Manufacturing Automation: The One Thing Your Business Can’t Do Without

It goes without saying that manufacturing automation has completely transformed industries. Today, automation is one of the key agendas in most businesses.

Everyone wants to use RPA to their advantage.

Manufacturing automation has formed the basis for competitive advantage in industries across most fields. From agriculture to the food industry, to the pharmaceutical industries, robotic automation has spread across most applications.

This begs the big question; in a world where everything is steering towards automation, can you really survive without it?

Below, we look into the benefits offered by manufacturing automation, and whether you can afford to miss them.

1. Impact on productivity and Efficiency

Among other things, productivity and efficiency are the one thing every manager is looking for in their business. Productivity means more good production and henceforth more profits.

Efficiency, on the other hand, means more production in less time and with the least amount of raw materials possible.

The integration of robots in the process adds in a ton of value to your operations. For one, they work for longer hours compared to workers and are way faster.

The robot’s programming ensures that its accuracy is nearly perfect. This allows it to minimize the losses incurred on raw materials.

Best of all, manufacturing automation enables you to meet your orders on tight deadlines and prevents employees from burning out.

2. Addresses your labor needs

Some processes in your manufacturing industry require the handling of an expert only. However, most of the workers available lack the necessary skills to complete them.

Tasks such as tending machines or assembly that require a little expertise end up costing you a fortune looking for the right person.

Why not automate the tasks instead?

Robots today can work out almost any task in the industry. From palletizing to packing to screwing, to machine tending and even assembly inspection.

Therefore, by investing in robotic manufacturing automation, you relieve yourself of the tedious tasks of looking for workers.

After all, the robots complete these tasks much better.

3. Employee Safety and morale

The industrial workplace is one of the most dangerous places to work in. Research by the Bureau of Labor statistics found out that 3.5% of every 100,000 workers get injured in workplaces every day.

The numbers don’t seem to be decreasing with 2019, recording a 2% increase in these numbers.

Whiles this is a big reason for managers to worry, workers are petrified at such statistics, and this affects their performance.

Luckily, manufacturing automation has a solution for this.

Managers can now deploy robots to those risky and hazardous work stations to reduce the risk of injuries among workers. Moreover, the robots may also take over repetitive tasks to allow the workers to upskill to better tasks.

Doing this impacts the morale of the workers as they feel safer, happier and cared for.

4. Room for innovation

The technological advances in today’s market leave no room for old technology to compete. Industries working with outdated tech are quickly being faced out to make room for better ones.

As a manager, you, therefore, have to work on a tech update strategy. What better way to do it than with manufacturing automation?

With advanced robots such as Universal robot’s Collaborative robots, you can easily reprogram the bots to suit a new process. You don’t even need experience as a programmer!

The robots are perfect for their accuracy and precision, which makes it ideal when trying out new processes. Moreover, they are space-efficient and hence, give you more space to try out the latest trends in the market.


Manufacturing automation offers more than the above benefits. You get flexibility, better customer service delivery and a reduction in production cost.

It’s at best, your ultimate secret weapon to defeat your competitors.

Therefore, to answer the pending question; NO. You can’t survive without manufacturing automation. Its applications and impact on today’s industries make it far too valuable.

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