Is clawee legit or a Scam? Find Out Here

Is clawee legit or Scam? Find Out Here

Clawee is a unique app-based game that allows users to win real-life prizes by playing claw machine games, but is it really legit? With so many scams out there, it’s understandable to be a little suspicious of Clawee.

However, this comprehensive guide will help you decide if it’s worth your time or not. We’ll cover the basics of how Clawee works, the prizes you can win, the customer reviews, and the chances of actually winning something.

At the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of Clawee and whether it’s a legitimate way to win prizes or just another scam. So, if you’re ready to learn more, let’s get started!

What is Clawee?

Clawee is a claw machine game app that allows users to win real-life prizes by playing a claw machine game. It’s a type of gambling app that’s available for both Android and iOS users.

The app is free to download and available in 14 languages, making it globally accessible. While the app is free to download, you’ll have to pay to play. When you win a prize, you’ll also have to pay a shipping fee in order to receive it. There are two ways to play Clawee.

You can either play to win a free prize or you can pay to play for a chance to win a more expensive prize. The free prize games are the same as the paid ones, but they have fewer chances of winning. The paid games are more expensive than the free games, but they have a much higher chance of winning.

The app has two basic modes: a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. The single-player mode is a “free play” game where you can win prizes as long as you want. The multiplayer mode is where you’ll have to either pay for a game or play for a free prize. You’ll be matched up with a random opponent who will also play for a prize. The winner of the game will win their prize, and the loser will receive nothing.

How does Clawee work?

Clawee works the same way as any other claw machine game. You’ll have a claw and a selection of prizes to choose from that are mounted on a wall. To win, you’ll have to manually maneuver your claw to pick up the prize you want.

In Clawee, you’ll be playing virtual claw machine games. You’ll be given the same controls as in a real claw machine game and the app will simulate a win or loss based on your moves.

The Clawee game has a predetermined number of attempts to win with each game. If you don’t win after your predetermined number of attempts is up, the game will end. The number of attempts you have is displayed on the bottom of the screen as a countdown.

You’ll win a prize if you’re able to pick up your prize before the countdown ends. If you aren’t able to pick up the prize before the countdown ends, you’ll receive nothing.

What kind of prizes can you win?

On the Clawee app, you can win a variety of prizes that range from small to large. Most of the prizes are food items and other non-luxury items. There are a few rare prizes that you could win, but they’re few and far between.

Most of the prizes that you can win on this app fall into the $10-20 range. There are some rare prizes that are worth more than $100, but they’re few and far between again. The prizes are displayed on the wall of the claw machine that you’re playing. You’ll be able to see what prizes are available to win before starting a game. You can increase your chances of winning by playing for the more expensive prizes.

The prizes are displayed on a menu in the app and you can choose which ones you want to win. The more expensive prizes are usually worth more than the less expensive ones. You can also lower your chances of winning by playing for the free prizes. The free prizes are less likely to win than the paid ones, but they’re still something.

Customer reviews of Clawee

Clawee has mixed reviews from its users. The app has a 3.5-star rating on the Google Play Store. Most of the reviews are positive with users praising the app for its varied prizes and ease of use.

However, there are also a few negative reviews that mention the app being too expensive and having a low win rate. There are also some reviews that mention the app being a scam. On the Apple App Store, the app has a 3-star rating. Most of the negative reviews mention the expensive costs of playing the game and the app not being worth it.

There are also a few reviews that mention the app being a scam. There’s a lot of debate about whether or not this app is a scam. On one hand, some users have complained about the app is a scam.

On the other hand, Clawee has been featured on several major news sites and is gaining popularity. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t scam complaints, but it does mean that there’s a lot of attention on this app.

What are the chances of winning something?

The chances of winning something on Clawee are low. You can increase your chances by playing for the more expensive prizes, but there are no guarantees. Even with the most expensive prizes, your chances of winning something are still less than 10%.

This is because the app has an algorithm in place that determines how much you have to pay to win a certain prize. The higher the price of the prize, the more you have to pay to win it.

For example, you may have to pay $1 to win a $20 prize, but you may have to pay $100 to win a $1000 prize. These numbers aren’t exact, but they give you an idea of how the app works. Your chances of winning a prize are determined by the percentage of wins in general, the number of attempts, and the amount you have to pay.

Is Clawee a trusted app?

Yes and no. There haven’t been many complaints about Clawee being a scam, but many people have also reported not winning anything. The app is easy enough to use and there haven’t been many reports of technical issues. However, the odds of winning are very low.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can pay for more games. Depending on how many games you play, Clawee can cost hundreds of dollars. This means that it’s possible for it to be a scam that relies on people spending more money than they’ll win. The app does have a few marks against it, but there isn’t enough evidence to say for certain that it’s a scam.

In-App purchases

Coins PackageOne-Time$4.99
Coins PackageOne-Time$9.99
Coins PackageOne-Time$3.99
Coins Package (Monthly)Monthly$8.99
TOP UP WALLETOne-Time$13.99

Pros and cons of Clawee

Clawee is a fun way to pass the time and win real-life prizes. It’s easy to use and has a variety of prizes to choose from, making it great for all ages. The app is free to download and free to play. You can play for free prizes or pay to play for more expensive prizes.

However, real-life prizes come with a catch. You’ll have to pay a shipping fee in order to receive your prize. The app is a great way to pass the time and win real-life prizes, but it’s not without its flaws. The prizes are mostly non-luxury items that are worth a few dollars, which may not be worth the shipping fees.

You also have a low chance of winning a prize, making it a costly game. If you’re looking for a fun app to pass the time and win real-life prizes, Clawee is a good choice. However, keep in mind that the app is far from perfect and you may end up spending more than you win.

Tips for playing Clawee

Here are some tips for playing Clawee and increasing your chances of winning prizes:

  1. Practice: The more you play, the better you will become at controlling the claw machine. The app has different types of claw machines, each with unique characteristics.
  2. Stay informed – Clawee’s prizes can change from day to day, so make sure that you check the menu to see what’s available to win.
  3. You can also use the app’s push notifications to stay up to date with the latest prizes
  4. Watch tutorials: Clawee app has a tutorial section that shows you how to play and control the claw machine. This can be a great way to learn the ins and outs of the game.
  5. Use in-game currency wisely: Use in-game currency to purchase extra claw machine plays, or to upgrade the claw machine you’re playing with, this will give you more chances to win a prize.
  6. Take advantage of daily bonuses: Be sure to log in to the game every day to collect daily bonuses that can be used to purchase extra claw machine plays or to upgrade the claw machine.
  7. Try different claw machines: The app offers a variety of claw machines to choose from, with different difficulty levels. Try different machines to find the one that works best for you.
  8. Watch for claw machine promotions: Clawee app occasionally runs promotions that can give you extra chances to win or discounts on plays.
  9. Take advantage of the camera feature: Some claw machines in the app have a camera feature that allows you to see the inside of the machine and get a better idea of where the prize is located.


In conclusion, Clawee is a popular mobile app that allows users to play claw machines and win real-life prizes. The app has a user-friendly interface and offers a wide variety of claw machines to choose from. It also provides a fun and engaging way for users to win real-life prizes. 

The app also offers in-game currency and daily bonuses to keep players engaged. With the ability to play claw machines from anywhere, Clawee provides a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. The company also claimed that it is transparent and fair, providing the chance for players to win real-life prizes with the odds of winning clearly stated.

Overall, Clawee is a great app for those looking for a new and exciting way to win real-life prizes while having fun playing claw machines.

Is Clawee Legit or Scam FAQ

Q. How much is clawee shipping?

A. The prizes need to ship which usually costs around $8-$10 per month.

Q. Where is clawee located?

A. The game was developed by the Israeli firm Gigantic, which runs the machines in its warehouse located in Petah Tikva, Israel.

Q. How long does clawee take to ship?

A. On Average, it usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Q. does clawee actually work?

A. Yes, it does work.

Q. is clawee worth it?

A. It doesn’t worth it as it is far more expensive to buy coins as well as ship items to your address. 

Q. is clawee shipping free?

A. Only VIP members who pay $4 to become so will be eligible to receive all their prizes for free.

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