How to Stay Healthy While Sitting at a Desk

Sitting down for too long isn’t good for anyone, but sitting at a desk all day can mean feeling poorly in the back and the shoulders.

Getting in some intense physical activity could keep you in great shape. Unfortunately, long days of work could prevent you from getting in a full workout.

When you can’t find the time to work out and continue to feel discomfort when you are sitting at your desk, you might feel hopeless.

There are some ways to help keep your entire body feeling great even when you can’t get in the exercise you desire.

Try some of these useful tips that might reduce the aches and pains anywhere in your body that come from sitting at a desk too long.

Sit with a Pillow

The chair you sit in has a big impact on how your entire body feels during a day of work. The only problem is that it is not always possible to purchase a new chair.

Whether you work from home or spend your days in an office, a simple fix could be to use a pillow to support your back.

There are many types of pillows that come in different sizes and softness or firmness. You should always feel a pillow in person before making a purchase to make sure it is the right fit.

It could be worth it to find the right pillow to use behind your back during a day of work. You might even use the same pillow to get a good night’s rest, which could also have a positive impact on how your body feels!

Making sure your back receives the proper support all day will make a huge difference in reducing your backaches. After all, your back holds you up all, so it is important to treat it right!

Use a Standing Desk

Sitting for too long will make anyone antsy. In addition, it can put so much pressure on your back and shoulders that will make you feel uncomfortable.

Taking breaks from sitting by simply standing up is a great solution. The only problem there is that the work you have to do at your desk will be too low and will then add strain on your neck.

To reduce neck strain and to stand up for some intervals during the day comfortably, you could try using an adjustable standing desk. These gadgets sit on top of your existing desk so you can easily raise and lower your work surface as you need.

Switch up your work routine by standing for some time and sitting when you feel like it. Having the option to do what makes you the most comfortable can change the way your back feels all day, every day.

Using an adjustable option will make sure you can stay comfortable all day depending on what your body tells you. If you are aching while sitting down, you can easily stand up and keep working hard.

Take Walking Breaks

Being confined to the desk area all day is not pleasant, especially when it puts your back in an uncomfortable position.

Standing at intervals is very helpful, as is taking short walks to get the blood flowing again. Even brief walking breaks can significantly improve the way you feel during the workday.

Take short strolls to the restroom or mingle with coworkers periodically to get in some much-needed physical activity. You might even enjoy a walk around the office during your lunch break!

Wearing a fitness tracker is a great way to see how many steps you take in a day to make sure you hit a certain goal. Even a little bit of fitness every day can make a difference in how your body feels.

Stretching the legs instead of sitting all day will improve your circulation and contribute to the healthier lifestyle you desire.

Don’t let sitting at a desk for too long keep you from living the life you love!

Use a Posture Corrector

It might sound a little silly, but there is actually a right and wrong way to sit! Sitting at a desk with hunched shoulders is very common and can actually put a harmful strain on your body.

Maintaining a proper posture during the workday could help your body feel so much better in the long run. Pressure will be released from high-tension parts of the body like the neck and shoulders to help you feel great.

You can try to fix your posture on your own, but it is very complicated to keep it up all day without a little bit of support.

To make sure you are keeping up with good posture all day, a posture corrector is extremely helpful. GiftWits has a thorough guide to posture correctors if you’re thinking about getting one to help keep your neck, shoulders, and back in line.

Poor posture has multiple negative effects on the body, including headaches and a misaligned spine.

Using a tool that is meant to fix your posture problems is one of the best ways to reduce the side effects you could feel from poor posture at your desk.

You can wear many of them under your clothes for a discreet method of posture correction during the workday. The desk you sit at shouldn’t be the cause of the aches you feel for the rest of your life.

Stretch Your Back and Shoulders

To stay healthy when you sit down for the majority of your day, physical activity is a great option. While it can be tough to complete full workouts, some stretching exercises can also make you feel the best you can.

Doing back and shoulder stretches every morning before the workday begins or even throughout the day if you have the chance can keep your muscles working. This prevents them from getting stiff and achy.

Practicing yoga is a great option for getting in a good stretch and putting your mind at ease. Anything you can do to stretch the upper body is also great.

Stretching will help the aches caused by sitting for a while as well as help to reduce other bodily discomforts overall. It can lead to you have a body you’ll love even more.

Staying healthy even when you sit at a desk for too long is important so you are more comfortable every day. Changing your lifestyle just slightly can really make a difference in how you feel.

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