Is Bitcoin Traceable? Things You Must Know

Many people are interested in bitcoins, and they want to know more and more about it. They are showing interest because they are not investors or traders yet, but they want to be. Among this question, one question is asked like is the bitcoin address and account are traceable? So if you are also interested in knowing this, they will be with us.

Here, we want to let you know that the address of bitcoin is traceable. The address gets traced by the things that are criminals, government, and exchange.

Most of the people are using bitcoin just to avoid to get in range with the government because they don’t want t to pay huge transaction cost and tax. That’s why many people want to know how they will stay unreachable forever? Most people want to get unaddressed from the given. This will put them at risk because a lot of data can end up disclosing all your things like current account balance, capability, and other personal items that put you in trouble. There are websites like the bitcoin storm that provide more information regarding this.

The reason behind the account gets hacked is that bitcoin is not offering a complete guarantee about the anonymity. Some companies are there who are breaking your security and finding out the exact transaction made by you. So, that here you need to check out the things or alternatives that will end at conferring you with the high security and avoid the risk as well. For this, you should have to go to the bitcoin mixer. It is that system that can offer you a tumbling service that mixes up your coins, and it never makes your address get traced easily. Besides that, you can also adopt the automation system, which helps in not leaving any data of you on the server when your transaction gets completed.

Let’s check the things that make your bitcoin address traced

Many things make the address traced but also something that prevents yours from happening such things. It all happened because people think that bitcoin transaction is completely secure and anonymous, but it’s mot. The wallet always gets to address others at the time of exchange and the exchange also. When the transaction is done, hackers can quickly generate a link over the sale will become able to access your account.

With the above-discussed thing, you also need to get aware of the things that can help in protecting your bitcoin wallet and address as well. It is necessary if you want to stay untraceable:

How to remain untraceable?

Protecting your privacy initially demands a high intention from you because, without it, you can’t adopt it ultimately. It is because all the bitcoin network is public that causes risk, and sometimes it puts you in trouble.

Need to hide the IP address with TOR: 

you have to use Tor for protecting the IP address of your account, as it helps in clearing all the browser history, which prevents you from getting traced. Otherwise, logging into the account or the transaction can quickly get trade with IP addresses. If the address gets determined, there is nothing that can help you out then.

Always use multiple wallets.

Several bitcoin wallets exist with a different specialty. So if you are going to use the different wallets with a different specialty, then it will end at conferring you with the particular security as it will never going to allow people to trace and look at anything about you because you are always trading with several accounts that creates confusion for the hacking. It’s one of the plus points for you.

Don’t forget to use the mixing service.

It’s the service which is also well-known by the name of the tumbling service. It helps you in a mix up your address with other users that make the tracer and hacker get confused in making identification of the real you. If they are unable to conclude you, they will not be able to make anything wrong with your wallet, account, and bitcoins.

If you want to stay safe, then don’t forget to take these precautions because it will go to help you a lot.

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