How to survive university with minimum stress

When you start university, it can be one of the most difficult and stressful periods of your life as everything changes in a very small space of time. In addition, it might be your first time living away from home, and with so many parts of your life in a state of flux, it is easy to get a bit overwhelmed by it all. However, despite how it might seem, to begin with, you can put yourself in the perfect position to survive with the right steps.

Make friends

Try to make as many friends as you can during freshers’ week as this could be the difference between feeling settled in your new surroundings. It is essential to get to know as many people as possible with these friendship networks, as a university can be a very lonely place. These are the people you can constantly contact who can then form part of a support network. Of course, you can be supportive of each other if anyone gets homesick, but you can also form little study groups to help each other with any particularly difficult assignments. It is these bonds that will help you to survive.

Keep an eye on the budget

Money is always a major concern for university students as quite frequently it can be the first time that you will have had to fend for yourself as such. With things such as rent and food bills rearing their head, it is important to find more cost-effective ways to do things. Plan your meals so that you can budget accordingly for them, while batch cooking can also be a lifesaver. You can cook large amounts of curries, casseroles, and the various pasta and store them in your freezer so that there is always likely to be something there if you need it. This can save a considerable amount of money in the long run as you will always have something stocked up in case of emergency, so you won’t have to fork out for takeaways regularly. While It is ok once in a while. Having constant takeaways can be a financial drain.

Keep a schedule

Plan your time accordingly so that you have enough time for friends and all of your coursework. If you leave your coursework until the last minute, it will build up constantly, and you end up with a situation where you are trying to do ten assignments in three days, which unfortunately cannot be sustainable. As you will burn yourself out. Try to schedule study time and make use of the libraries wherever possible. As time goes on, will you become more acquainted with the libraries as you will start to spend a disproportionate amount of time in them, but this is necessary if you want to get the best degree that you can? If you are not going to try your best, then there is not too much point in going doing the degree. You can also speak with friends about this as they can help to be a motivating factor. Where you might not understand certain parts of the material, they might help you and vice versa.

Remember to take a break

It is vital to remember to take a break from your studies where possible otherwise, you run the risk of running yourself directly into the ground. This is why it is so important to make friends as they can be your outlet so that you can unwind and escape from your studies for a while. You can take up a hobby or try out for one of the university teams to have a distraction to keep you relaxed. This could be football, gaming, or even a little bit on online poker. While it might seem difficult to learn about, to begin with, you can use it as a way to unwind after a hard day of university or even just to give you a break from a day on campus before sitting down to do coursework for the evening. With sites like, you can find any number of games to while away the hours, poker, baccarat, and slots being particular favorites.

It might not seem like much, but some of the above ideas, it can make university life seem so much easier. While there is no foolproof way to survive due to everyone’s experience being different, it is important to adapt where possible. Only then will you work out the best way to survive.

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