Why play on one app when you can have more? Check the list of all MPL-like app

Earning money can be a passion and obsession at the same time. People get allured to assets as it gives them an upper hand and carries a carefree attitude in life. In this era, the digitalization of money has helped a lot to help people earn money in a fun way. There are many gaming apps like MPL, which are equally trustworthy and secure as the online money maker where a user can play games and earn money with it.

List of apps like MPL where users can earn money while playing

  1. Getmega-

  • Type of platform-

Operated and managed by Mega shot Pvt.Ltd is an online real money gaming platform and is similar to apps like MPL. It has a great user interface and user experience and frauds or spamming via chatbots are negligible. All this makes it a credible platform for users. With more than 12 games on the amazing platform, you can play with your friends and family members and make your gaming experience fun and exciting.

  • Mode of action-

It provides 100 percent cash back on first investment to users registering via coupon code and bonuses on deposits.

  • Benefits- 

It offers the users a chance to earn a handsome amount of money by running leaderboards throughout the week. The Live Chat is very responsive and provides one-minute withdrawal and supports platforms like G-pay and net-banking. Also, provides the facility of video chat while playing Rummy, which is the first of its kind feature in India in online gaming platforms.

  1. Playerzpot

  • Type of platform-

It has nearly as many games available in apps like MPL though not in equal number, you can play Fantasy sports as well here.

  • Mode of action- 

It is a paid platform. Users are required to pay fees to get access to Playerzspot services. Any breach of policies may result in the suspension of users. Many games like Ludo, Snake, and ladder sheep fight are played here.

  • Benefits-

It offers a referral program where users can invite their friends and win a hundred percent usable cash up to Rs 1500 and also get commission over their entry fees.

  1. Gamezy

  • Type of platform-

This gaming app can be considered as an app like Mpl. It hosts fantasy sports in its range of sports and has more than a dozen games.

  • Mode of action-

It follows the direction of match-officials and adheres to their final judgment. Competitive games are played here by people of age more than 18 only. To win the games on this platform, a careful analysis of players is required. Legal restrictions follow in case of any violations of the policies.

  •  Benefits- 

Provides multiple and flexible withdrawal methods as even low amounts can be withdrawn. After verifying the account, you can withdraw your cash prizes via Paytm and net banking.

  1. Ewar

  • Type of platform –

Similar to apps like MPL, this gaming platform helps to win real money by playing games online. It’s a better alternative to MPL pro as it offers games like Ludo, Sheep fight A21, Candy jam, and a lot more.

  • Mode of action –

Here fantasy cricket can be played to win Paytm cash. The app is for those who play fantasy cricket extensively.

  • Benefits

The best part about the app is that it allows users to withdraw the money earned using referrals. About 8 rupees are won for one referral in the winning wallet.

  1. WinZo Gold

  • Type of platform

Winzo Gold is another alternative to apps like MPL. The WinZo Gold app allows you to earn money by playing games, quizzes, and fantasy sports. You can also play many card games like rummy, call a break and many others.

  • Mode of action- 

Join various esports tournaments and win money. The games for the same are Call of Duty, Free Fire, and Clash Royale.

  • Benefits

Users get 50 rupees on registering themselves.

  1. Joy Wallet

  • Type of platform- 

A relatively new app like MPL where you can play games and get money.

  • Mode of action 

Here you can earn money for free. Registration is easier. The more games you play, the more money is awarded. It gives you money for each minute you invest in the app.

  • Benefits

It is a unique app as unlike other apps like MPL, it allows you to sign up and play. Without making any investment, you can also claim 100 bonus coins through the referral code.


Investment is not limited today to precious stones or valuable assets. Better alternatives are available that are as effective in fulfilling the needs as the traditional ways are. Quick transfer of money is running the industry and our lives. Let these apps like MPL empower us in an innovative way. You can try the gaming platform of Getmega and make the most out of its amazing features that make it one of the most popular apps.

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