Is it time to handle another MOT test already?

The MOT tests have been put in place by the Department of Transport in the UK. The test has been in play for the last couple of decades, testing cars on their roadworthiness, emissions, and safety. They are mandatory and have to be handled annually so vehicles do not get a pass no matter the situation. Although there are talks to increase the start of the test from three years to four, this hasn’t been finalized yet and it currently stays at three. As soon as a car completes three years from the year of manufacture, it needs to be tested.

Post the MOT test, vehicle owners receive a card or certificate that they have to carry around in their car. These have to be shown whenever asked for as proof that the vehicle has been tested. Vehicles without their MOT certificates could be penalized, would have to pay fines and might have to be taken off the road until they clear their test, depending on the circumstance.

What are MOT tests?

The MOT handles various tests in all the categories to make sure vehicles on the road are in good condition. There are talks about increasing the number of tests since the initial MOT test started almost half a century back and vehicles then and now aren’t the same.

Currently, the system checks the engine to make sure it is in good condition. The car needs the right amount of oil and coolant in the engine, otherwise, the test might not go well. Secondly, there has to be enough threading on the tires and the brakes have to be functional. They should be sharp and the car should stop. All the lights of the vehicle should be working properly so there aren’t any issues with the driver being able to see or be seen by someone else down a dark road.

The vehicle is also checked for any other issues indicated on the dashboard, the clarity of the windscreen, and whether the car has enough windscreen cleaning liquid. Having a clear line of sight is one of the most important parts of being a good driver. Other basic tests include general rusting, making sure the car is clean, the license plates are clear and so on.

Final Words

According to a recent survey, the MOT tests seem to be working well since there have been reduced accidents through vehicle mechanical failure. Furthermore, the number of cars that stalled or broke down also reduced. One of the reasons for this could be the thorough tests they are being put through, regularly. It is believed that people would only give their car for a thorough check-up if there’s something wrong with it, otherwise they would wait for the issue to persist. This is the main reason for the tests being introduced annually.

Others also believe that vehicles are now being built stronger than before with safety features and fail-safes to inform the driver if any part of the vehicle needs to be tested or replaced.

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