Idaho Murder Reddit – Know the details

Idaho Murder Reddit - Know the details
Idaho Murder Reddit – Know the details

Idaho has a well-deserved reputation of being one of the safest places to live in the US, with one of the lowest crime rates. But recently it seems that Idaho has become a haven for murderers on Reddit!

This post will explore recent events in Idaho involving a murder that have been making headlines on Reddit’s popular Murder subreddit and how these events will affect locals, visitors, and online users. We’ll also discuss recent studies about murder trends on Reddit and provide tips for staying safe online.

The post will be divided into three sections: “Idaho Murders”, “What Happened?”, and “Who are these victims?”

Who are these victims?

Ethan Chapin (20), Madison Mogen (21), and Xana Kernodle (21) were the names of the four students. Kaylee Goncalves (21) was twenty-one. Every student who was in a fraternity or sorority had either Kernodle or Goncalves as their roommate and their group of friends at school.

The other suspecting half is that these women alternatively lived in the same off-campus house, too. however, the criminal solely targeted these four friends. Police are presently investigating this mystery.

What happened?

Four of this University of Gem State students were savagely injured and killed on Wed, 2022. The victims were found close to their field with various injured wounds and defensive wounds. However, there was no proof of physical assault.

It was reported to the police in Moscow that four corpses were discovered adjacent to the athletic field. All four fatalities were enrolled in some program at the University of the American State. Sharif had arranged for an autopsy to be performed on the deceased. According to the article, the researchers suffered many injuries due to the incident. A military knife was used to inflict wounds on the victim.

The authorities were unable to identify any potential suspects inside the case. The authorities have not been prepared to recognize any hints that may lead them to the perpetrator of the crime. James Fry said that the authorities are working to eliminate the availability of the knife used by the militants. This enigma has not yet been clarified.

Reddit Users share their thoughts

A Reddit user who commented on the article two days earlier said that one of the victims’ moms had told her that her child did not have an interest in medicine. This user’s remark was posted on Reddit. The elders do not want people to develop conclusions about their children and want to dispel any such rumors. There is no connection between any “crime of passion” aspect and this homicide.

A member on Reddit who said that they were the complete cousin of one of the victims noted that there wasn’t a lot of information available about the murder case. Seeing how the matter is being handled is another source of frustration for me. People are expressing concern about the level of violence and risk that exists in their neighborhoods.


According to Joseph Woodall, 26, who operates the food truck, the two students did not seem to be in any trouble or danger at any point throughout the incident.

The chief of the Moscow Police Department, James Fry, stated on Wednesday that a video from a food truck provides a helpful timeline of the victim’s final hours. This is relevant information in a quadruple homicide case that remains wide open, as there is no suspect and no murder weapon, and a reportedly bloody scene where investigators were still working on Thursday.

Mogen, Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle were all discovered stabbed to death at their shared off-campus residence on Sunday afternoon, according to the police. The students’ deaths were all caused by a single knife wound.

Idaho Students Murder Reddit FAQ

Q. What are the names of the victims of the Idaho Murder case?

A. The students – Mogen, Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle

Q. What weapon was used for the murder?

A. According to the autopsy reports by these scholars, the depth and size of the injuries indicate that the suspect might have used a large knife. If there was another weapon, or it might have resembled one.

Q. What is the cause of the death?

A. According to the police, the cause of death was a homicide and the manner of death was stabbing. No autopsy details were included.

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