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Looking for Isanyoneup Alternatives – Here’s the List is an Internet-based site that has become a craze all over the world. The site has attracted the attention of a lot of users, whether due to its illicit activities or its owner’s actions. Check out this article for the Isanyoneup alternative information and learn about other alternatives.

Is Anyone Up? was an online pornographic website that stopped operating in 2012 and included pornographic images that had been stolen or hacked. It let users anonymously post pictures or videos, the majority of which included explicit sexual content such as nude, erotic, and sexually suggestive images.

The Isanyoneup website was created by an American, Teradata Alves, who is known to be the owner of and The site has been registered since February 4, 1999, and was built with flash technology. There are no official statistics on its performance but it has gained a lot of popularity through the Internet.

On December 31, 1999, Alves sold the site to his partner, who also ran at that time – Chris Bryan – for $10 million dollars. At that time it had about 5 million hits a month (many are fake).

Is anyone up was launched to make money? The site would certainly have earned a lot of money because it features adult content and has many advertisements on it. Isanyoneup charges its users from $20 to $200 for posting a profile. It also charges the lady who posted her profile $200 every month to keep her up on the site, regardless of whether she got any e-mails or not. Most of these girls are cam girls whom Alves hired to pose as single people in order to attract more male viewers. Alves also said that he did this because he wanted a man to meet the best woman among 40,000 ladies instead of just a random girl in a bar or at work.

Are there alternatives in place of Isanyoneup?

Yes, there are Isanyoneup alternatives. Some of them are:

Ambrosia Dating, Grouper Dating, Going Steady,, and OkCupid.

These are the main sites that offer a similar service as that Isanyoneup did in the past. So if you are looking for an alternative to it, then try visiting one of the sites listed above! #What is the Isanyoneup fee structure?

The site charged a monthly fee of $200 to the ladies and $20 to the men who posted their profiles. The site would then charge these users additional amounts while posting pictures, sending e-mails, and talking to other users. The site charged $500 for posting 100 pictures, $50 for chatting with other members, and $10 for sending 50 messages. This is almost similar to that of any other adult chat site.

It depends on whether you are a man or a woman. Isanyoneup used to charge men $100 to delete their profiles while women were charged $200. This is because the site never deleted the profiles of women (it used to keep them even if they stopped paying) and a man could easily find another woman through another site.

The site charged $500 for posting 100 pictures on it. This is high as compared to other sites that charge as low as $1 per picture. But it is also true that setting your picture in Isanyoneup costs almost nothing (only $20).

Isanyoneup Alternative working on the Platform

The site has now become an adult dating site. The users register as single people on the site and meet all their dates on it. The site, therefore, charges money per user per month. It would charge the users who posted their profile over $200 per month while those who did not near $50 per month.

Can you get more than one profile in Isanyoneup?

No, you can not get more than one profile in Isanyoneup. It is a single male/female user-oriented site and it does not allow its users to create separate profiles for different memberships or groups.

Why Isanyoneup has been shut down?

Now that we have the most important information about a website that we have discovered, we can move on by revealing the information of the proprietor, who has been sentenced to 5 years. The owner of the site is Hunter Moore, who was sentenced for publishing explicit material on his website.

The content contained images taken from a person’s library. The photos uploaded to this site were distributed across the internet, which interferes with privacy for people. Hunter Moore was charged with the same thing and was convicted with a sentence of five years. This is why the site was shut down and the content was replaced by another website.

Hunter Moore and His Hype:

People who are looking for Isanyoneup archives might be interested in their owner. Netflix made a series titled “The Most Hateful Man on the internet” featuring Hunter Moore.

According to Cosmopolitan, the FBI apprehended Hunter Moore in 2014 and charged him with conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer, and aggravated identity theft. These are the allegations that were brought against him. He entered a guilty plea to the counts of aggravated identity theft as well as assisting and abetting in unlawful access to a computer system.

Moore was given a sentence of two years and six months in jail, in addition to a fine of $2,000 and a restitution charge of $145.70. Moore was also ordered to pay a restitution fee of $145.70. He was not allowed to use any kind of social media.

IsAnyoneup Conclusion

As discussed here, has been convicted for alleged hacking of pictures on the Internet. Hunter Moore, who used to manage this website, was accused of stealing thousands of explicit images without the consent or permission of those in the photos. The website has been shut down, but we have discovered some Alternatives in this post. We have also mentioned some other sites like Isanyoneup so you check them out!

Isanyoneup FAQ

Q. is the website Isanyoneup still active?

A. With his efforts, anti-bullying campaigner and former Marine James McGibney brings about IsAnyoneUp’s end in 2012. McGibney, having learned about the location, befriended Moore and eventually convinced Moore to sell it to him.

Q. Who bought the website Isanyoneup?

A. According to The Cinemaholic, when Hunter Moore sold the domain name to online entrepreneur James McGibney in April 2012, the site was shut down. McGibney paid a little sum for the domain and pointed it toward his anti-bullying platform, BullyVille.

Q. How much does Hunter Moore’s website sell for?

A. After all, he did sell his website to an anti-bullying group for $12,000. This suggests that he was anxious for both money and to get the FBI off his trail.

Q. What are some best alternatives to IsAnyoneUp?

A. There are several websites available on the Internet similar to IsAnyoneUp. IsAnyOneUp is a website that allows people to submit and share sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves or others without their consent. Some examples include:

  • Revenge Porn Hub
  • The Dirty
  • WinByState

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