Why should you leverage the Live feature after you buy followers on Instagram?

In the past, brands were using polished content to engage with their target audience. But Covid-19 has changed it big time. Now, everybody wants to see authentic, raw posts and feeds. That’s why companies have also shifted their attention to meaningful pieces that look genuine and relatable. And, one Instagram feature that makes your job easy in this context is Instagram Live. It can be a great medium to interact with your user base for sharing your feelings and thoughts. The best part is you can use it to deepen your bond, not just with existing but also new followers. Are you wondering how you to increase your followers at this time?

Many brands are buying followers on Instagram to extend their reach in this crisis time to get more exposure. It can also be the right time to do this as people have become quite active on the platform due to stay at home orders and fear of infection. Hence, you can also get inspired and implement it. And if you didn’t use the Live function yet, you can start doing it now. Its popularity has increased by almost 70%. It can come in handy in nurturing your relationship with your people for a variety of reasons.

The benefits of using Live feature after you buy followers on Instagram

It is okay if you didn’t think of Live function earlier. But after you boost your follower count, you should not hold back from taking advantage of it. They need to know you even more, and this feature can make it possible for you while also helping you to keep in touch with your existing users. Different brands have realized its significance, and if you analyze, you will too know why this can be a good idea. So, let’s explore it quickly.

The feeling of connectedness

Humans are, by nature, social animals. They cannot live alone or in isolation. In this pandemic situation, most of the people are at home; still, they try to discover ways to stay connected with everyone. Through the Live feature, you can talk to your customers by addressing the points they leave as a comment while you are on Live video.

The authenticity factor

Right now, people are relating to un-edited and original versions for their authentic, everyday vibe. Since you are a brand, your audience may want to know how you are managing despite all types of restrictions and what unique content you have for them. If you buy followers on Instagram, they may even want to learn about you and can find your initiative quite interesting. So, it would help if you did not overlook this factor.

The liveliness of the Live action

Due to lockdown or stay at home order led by the pandemic, most people are looking for diversions. Using curated content may not impress them much because of the boredom. But live content can be inherently thrilling, exciting, and engaging. It will not be wrong to say that Live Instagram content is an opportunity for your brand to grab your customers’ attention from the comfort of your home. It is easier for small and medium brands to leverage it as they can make their target audience feel more involved and valued.

The brand-building efforts

Every business needs to make its presence felt among the customers, and it remains unchanged even during this crisis time. It is just that you have to approach it differently with unique strategies. If you do something good and want to get noticed, Instagram can be the best place. You can use its Live highlight to spread positive messages aligned with the new lifestyle that everyone has to follow. When you ask people to stay safe unpretentiously, you inspire them to continue their relationship with you even after the pandemic is over.

From this, you can comprehend why this feature is so critical for your brand. You can use it to connect with your target audience in different ways. For instance, you can opt for the question and answer rounds where your customers ask you anything, and you respond. Or, you can share workout, cooking, and other such tutorials to keep them hooked. Just make sure whatever method you adopt, it looks real. To be precise, if it is a clothing brand, you can wear a t-shirt during a Live workout session. If you are a company that manufactures condiments, you can use your spices while conducting a Live cooking class.

The social media interactions have seen unprecedented growth during this pandemic. Businesses may not be operating right now, but it doesn’t mean they can miss the action. Your customers want to connect with you even more. Your absence or nonchalance can irk them, affecting their trust in you. You wouldn’t want this to happen ever. Hence, it is better to see everything as an opportunity and use it.

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