How Tech has Made Comparisons Smarter

artificial-intelligence-503593_1920” (Public Domain) by alansimpsonMe

If you believe the reports, the average IQ score may not have risen much over the last century. Yet, there’s no doubt we’re now able to make smarter decisions than we once were. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, those with a computer and a rudimentary understanding of how to operate it can gain acute insights into a world of information. What’s more, even those with a limited amount of knowledge in a particular field can come up with answers that only a genius could suggest.

How? Through artificial intelligence (AI). By making computers smarter, we are, in essence, making ourselves smarter. While we may be some way away from a world run by super-intelligent computers, more areas of our lives are now being guided by machines. In fact, when it comes to making decisions, AI is quickly taking the lead.

Turning Data into Knowledge

Driving this wave of innovation is data analytics. Defined by the Alan Turing Institute as the process of “transforming a raw dataset into useful knowledge”, data analytics has become the foundation of AI. Beyond simply storing data, machines can now analyze, compare and make recommendations based on data. What’s more, they have the ability to use these insights to learn. In other words, AI software can use data analytics to improve its efficiency and accuracy.

On a corporate level, this technology is already being used to make crucial business decisions. From analyzing consumer trends to playing the financial markets, AI is now guiding us. However, as you move through the pyramid of innovations, our day-to-day lives are also being touched by this technology. Modern comparison engines are a particularly good example of this.

Recommendations Specific to You

Amazon thinks I would like me” (CC BY 2.0) by BryanAlexander

By using the principles of data analytics and machine learning, users are now receiving better recommendations in all areas. For example, homeowners looking to remortgage can use Trussle to find personalized deals. Using sophisticated algorithms, the company’s software assesses 12,000 products and then performs live market reviews. Based on this, customers can use detailed reviews to learn about the top options. For example, for those that may be suited to a Coventry mortgage or remortgage, the platform explains how it’s the second biggest lender of its kind in the UK. From there, those looking to borrow can use their own research in tandem with the software’s recommendations to find the best product.

The same is true of Amazon. How many times have you gone online to buy a blender and Amazon has suggested a number of additional products? At first, the suggestions are fairly generic based on what other customers have bought. However, once you have an account, the software is able to track your browsing activity and learn about the things you like. This allows it to show a more personalized set of recommendations. In fact, this is similar to the way Facebook and Google show you ads. By using tracking cookies, their software can analyze your online movements and adjust things accordingly, to make recommendations more relevant to you.

In short, technology has the power to compare data like never before. Far beyond just saying “X is like Y”, AI software can interpret why there are matches, uncover patterns and, in turn, use this information to learn. Therefore, even if we’re not getting any smarter, modern technology is making it easier for us to make the best decisions possible.

5 Strategies (and Related Resources) For Boosting Your Blog in 2019

As a professional blogger, there is no such thing as enough support, enough tools, or enough online resources to keep blog content visible, engaging, and monetized for optimal ROI. There is so much more to think about when monetizing a blog than just content creation, and it is easy for some of the more essential bits to sometimes fall by the way.

The bottom line with blogging is that if all the pieces of your content delivery and marketing strategy aren’t firmly in place, the results could be catastrophic. Today, we’d like to share five success strategies and suggest some online resources to help implement them. How many of these are you already using? Which ones haven’t gotten the attention they deserve in a while.

1. Plan Your Content Development and Promotion Strategies In Advance

The worst thing any blogger can do is plan-as-you-go. Know what subjects will be covered over the entire next quarter or beyond. Come up with working titles and descriptions for future posts. If you are farming out some of the writing (this is an excellent idea… more on that later), have a clearly defined style guide to ensure consistency with the posts that have been farmed out to an agency or freelancer(s). A versatile content calendar app can help keep things organized and on schedule.

At this point, decisions about how and where to promote content also need to be made. Are paid ads PPC/CPC feeds, social media, or any combination of those part of the marketing plan? Are you utilizing your email list to alert potential readers about new content? All of these things and more will help lend more visibility and generate more clicks.

2. Audit Your Website

At least once a year, it would be a great idea to do a full website audit using a trustworthy, high-rated AI. There are plenty of sites out there that will do it remotely and very comprehensively for a nominal one-time fee. For a lot more money, you could also hire a company that “specializes” in site audits and will use the same tools any consumer could to gather the data. We repeat: there is no need to pay someone to do this. It is nearly 10o percent automated no matter who taps the audit button.

What sorts of things to these AI sites uncover? Here are just a few:

Content Audits – Keyword density, formatting, uniqueness, readability, relevance – all things the search engines rate when determining a page’s rankings in the SERPs.

Content Optimizations – Flagging large files that slow page load times, meta descriptions, and alt text. What needs to be fixed? What SEO options are being under-utilized on individual pages? What about the content could be negatively impacting rankings?

File Size Optimization – Some site audit services include compression tools to optimize all kinds of audio and visual content.

Responsiveness – The level of compatibility with all conventional devices (phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs). Non-responsive sites rarely, if ever, climb the ranks in the SERPs without a very aggressive – and expensive – advertising plan.

3. Resolve Any Glaring SEO Issues

Once a full audit has been completed, it’s time to fix the problems that were uncovered. This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s usually only difficult after a first audit. Many of the issues discovered will be resolved permanently with a slight tweak to the blog’s page layout or its theme. Resolving responsiveness issues can typically be accomplished in minutes with virtually transparent effect on most readers.

Many bloggers also don’t think as much about the size (dimensions or file sizes) of the pictures and videos they use in their posts. The ones who do rank higher just for making an effort. That’s before any calculations about page loads are made. It’s well worth considering applying specific standards like maximum file dimensions of 600×400 and file sizes no larger than 1MB (compressing further is recommended) for images and 10MB for videos.

If things are restricting the alteration of larger multimedia files, consider hosting them offsite on a fast-loading cloud server, so your hosting company isn’t pushing all the content at once.

4. Work With A Custom Writing Service

It’s practically inevitable that content creation will get behind schedule if just one person writes the blog. This is why it is so highly recommended to work with a professional writing service or properly-vetted freelance copywriters to keep things on point.

Working with the right people is critical. Educational services like EssayService have a unique talent for blogging, and they do excellent research. Don’t think of EssayService or sites like it as just a service for college kids. Most of essay writer services provide a broad range of services from proofreading to editing to full-service content creation.

Also, if your blog is more technical and heady, it is an excellent idea to work with a more academic-centered writer or writing. It can give the blog a more informative, academic edge while keeping things adequately engaging and entertaining.

5. Promote Effectively

This should be part of the planning stages, but we’re mentioning it last for a reason. The word “effectively” here is significant. Be mindful of where ad dollars are being spent and what kind of return they’re getting.

Don’t just advertise somewhere (like on social media or through a PPC network like Yahoo Gemini) because their bid rates are low enough or because you know how to use the UI. Seek out active advertising networks that drive traffic to your blog and don’t be afraid to remove money from unproductive sources and filter them into those that provide a return.

Final Takeaway

There is much to be considered when monetizing a blog, so don’t treat this like a hobby. This is a legit business, and it can quickly be grown into a lucrative career. Be as proactive as possible when planning all content delivery and monetization strategies.

Make the right decisions regarding content development and publishing. Be consistent and deliver the content your audience expects when they expect to see it. Lastly, utilize all the help available. That includes proper online tools and a good support base for keeping content delivery on schedule. All of these will help boost rankings, open up your content to more readers, and help you achieve better monetization.

Can Tablets Still Carve a Niche for Themselves in the Venn Diagram Between Smartphones and Laptops?

Caption: Are tablets on the way out or do they have a chance of survival?

After smartphones became a worldwide phenomenon in the late 2000s, tablets started to hit the market as a larger alternative. Apple’s iPad is credited with bringing about the modern tablet, and the device released in 2010 was intended to be a straightforward-to-use computer which could be easily carried around. Within seven years of its release, Apple had sold 360 million units, although the peak of its popularity was some time ago, in 2013. Now, smartphones are advancing to such a stage that they can do most of the same things like tablets. Laptops are also offering so much more processing power than their mini rivals. Tablets were designed to sit in a Venn diagram between the two devices, but it seems as though it is getting harder for them to survive in the modern age.

Smartphones Are Getting Better and Laptops Are Unrivalled for Performance

Caption: Laptops have so much more processing power than tablets

In a relatively short space of time, smartphones have come an incredibly long way in their development. The early offerings, like the iPhone in 2007 and the Samsung Galaxy in 2009, could now be seen as primitive compared to the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S10+. These debut devices from the technology powerhouses had between four and eight GB of memory, and 128 MB of RAM. The latest models come with up to 512 GB of memory and either four or eight GB of RAM. In ten years, this progress is extraordinary.

Smartphones are now able to do a lot of the same tasks as laptops and are handy devices which can be carried around. But there are a number of reasons why laptops are still seen as essential. There is nothing yet around which can rival a laptop for digital work such as writing and web design. Microsoft Office is available for smartphones, and keyboards can be connected. However, typing and seeing the words on the smaller screen is much more difficult than on a laptop. Laptops are also top of the tree when it comes to processing power for advanced games. Visually stunning titles like Rising of the Tomb Raider use voxel ambient occlusion and, to experience this fully, players need a system with at least 2560×1440 max + VXAO + SMAA: 54/44 fps. At present, only top-of-the-range laptops and PCs can offer this.

Where Do Tablets Outdo Their Rivals?

Tablets are lacking the handiness of smartphones, and are inferior to laptops in terms of processing power. So where do they come out on top? There are some areas in which tablets are able to outdo their rivals, and this is mainly to do with mobile gaming. The mobile gaming industry is one of the world’s most thriving sectors and was made famous by games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, and Pokémon Go. Mobile games are designed to be simple, and players should be able to pick them up and put them down at a moment’s notice. This is because mobile players often play games while traveling or between doing other things.

Casino games were perfectly suited to the mobile market, which is why most online casinos now have mobile apps. Games like roulette, blackjack, and slots follow the pick-up-and-play model, and developers now design their games with mobile as the primary consideration. Thanks to the rise of online casinos on mobile, there are now thousands of slots for players to select from various genres. These include titles like Fruit Case, Wild Worlds, and Dwarfs Gone Wild. Tablets are also seen as better for video streaming and often have superior battery life.

These mobile games look much better when played from the tablet screen over a smartphone because it is much larger. It is also easier to touch the right areas of the screen to place a bet or change the stake. The evidence to support the fact that players prefer to play from a bigger screen is the fact that the average screen size of a smartphone is on the rise. In 2015, 37 percent of US smartphone users had a device with a screen size smaller than 4.7 inches. In 2018, it had fallen to 15 percent. The share of smartphones with a size between 5.5 and 6.2 inches had risen to 44 percent from 21 in the same timeframe. Is mobile gaming enough to keep tablets in business, though?

How Can Tablets Stand Their Ground Against Foldables?

Caption: Samsung is leading the way with the Galaxy Fold

As users are hungry for larger screen size, developers are trying to provide this while still offering the same portability. Foldable phones are on the horizon, and there is a chance that these could end up negating the need for tablets to exist. Samsung is preparing to release the Galaxy Fold, and Huawei’s rival offering, the Mate X, is also coming soon. These phones have screen sizes of 7.3 inches and 6.6 inches respectively when folded out. It remains to be seen how popular these devices will be, but if there are no technical problems they could easily take off.

There are also laptop/tablet hybrids on the market, such as the HP EliteBook and the Lenovo Yoga. The screen on these can be disconnected and carried around like a tablet. If tablets are going to stand their ground against laptops and smartphones that can offer the same things, developers may need to come up with a new innovation that makes them stand out.

In the current climate, it does appear as though tablets could soon be on the way out. Their rivals are offering much of the same things, and few users are now seeing the need to buy a smartphone, tablet, and a laptop. In the future, it could be a straight choice between buying a laptop or a smartphone.

Best Way to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

Leaving in a digital age, we just can’t imagine our regular day without several gadgets and gigabytes of information on them. While some of us listen to music, others read important documents or take a photo shoots immediately stored on SD card. However, nobody guarantees your files will be protected to 100%. Especially it concerns significant documents or memorable photos that were not saved on other devices.

If you’re unlucky and your files from SD card disappeared, you’ll have to fall back to a specific technique to resolve this dilemma. Currently, there is a whole slew of tools, apps, and software that will successfully recover deleted files from SD card, so forget about saying goodbye to your deleted files. Your only task is to choose a robust and reliable tool. Where to find it? Here is a list of Top 5 Best Data Recovery Tools in 2019.

Each of those SD card recovery software will satisfy any desire to return important docs back. Even though, if this unpleasant situation happens again, you will know for sure there is no reason to be worried cause you know what you got to do. As a matter of fact, the successful result will largely depend on the technical state of the device itself and on whether the recording of new data over the deleted ones was carried out.

Of course, the best SD card recovery software will be impeccable salvation for you, but what about the operating system? Each operating system is characterized by its own specifics of this process and therefore can’t ignore this moment. Read information on details of this process for your operating system:

So, that’s all. In such an easy way you can find out how to recover deleted photos from SD card and don’t feel upset about deleted files anymore. But one more thing you need to know is understanding why deleting might happen.  The reasons for data loss and access are:

  1. Physical damage
  2. Program errors and crashes
  3. Randomly formatted SD-card or file deletion

In general, about 30% of data damage problems are the consequence of a user error. The fact that the file was accidentally deleted is only cleared when it can no longer be extracted from Trash, a temporary repository that stores files and folders within a certain interval time, and after its end is automatically crushed.

In some cases, users erase files using a command line, a combination of Shift + Delete or third-party applications that do not send them to a temporary location and are immediately removed from the hard disk. At the same time, even if the deleted files can not be found by usual means, it does not mean they have been irretrievably damaged.

Ultimately, if you want to recover files from memory card, stop recording data to this drive! Plus, after deleting files, do not use this device. It’s best to turn it off at all, because even a web browser saves certain data to your computer while it is running, which may make it impossible to recover. Most importantly, the later you realize the need to recover files from the SD-card, the less chance of success. It is necessary to react immediately.

Regardless of how many files have been deleted, all this can be fixed. There are plenty of ways for recovering, your task is only to find the most workable way for you. Think you cannot handle this task? Give it to the hands of professionals, and they will definitely restore all important and necessary documents.

SEO Statistics that Can Help You Improve Your Website’s Performance

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keeps on changing, and the marketers face difficulties in keeping up with all the updates. The only thing which has not and is not changing is the worth of visitors visiting your page from an organic search.

According to the stats, Google keeps making changes to its algorithms. It is very satisfying to keep on adapting according to these changes and actually to know where you must put your focus on.

Fortunately, this article will help you to go through significant details to help to improve the decisions you make related to digital marketing in this and upcoming years.

Google opens the doors to improve SEO for those sites which comprises of a huge amount of traffic and leads. Moreover, similar to these factors, Backlinks also plays a significant role in the improvement of SEO, and you might be having several questions regarding SEO.

The following are some stats related to different SEO strategies which might help you to improve the overall performance.

  • Ranking

50% of the search questions are four words or lengthy

For the keyword research as well as keyword optimization, you must keep in mind that the majority of the visitors do not search for uncomplicated terms. They usually search for something very particular, and these are known as “long-tail keywords.” So, your article must contain that.

There is a difference between the terms “How to make SEO better” or “What is known as SEO,” and only “SEO.” All three of them are different searches because there is a different intent behind all of these and users demand different articles between both of these. So, you can keep the style of articles changed and post them in different prospects.

Here’s a little tip: Tools such as best paraphrasing tool and grammar checker can help you much with content.

Google obtains more than 63,000 searches per seconds daily.

Your visitors need to feel in control of the purchasing procedure and don’t desire to be heavily marketed.

A good rank in the search engines especially Google allows the users to perform their search and it would be perfect for you as most of the people on the internet are searching for the thing you are offering them. So, a high ranking brings you a lot of benefits for your conversion rates and drives a lot of traffic.

  • Length

On average first-page result in Google comprises of 1890 words.

If we take a look at the statistics, lengthy content ranks better. Hence, you must go deep and give a massive amount of valuable information to your visitors.

As already mentioned, 50% of all the search questions are more than four words so you must give the users a perfect answer to their questions regarding one particular topic.

Another significant thing to keep in mind is that you must never prefer quality over quantity. If you utilize a paraphrasing tool to update the content, you can maintain a balance between both terms.

  • Competition

About 61% of online marketers inform that growing their organic presence and enhancing SEO is their marketing priority.

Due to the success of the SEO along with inbound marketing, more digital marketers give priority to these tactics to enhance their ranking over all other strategies.

So, the competition you have to face to gain a tremendous amount of traffic is of approximately 61% so you must take SEO seriously or else you will lose your success.

  • Local search

30% of the queries from mobile are relevant to a location.

This states that about 30% of all the total searches from mobile devices are in search for proximity. If your webpage is not optimized for the local or mobile research, it will never appear in the phone search outcomes, and all of these local customers will not be able to locate you.

  • Techniques

Replacing and updating your old posts with the latest content including text as well as pictures can boost organic traffic by about 111%.

This is one of an immense improvement, and this tactic is impacting the SEO of web pages for several years.

The more amount of content you post on your web pages the more probability will be there for your success. Take care of the keywords, you can add keywords to your already written content, or you can create new content.

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