the story stage when they cross one story stage’s difficulty.

Bittersweet Pets

There are 8 different Bittersweet Pets. The players can choose any pets for this festival in Cidonia. These pets are available in the pet house. The players have to visit the pet house and click on adopt to get these pets. These pets are Blue Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Retisia  Armorial, and Fantasia, etc. In these pets, some pets are normal, and some pets are special.

In this new event, some exclusive equipment is also introduced in the game. This equipment helps the players in the gameplay during this festival of 2 weeks. Some monsters are also changed in this new update.


The Politis is a newly added hero in the Epic Seven role-playing game. This hero is a 5-star fire mage. This hero is the last inhabitants of Faustus who consumed the planet. This new hero has a special purpose. She wants to build an everlasting city by using Its knowledge. She wants that in this city, her creations can live in peace without any trouble.

Politis has multiple skills like she can block the attacking of enemies. She also has some characters that she can disable the skills of opponents. She can block the straight firing from the opponents. She can change the direction of combat.

Special skills of Politis

In the above paragraph, we discussed some general skills of this hero. Additionally, this hero has some special skills. These special skills are following Calls of stars, Star fall, and Astral guide. The Call of star skill increases the chance of stunt the target by 25%. Star fall is also a great skill. By using this skill, the hero attacks the whole team of opponents. It also reduces the hit chance of enemies by 25%. Astral Guide also the best skill and helps the hero in gameplay. It increases 50% of target readiness by the hero.

Can I play Epic Seven on PC?

Epic Seven is a special storyline and role-playing game getting popularity among world players. The players can play this game on their smartphones, but there are some limitations to mobile phone gaming.  To avoid these limitations, most of the players like to play games on the PC. Some know about the procedures of PC, and most players have no information about PC gaming. The PC game lovers can easily play Epic Seven and other games on their PC or laptop using an Android emulator. Multiple emulators are available for this purpose in the online market, but the LDPlayer android emulator is the best one.

Introduction to LDPlayer

As we discussed that android emulators are used to running android games on PC, the LDPlayer is one of them. The players prefer LDPlayer due to its fantastic and user-friendly features. The main feature of this emulator is that it is friendly to the system and lighter in weight. Also, it helps a lot the players to control the game by using external gamepads. LDPlayer is the free android emulator that you don’t need to worry the fee. We suggest Epic Seven lovers install LDPlayer on their PC and enjoy the game.

How to download LDPlayer?

To download the LDPlayer, the players do not need special skills. Just follow the given steps.

  1. Visit the website of the LDPlayer android emulator. Click on the LDPlayer emulator.
  2. After this, click on the download button.
  3. After downloading, install the emulator on your PC.
  4. When the installation completed, then open the app and enjoy android games on your PC.


In the above, we have discussed the new story and new hero in detail. The new story is Bittersweet Desert Festival Week 2, and the new hero is Politis. We discussed the new story features and skills of the new hero. Also, we discussed how to play this game on PC. We discussed the LDPlayer android emulator in details.  We suggest all Epic Seven lovers to play this game on PC by using LDPlayer.

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