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Lots of people use the computer for almost any task. Then why should you depend on your mobile for the alarm to wake you up or notify your next important task in the day? Kukuklok is something does exactly this. This absolutely easy to use web app was specifically designed to provide the best possible alarm experience on your PC.  You don’t need to install any application or a browser plugin. All you need to have is the internet connection and a browser to load kukuklok.

Kukuklok is an online alarm just like Google online alarm, Onlive Clock, TimeMe, MetaClock,, Online Alarm Kur etc. Among these, Kukuklok is my favorite as it has more advanced features and settings.

Are you are excited to try kukuklok and set an online alarm? you are in the right place. Before I explain the steps to set the online alarm with kukuklock, let’s check out some of the awesome features kukuklok has to provide.

kukuklok - free online alarm clock

Features of Kukuklok

  • Online Alarm clock for web
  • different alarm sounds
  • No registration required
  • Choose between night mode and day mode
  • Works without internet connection
  • Works perfectly on mobile as well

The clock is desinged to show in digital numbers. The clock is in 24 hour time format. You have +, – signs to adjust the time. Another great feature is that it follows your computer time, not server time.

It has over 6 awesome sounds to choose for an alarm tone. You can preview before using them. The sounds namely:

  • Cockerel
  • Classic Clock
  • Electronic
  • Heavy Metal Guitar
  • Military Trumpet
  • Alien Invasion

How to set Alarm on Kukuklok

Follow the steps below to set an online alarm with kukuklok.

Step 1: Head over to

Step 2: Adjust the hours and minutes to when the alarm should on. And make adjustments accordingly.

Step 3: Select the alarm sound from the list of available sounds

Step 4: Once done, click on Set Alarm. That’s it. Your alarm is set. And will be notified on when the time triggers.

My Final Words

So far, I have tried many online alarm clocks. But this is my all time favorite. If you want to try this beautiful online alarm clock, please visit

You can also follow them on their facebook page for more updates.

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