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How Will 5G Change Your Day To Day?

The next stage of networking is on its way as the spread of 5G is starting to firmly plant itself in many larger cities and spread to the smaller towns over time – but there are many that aren’t sure what benefits come with this change and just how much it’ll change your day today, and for some, it may even change home internet permanently.

The speed is important

Not the only feature to come with 5G, but certainly the most noticeable is within the difference in speed that users will gain access too. Current speeds on 4G top out at around 100Mbps for download and up to around 50Mbps for upload speed although usually much lower, 5G pushes this much higher as theoretical speeds on both download and upload speeds reach 10Gbps and testing even during the rollout has found speeds that reach up to 1Gbps – for some level of measurement, the difference is downloading a two-hour movie on 4G may take up to five minutes, whereas it’ll take just a few seconds on 5G. The big change is that once this is widely available, it may push for home ISP to adjust infrastructure to allow for these increased speeds or risk customers canceling contracts and using their much faster 5G connection instead, especially for areas with slow home internet this could change your connection options.

Your apps will change too

With the increased speed and capacity comes a big change to many of our favorite apps – faster video streaming and downloading, content creators can now Livestream or share more content more often, and the fastest growing market in mobile gaming will see changes to allow more players to participate. This will become particularly true in more social games as a shift toward allowing more players to come together in bigger lobbies, although for many there have been ongoing changes in gaming platforms such as online casinos as initiatives such as Gamstop have been granted more authority and made mandatory for operators, player numbers continue to increase as a growing number of Casinos Not on Gamstop become available and as bigger lobby options become possible a shift toward a more social platform where many players can come together will become possible in these types of games.

How Will 5G Change Your Day To Day?

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The next big step in networking, 5G will be around for quite some time, and there’s going to be a longer period where the rollout and improvement of the infrastructure will take a little time but once in place will provide a lot of opportunities for both home and mobile users. The next step for most will upgrading their devices to be sure they’re 5G ready, whilst some mobile devices and network cards on the market are already ready for this tech there are still some of the bigger brands that don’t aren’t ready for the change over just yet if you’re unsure it may be worth doing a quick search on your hardware to find out whether or not you’re 5G ready and can dive straight into the new network once it becomes available for you.

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