Which states are giving Inflation Stimulus Checks

Remember how some states issued pandemic stimulus checks? These states are now paying out inflation relief cheques. Check whether your state is listed.


Like California, California’s inflation relief package is huge. Governor Gavin Newsom pitched a $17 billion inflation relief plan for California households earlier this year. 23 million Californians will get inflation stimulus checks up to $1,050, and diesel fuel sales tax will be suspended to assist pay rent and utilities. 1


TABOR mandates Colorado to repay taxpayers when it exceeds its spending limit. Inflation relief cheques will be slashed. All 2021 Colorado tax filers will receive $400 this summer. 2


Delaware taxpayers can expect rebates. Delaware began providing $300 inflation stimulus payments in May. 3


Georgians undoubtedly want tax refunds. Georgia offers one-time tax credits (if they filed taxes in 2020 or 2021). Georgia will immediately credit you $500.4 once you pay taxes.


In Hawaii, the governor proposed providing direct cash to taxpayers. The law passed, and $100 or $300 inflation relief cheques (depending on eligibility) will begin in August. 5


Tax refunds in Idaho help taxpayers offset inflation. Idaho is giving each taxpayer $75 or 12% of their 2020 taxes, whichever is greater. 6


The US is providing $685 million in inflation rebates. $50 each person, $100 per dependant (up to three per family). 7


Indiana gets inflation stimulus cheques. If the governor’s current plan is accepted, taxpayers will earn a $125 inflation rebate. 8


Kansas Governor Laura Kelly recommended a $250 (or $500 for joint filers) tax refund. Stay tuned for specifics on this inflation relief check. 9


Kentucky is implementing a $1 billion tax refund proposal. If it passes, qualified Kentucky citizens might earn a $500 per individual and $1,000 per household inflation relief check. 10


Maine citizens are getting money from Washington. 858,000 taxpayers get $850 inflation relief cheques. 11


This time, no Boston Tea Party. Massachusetts will offer people $250 per person ($500 for married taxpayers) to cope with inflation and rising gas prices. 12


Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota has suggested eliminating $1,000 inflation relief handouts to aid with petrol and food prices. Minnesota has a $7 billion budget surplus and would give $4 billion to taxpayers. 13

New Jersey

When New Jersey extended the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program, it became one of the state’s largest. The idea gives homeowners $1,000 or $1,500 in tax rebates and renters $450. 14 Plus, households with at least one dependant got a $500 Middle-Class Tax Rebate. 15


In New Mexico, the governor approved a law giving residents inflation relief cheques. There was a $175 refundable child tax credit and a $250 to $500 refundable income tax rebate. 16 Taxpayers received a two-part reimbursement in May and August. 17 New Mexico households might get $1,500.


New York’s homeowner tax refund credit is particular (HTRC). The scheme will reduce New Yorkers’ property taxes to counteract inflation. 18 The precise cheque amount varies on income and city.


Pennsylvania wants tax rebates for those with disabilities (over 18), widows and widowers (over 50), and senior citizens. Residents of Pennsylvania who qualify can obtain up to $650 in rebates and another $975.19 for homeowners.

Southe Carolina

In November or December, Palmetto State residents may get inflation rebate cheques. Any South Carolina citizen who paid $100 in taxes will get a $100 income tax reimbursement (maximum $800). 20


Virginia is for lovers—and inflation stimulus checks. The state eventually opted on $250 or $500 one-time inflation relief direct payments.21 Don’t rush to the mailbox. Fall is when checks start arriving.

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