Game Hacker Apps for AndroidHello, guys! Welcome to Techpirates. Today we are going to discuss the top 15 game hacker apps for Android using which you can hack high scores and achieve milestones etc.

Are you a mobile gaming enthusiast who loves facing and overcoming hurdles in the games’ world? Playing smartphone games is an incredibly thrilling experience where you challenge your wits. Winning against your opponents is the most exciting part of it, and you earn rewards after your achievements.

Some tricks may be hard to crack and you may end up, losing your games. However, creativity in the mobile gaming industry has gone a notch higher, and you can maneuver your way through the free hack games. Currently, there are many Game Hacker Apps that can help you in raising your scores. It is easier to hack client-side games which store information in a user’s device, than server-side games which encrypt their data.

Here’s a list of the top game hacker Apps for Android:

  1. Xmodgames

Are you looking for a flexible, yet user-friendly hack for mobile games? Gaming experts consider Xmodgames among the best online games hacker for Android. The App adds patches to games, allowing users to manipulate them.

With Xmodgames, you can hack and modify (‘mod’) popular games such as PubG, GTA, and COC. Xmodgames’ unique features include its inbuilt screen recorder and compatibility with recent gaming updates.

  1. HackerBot

Are you in search of a safe and reliable gaming solution for all your online gaming queries? offers a trusted source of information about its game hacker App without root. You can find guides and tricks on game hacking on its FreeFinder and Profinder search engines.

HackerBot App offers various benefits to gamers, including high scores, in-game cash, and extra lives. You can use the application for a breath-taking experience with popular games like Pokeman goes, PubG, Minecraft, and Call of Duty Warzone.

  1. Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is one of the leading free game hacker Apps for Android. The application helps in customizing game features in the blinking of an eye! You can utilize this online game hacker to alter game characters, weapons, or invisible walls.

Outstanding Cheat Engine abilities include its system inspection, debugs, assembler, speed hacks, disassembler, and 3D manipulation.

  1. Big Nox

Do you dream of watching mobile games that need location specifications? Nox offers a solution to your query as it is among the best Android for PC emulators. An emulator enhances your gaming adventure by easing up the gameplay.

Nox remaps the game controls to fasten your gaming activity. The application has a macro functionality that enables it to mock GPS locations for games like Ingress and Pokeman.

Nox’s integrated internal robot mobile protects your Android device from damage during rooting.

  1. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is among the top emulators that enhance gaming performance. If you’re looking for a distraction-free experience, with minimal CPU and memory usage, Bluestacks is the best App for you.

Like Nox, Bluestacks contains game controls and can set your preferred gaming location. With this application, you can apply various free hack games simultaneously.

  1. GameCih

Are you looking for a reliable hack for mobile games, both online or offline? GameCih is a free Android hacking tool that many gamers utilize to improve their gaming experiences. The App’s features enable users to modify and hack various games.

Despite its capabilities, GameCih requires you to root it on your device for effective performance. The App works on Android 4.0 and can remove unwanted in-game adverts on your smartphone.

  1. Using Mods with Private Servers

As we noted earlier, hacking server-side games is an uphill task. So, how do you go about it? You can use mods with private servers, the best approach to hacking these online games.

The method is common among private developers who modify popular games to imitate the original ones. You need a specialized App and its signature to access the games and obtain rewards, including gems and coins.

While this is an effective hack for mobile games, it allows other users to have ‘cheats’ on the server and you may need an APK client for easier access. The method also makes it impossible to reverse-engineer the gaming software.

  1. File Manager

Did you know that saved files on your rooted Android device could be an added advantage in hacking games? Well, file managers such as ES and Root Explorer are effective tools in editing files on your device’s root storage.

With your file manager, you can alter game files, simplify the gameplay, and modify values to enhance your gaming performance. Modifying db and SQL databases is also possible with this approach.

  1. Lucky Patcher (Root/No Root)

Have you been encountering annoying ads on your gaming and other mobile applications? Lucky Patcher is the best App for removing unwanted adverts, license verifications, or system applications. You can also use it in creating backups.

Lucky Patcher is undeniably one of the top game hacker Apps for Android. It is applicable for both root and no root options, though rooted device users have an added advantage.

  1. Creehack

Are you looking for a hack for mobile games that helps you by-pass payment options for in-app purchases? Creehack is among the most convenient game hacker Apps for Android. The tool has unique features, including its compatibility with Android 4.0 and other latest versions and small installation size.

Creehack is not for online games only, but you can use it to hack offline mobile games. The App also enables hacking on non-rooted Android devices.

  1. SB Game Hacker

If you are a result-driven gamer who enjoys versatility, SB Game Hacker is a must-have. The hacking tool enables you to modify any game and access countless gaming rewards like coins and gold.

Like Bluestacks, SB Game Hacker can help in removing unnecessary ads and license verifications. You can adjust the games’ speed according to your preference. The App is free and can work on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

  1. Leo PlayCard

Are you looking for another games hacker App that allows you to access paid games at no cost? Leo PlayCard enables hackers to modify games on rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

With Leo PlayCard you can make changes to popular games like Temple Run for additional resources. The only setback with this App is its limitation for offline games only, and it cannot work on a multiplayer game.

  1. Game Killer

Game Killer is among the renowned free Android Apps that allow users to modify gaming experiences. The App has quick access involving an injecting code from the background. Hence, you can use Game Killer to change any features in running a game on your device.

Game Killer’s accessibility makes it easier for you to alter any values on your preferred mobile game.

  1. Game Guardian

Are you looking for a free online games hacker with extensive properties? Games Guardian is a top hacking tool that competes with Cheat Engine. Some of its outstanding features include an excellent interface, speed hacks, and accessibility in 50 languages.

Though Game Guardian is available on a rooted and non-rooted device, it has some restrictions on the latter.

  1. Freedom Apk

If you are searching for a game hacker App offering unlimited rewards, Freedom Apk is the best choice. The hacking tool works on rooted Android devices and offers free installation of various apps.

You can use Freedom Apk to gain more coins on Temple Run or additional keys on Subway Surfers. The App has over 100 Android games, including Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Badland, and Asphalt. With a dummy credit card, you can access paid gaming options!

Your gaming experience doesn’t have to be boring; you can add your enthusiasm through game hacker Apps! With numerous free hacker games at your disposal, game hacking can be an exciting way of improving your gaming adventure.

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