Mangastream is No More, Check Out Top Mangastream Alternatives

You might already know that Manga is a Japanese word that refers to comic books mainly aimed at adults and children. These amazing graphic novels will hook you from the time when you look at them for the first time. To be a manga lover, you don’t need to have a specific taste or interest or if do, you will always find a Manga according to your needs.  Mangastream is an amazing website that provides loads of Manga online. From romance to crime to horror and action, there is a wide variety of choices for everyone.

The website has a unique user interface and crisp content to provide for the users. mangastream has been operating for more than a decade providing millions of users their share of amazing Manga. The service was absolutely free and you don’t require to sign up for monthly subscriptions to use their services. Let’s see some of the amazing features of Mangastream why it outshines its competitors.

What Makes it Stand Out?

Several such sites and platforms are available on which you can read manga online but not all of them offer easy and free access to quality comics. This is where Mangastream has an edge over the rest of its competitors. In the era of the Internet, everything is just a few clicks away, but oftentimes, it is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, accessing your desired content requires you to browse the internet thoroughly before you can find it. It might take you a lot of time to find what you’re looking for. When you’re up in the mood to read a manga chapter, you want to find it quick. Not being able to find it can be quite frustrating. But, that’s not the case with Mangastream. It is the ultimate one-stop solution for all manga lovers.

Mangastream is known to have free manga and videos available for its users in HD quality. For someone who doesn’t want to spend their money on paid platforms, Mangastream is the place to be. Other factors that contribute to its popularity include a neat and clear homepage with a list of all high-quality comics to read. However, after facing many ups and downs, Mangastream has to announce a farewell to everybody. The website is no longer available online.

However, there is good news. I have provided a list of Mangastream alternatives below. which will satisfy your Manga needs at least for now. If you are a comic book fan, you will love reading manga anyway. The fantastic artwork and engaging content keep you invested. Even if it feels like a huge shift, why not give it a try? In fact, some of these Mangastream alternatives probably have better manga series than Mangastream.

Top Mangastream Alternatives

1. MangaStream.today:

Reading manga online has a lot of advantages over physical books. First of all, you can save a lot of money by reading manga. Another thing is, you will find an abundance of the manga you can imagine. mangastream. today is an awesome website that provides the facility to read manga online from a variety of genres.

The interface if the website is extremely simple and easy to use. And it works on all platforms. You can save, bookmark a page you like. Moreover, there is a registration/subscription to use this website. The only drawback is the continuous pop of ads.

Official website:


2. Mangaowl: 

Mangaowl is yet another free Manga reading website and a good alternative to Mangastream. This amazing website has a plethora of genres to explore for the users. You can be sure of getting something for yourself from the website. Apart from reading manga online, users can also watch anime shows on the website.

If you speak about the interface, the website has a simple and easy to use navigation with a search bar using which you can search for your desired manga stories from the website. There is also a discussion forum available for the users to share their thoughts on various manga episodes.

Official website:


3. Mangareader

Mangareader is another Mangastream alternative that provides an extensive list of Manga to read online. You can browse the website by Popular Manga, A-Z list or you can even click on Surprise Me! option to get a random manga chapter to read online. You can use this website on any platform you like. Using this website is not recommended for children as it contains adult content.

Official website:


4. Mangatown:

When I told my mom I wanna do something…

Mangatown comics

Manga town is yet another best alternatives to Mangastream in terms of the number of manga available on the website. It has nearly 15000+ high-quality manga/manhwa series which are updated daily! from vampire to action, romance to adventure, it has it all.

The site comes with some pretty good features including notifications, history tab where you can see all the comics you’ve recently finished reading. You can also follow Mangatown on Facebook, Twitter for the latest updates.

Official website:


This will brings us to the next one in the list…

5. Manga Eden:

Mangaeden - Mangastream ALternative

Manga Eden is another awesome Manga site similar to Mangastream. The website is available both in English and Italian languages. It is absolutely free to use and readers can read online manga chapters from a wide range of classic genres, summaries, manga art-books, and popular fiction and non-fiction manga-titles.

Manga Eden has a huge collection of Manga titles to read. Every title has a minimum of 2 chapters to 700+ chapters. So, you can imagine how depth they can provide related to manga. You can register to the site to get alters on your readings.

Official website:


6. Mangahere:


Another Mangastream alternative on the high. This amazing website provides 1000s of free comics from adventure, Fantasy, marital arts, Comedy, Romance, drama, and many more. You can filter the content based on your interest.

The unique feature about Manga here is that it provides spoilers and news about upcoming releases where you can participate in the discussion. All manga on the website is ranked daily, weekly, and monthly. users can also read manga on their mobile devices too.

Official website:


7. ReadMs.today:


This is yet another useful manga website ReadMs.today. It looks like a mirror to the Mangastreaam website. You can experience exactly the same features as Mangastream on this website like Bookmarks, History, search, etc.

There are so many websites that provide the facility to read manga online however,  the collection of manga ReadMs provides is treasured. So if you want the best selection and you also want to save money then reading Manga online should be an obvious choice for you

Official website:


8. Mangago


This is yet another useful Mangastream alternatives with an amazing UI and functionality. it provides a lot of genres out of which Fantasy, Romance, and School life are some of the favorite ones. You can Sign up to the website to have a personalized dashboard and features like History, Bookmarks, etc.

On the Homepage, you can quickly find New Manga, Featured list, and Popular manga in the sidebar. There is a discussion group for every Manga, year of release, ratings, and more. It will surely save some time finding your desired manga.

Official website:


9. Manga Park

Mangapark- read mannga online

mangapark is packed with an awesome collection of manga comics. It is fascinating to see how fast we will get updates from this website. Users can read Latest Manga Releases for Yaoi Genre, and other popular ones as well. What I like the most about this website is that it has a very personalized dashboard for the users where they can optimize it according to their needs.

Moreover, Mangaprak can be accessed from any device you want. The website allows you to choose between dark mode and lite mode, change no. of images you want to see, turn off adult content, and much more.

Official website:


10. Manga Plus

Manga plus

Manga Plus is created by SHUEISHA, a Japanese publisher that has been creating manga directly with the artists. if you want to share your excitement with other manga fans across the globe Manga Plus is the place to go. The website is available both in English and Spanish languages.

The good thing you can do by reading free manga on this website is that it will help the artists to come up with sequels and new chapters. You can download the App for iPhone and Android devices to read manga anytime you want.

Official website:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Mangastream App available on App Store/ Play Store?

A. No Mangastream app is available on the App Store or the Google play store. There is speculation that an Apk version of Mangastream available to the readers. However, we can’t be sure if it’s a genuine one or not. The use of such apps is strictly at your discretion.

Q. is Mangastream Legal? Will it come back again?

A. Mangastream is an illegal website. Currently, the website is down and there is no certainty for the future of this website. We think it won’t be coming back in the near future. it has clearly indicated in its farewell note. The step was taken in view of promoting legal methods of reading manga. If you are looking for free ones, you utilize the Mangastream alternatives I have provided above.

Q. Are These Mangastream alternatives free to use?

A. In short, yes. Most of the Manga sites I have provided offer you services free of cost. However, some may ask you to register for a free account to unlock more features. There will be no subscriptions needed while using these websites. If you are disappointed with the ads, you can install an ad blocker on your browser to restrict them.

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