How To Write Test Cases For Automation? 

Automation Testing is a type of software testing that is done using automated testing tools. It is a test to double-check that the software does exactly what it is designed to do. Automation testing helps us enter test data into System Under Test and compare actual results with the expected results and generate detailed reports. But, automation testing demands lots of investment of money and resources.

In today’s era of agile and continuous integration and continuous deployment, where every minute a code is being developed and tested, automation testing plays a vital role because of its record and replay feature. It helps in doing regression testing where the application is tested with thousands of data without a single human intervention. Automation testing can be done at any time of the day. Scripts are written for automation testing. Automation developers need to know at least one programming language. The main objective of Automation testing is to reduce the number of test cases to be run manually and not to eliminate manual testing.

Why Is Automation Required?

Automation can significantly boost the productivity of the organization. Sometimes an organization doesn’t have enough time and resources to manually pull off the testing task with millions of data, at that time automation testing plays a vital role by significantly reducing the testing time. It can run the tests quickly and efficiently. In SDLC repeated testing is there which calls for executing the same tests over and over again. 

Automation makes it possible, by producing accurate and reliable tests without manual efforts. Automation helps in improving the overall functionality of the software. It also increases the speed of execution and most importantly Test Coverage gets increased. Essentially, the business will be able to work more smoothly with the same number of team members, thanks to automation.

Benefits Of Automation Testing

There are various benefits of Automation testing, a few of which are listed below:-

How To Write Test Cases For Automation

One of the most important parts of Automation Testing is to write test cases. Different organizations have varying standards for how to write test cases. Test cases form the basis of testing.

What Is A Test Case

A test case is a type of document which contains the set of data, preconditions, expected results, and postconditions developed for a particular test scenario to verify conformance against a specific requirement.

Let’s have a basic idea of the terminologies associated with writing test cases:

Test Case ID 


Test Case Description

Description of the test case

Test Case Type(Positive Test Case/Negative Test Case)


Test Case Scenario

for scenarios, this test case is tested

Test Data

what data or input was used for test execution


Condition to be fulfilled before executing the test case

Steps for executing the test case

 steps followed to execute the test cases

Expected Result

 How the software is expected to function

Actual Result

How the software works


 Any observation you notice is mentioned here

Points To Keep In Mind Before Writing Automation Test Case

 Automation makes it easier for testers to do their job. It does not replace the testers rather it enhances the testing. Good automation should be an inclusive part of SDLC. Certain points regarding automation should be kept in mind before writing the test cases for the automation:

When Should Test Cases Be Automated

A test case should be automated if :

Which Test Cases Should Be Automated

Teams often want to automate everything. But, it lands them in various problems as there are a lot of risks involved in it. Businesses and stakeholders should deeply analyze the test cases that should be automated and the cases that should not be and cannot be automated.

If you want to automate a complete set of tests then it requires a lot of effort in keeping and maintaining the scripts, which requires an additional amount of money and time. You should always opt for the risk-based approach for writing automation test cases such that you are focusing on automating only the most valuable test cases.

Let’s deep dive into the type of tests that can benefit from automation and should be automated

Rules For Writing Automated Test Cases

There are certain rules for writing Automated Test Cases. If you follow these rules while writing the test cases then it will lay a foundation of a good automation suite eventually. 

Let’s have a look at the rules:-

Wrapping Up

To write a good automation suite, one must begin with writing good test cases. In this blog, we mentioned the strategies for writing good automation test cases that will eventually increase the efficiency and quality of the product. 

We hope this guide has helped you find the right path for writing a good automation suite for you. And if you find it valuable, we’d be grateful if you share it on your LinkedIn.

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