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LMCT Plus Reward program

The LMCT Membership is an exclusive Australia-wide best reward provider. It has undergone a lot of review by experts and it is proven to be legit. It offers various reward schemes and packages with the median starting price being $19.99.

The LMCT Membership is the best reward provider with a membership fee subscription plan of 3 to 12 months. It has 2 main membership types namely ‘Standard Membership’ and ‘Ultimate Membership’. There are various rewards that the LMCT offers for its members. It offers rewards based on loyalty etc. The member’s points can be accumulated and redeemed in various ways, as per their preferences.

These include gift vouchers, logo t-shirts, event tickets, etc., which also give access to discounts at stores, restaurants, etc., as well as online payments for purchases made online. The following section will highlight all the essential details of LMCT to help a user make an informed decision.

About LMCT Plus Membership

The LMCT Plus Membership is a legitimate Australian reward provider. It has been around for quite a while now and has proven to be quite reliable. The membership can be accessed through the official website of LMC Plus which is

This membership allows its customers an opportunity to take advantage of many rewards and deals that are not available to the general public or the general public at all for that matter. With over 600+ businesses and over 1000 stores where you can access exclusive discounts in Australia Wide from only $19.99 per month, opt-out anytime

The Reward Type: The rewards being offered by the LMCT are in the form of gift vouchers, discounts, and services. However, it is only limited to particular stores and restaurants, etc. Many prefer such kinds of rewards as they have no investment in them nor do they require any other product to use their reward points. The benefits of such rewards are that they can be redeemed as per the member’s preferences which also makes them more valuable.

How Does LMCT Make Money?

LMCT Plus, a platform founded by Adrian Portelli, makes money through a combination of membership fees and brand sponsorships.

The company operates on a subscription-based model where members pay between $19.99 to $99.99 per month to gain access to various perks, including the chance to win luxury giveaways such as supercars and houses.

This subscription fee is a primary revenue stream for LMCT Plus, ensuring a steady flow of income.

In addition to the membership fees, LMCT Plus also generates revenue through sponsored content. The company collaborates with vehicle manufacturers and other brands for strategic marketing purposes, leveraging Adrian Portelli’s significant following.

These sponsorships allow brands to promote their products to LMCT Plus’s audience, creating a lucrative revenue stream for the platform.

LMCT Plus has been successful in attracting a substantial membership base, with more than 7,000 Australians reported to have signed up.

This base, combined with the company’s strategic brand partnerships, contributes to its substantial annual revenue, which is reported to be around $60 million.

Adrian Portelli himself has claimed a net worth of approximately 500,000,000 Australian dollars, highlighting the substantial financial growth and success of LMCT Plus and its founder.

How Many Brands Are Associated with LMCT Plus

Adrian has partnered with more than 1,000 stores nationally. This way, you’ll be able to claim discounts on your favorite products, both online and offline.

They have looked for specific retailers and products that you’ll use day to day. These include products in the camping, automotive, and insurance space, to name a few.

So, if you need a quick item that requires a fix, you can always head to the nearest LMC Plus partner and take advantage of the network’s rewards.

LMCT Plus Review

Portelli, known for his extravagant lifestyle, claims the company has given away over $25 million in prizes. Despite this, the odds of winning are reported to be extremely low, raising questions about the platform’s fairness and transparency.


The platform’s operations and the legitimacy of its giveaways have been subjects of controversy.

Investigations into LMCT Plus by gambling regulators in Victoria and South Australia have been reported, focusing on the legality of the platform’s large and frequent giveaways, which could potentially violate trade promotion conditions.

Alongside regulatory scrutiny, the platform faces criticism for its promotional tactics, including the use of legal loopholes to operate its giveaways and allegations of misleading marketing practices.

Critics argue that LMCT Plus exploits hopes for profit, with anti-gambling advocates urging regulators to close legal loopholes allowing such operations.

Despite these concerns, Portelli maintains that LMCT Plus is fully legal and properly licensed.

However, skepticism remains among consumers regarding the platform’s promotional strategies and the real chances of winning, highlighting the need for more transparency and possibly tighter regulations around such business models.


LMCT Plus presents a complex scenario where opportunity and skepticism intertwine.

The platform’s substantial prize offerings and significant subscriber base reflect its appeal, yet concerns over transparency, the odds of winning, and regulatory compliance cast shadows on its operations.

Legal inquiries and public debates underscore the need for clear, ethical business practices within the realms of promotional competitions.

As it stands, LMCT Plus embodies the delicate balance between aspirational marketing and the imperative for consumer protection.

FAQs About LMCT Plus

Q. Is LMCT legit?

A. Yes it is legit. Even if you don’t win the Rewards, you will still get some value. This is assuring that the founder Adrian has given to its members. Prizes are the bonus. As the real thing, you will get from the services of LMCT Plus.

Q. Who is the founder of the LMCT Plus rewards company?

A. Adrian Portelli founded the auto enthusiast club LMCT+, which is a promotion and giveaway platform with a focus on luxury vehicles and prestige houses.

Q. How do you cancel your LMCT Plus membership?

A. You may cancel your Account at any time by contacting [email protected] and cancellation will take effect once administration has processed.

Q. What are the charitable things doe LMCT Plus is doing?

A. They have a foundation called LMCT Little Legends Foundation. By donating your money to the foundation they are helping the little children adopted by the organization. Every major donation will be shared on the Socia media profiles.

Q. What is the Net worth of the LMCT Plus founder?

A. 500m Australian dollars.

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