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We can Trust this Website. It is legitimate.

Is human microbes legit? How do I become a donor in

Do you want to sell poop online? Do you think your poop actually can make money? Come check this article and you will understand why I am asking you guys such a stupid question. There are millions of pathogenic as well as non-pathogenic microbes that live in our bodies. You all must be surprised to know that our gut- that is our stomach and intestine are the reservoir of many such microbes. These all microorganisms are actually regulating our ecosystem and help in maintaining the balance between nature. 

Human health is also a concern in the current era of busy and stressful life. So basically coming to a point, these all microbes- consisting of various bacteria, fungi, and many more make a gut microbiome. As per recent several research, these various microbiomes are crucially important in improving various technologies. These all microbiomes actually contribute to human health and genes.

So, in recent times due to stressful and unhealthy life, it has been proven that we have lost our original gut microbiome. So let me now reveal the real aim and objective of this article- to let you guys know the real healthy way to regain your gut microbiome. The only answer is Now everyone is looking is website is real? or if is it a scam. If you have the same question, please read further.

What are human Microbes?

So before digging more about selling your poop online let us understand a platform for it in a detailed manner. It would help if you guys were shocked as me reading this that human microbes are an online platform that accepts your stool. Any healthy person can be a stool donor on this platform. The only objective of this platform is to regain your lost gut microbiome and make you feel healthy.

So let me also clear all your doubts that how poop can help you in this whole process. Yes, you all must be thinking how dumb I am but as per the organization, the easiest way to collect these gut microbiomes is via stool- in normal words poop. So the stool sample now can be used in various research work by professional doctors and clinicians in a methodical manner known as Faecal Microbiota Transplant- FMT.

The process is already been proven by major clinicians and researchers in the treatment of deadly infections by Clostridium Difficile.

Is human microbes org real?

Yes, absolutely yes, and shocking. The poop-accepting platform is for real. This online platform is actually looking for poop donors who are healthy enough and can help individuals. 

Even I was so surprised by this organization, but reading and knowing about them I came to know their original objective which is so kind and innovative. Apart from this, we should support the organization in whichever manner we can. The only slogan they deliver is that no one should die because of the deadly gut disease.

Human microbes reviews 2023- Pros and cons

Personally, when I heard this statement that we can sell our poop online my mind was blown. After researching this topic in detail I literally came to know about the exact pros and cons of this online platform. I can literally tabulate my words below down in this article about both pros and cons.


1. The donors on this website are prepaid.

2. They directly pass the payment to the donor by recipients.

3. The ultimate goal and objective of this platform are to heal chronic diseases in this unhealthy lifestyle.

4. The organization is based on a simple and very innovative idea about FMT.


1. The donor has to compulsory fit the specific criteria given by the organization.

Can you sell your poop online?

Obviously, please don’t feel that I am joking, but this is for real. You can sell your poop online and can earn $500 and more on this human microbes platform. This platform has specific criteria for poop donors. One needs to compete with them and can sell their poop online.

How to become a stool donor?

There are simple steps to becoming a stool donor online on this platform. There are also specific criteria one needs to fit before becoming a stool donor in human microbes organization. They have very stratified steps that are mentioned in our article below-

1. An individual has to complete the screening questionnaires provided by the platform.

2. The stool verification process and evaluation of physical fitness.

3. The third step is a video interview. Here, several basic questions like why you want to donate your poop and other things are asked.

4. Stool test- that is the pathological test

5. Blood test- the basic blood examination pathological test is compulsory.

6. The last step is the payment by the recipient or by an organization.


Summing up the article, I am so surprised and mind-blowing ending up this article. The human microbes organization is just so simple and works on a very innovative article. The basic idea behind the organization is to help the unhealthy and people who are fighting against deadly chronic diseases. 

Human Microbes FAQs

Q. Do human microbes sell poop?

Yes, human microbes are a professional online organization that sells poop and one can also earn by selling poop online on this platform.

Q. Do human microbes actually pay?

The human microbes have a direct policy for paying the recipients. They have a prepaid kind of system for their donors. They directly transfer the payment to the donor by the recipients. One can earn a minimum of about $500 by selling poop online.

Q. Is human microbes org legit?

Personally telling, before reading this article even I thought about how baseless this topic is and did not believe it. But when I went into the minute details from the official websites of the human microbes I came to know that this organization is for real. They are in a way to regaining the lost gut microbiome through poop. They basically work on the basic principle of FMT which is clinically proven by professional doctors and scientists.

We can Trust this Website. It is legitimate.
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