Is Subscription Cancelling the next Cord-Cutting Movement?

Many of us have become increasingly reliant on a huge number of different online platforms that now instead rely on a subscription model over a one-time payment, from some of the biggest day-to-day services like Netflix and Spotify through to essential software like Adobe suites that many may use in their job. Many other services like gaming have even expanded into this space through things like VIP options that can be found through Ohio online gambling services amongst many others – and whilst online services have certainly been thriving throughout this past year, there have been many users realize it may be time to trim the fat for some of the services that aren’t used as often.

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For many, this had been highlighted with the news toward the end of last year that big box office hits could be on the way directly to streaming platforms through HBO Max with the partnership with Warner Bros, given that HBO Max has had a bit of a storied past largely only finding big success during a period of time where Game of Thrones had been popular and quickly falling off in subscriptions when the running season would come to an end, it isn’t a platform new to the quick rise and fall in numbers, but given other services are doing so well following Disney’s recent announcement of hitting over 100 million subscribers in just 16 months, it shows there certainly is support for the big platforms still delivering good unique content, similarly with Netflix releasing 71 titles this year, it shows that the support is still there to push a huge number of new releases even in an independent way.

With the expansion for things like the box office into streaming platforms, for example, however it may lead to many looking to see what else can be cut out – it’s likely that studios will try and span releases across multiple platforms leading users to need to be subscribed to all available platforms if they’d like to catch everything, but given prices have been increasing over time it’s much less of a solution, and will lead to some picking and choosing for which may be the best.

Others like music streaming may be less of a concern for now given Spotify still very much leads the way, but with podcasting becoming even more popular and platforms rising to supply users with this content too it’s likely this space will go through a change as well – cost and additional cost features will be a huge part of this movement, but it’s certainly something that’s accelerating as a growing number of users are turning to cancel excess subscriptions in order to stick to the bare minimum where necessary given the rising number of services increasing costs.

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