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If you’re considering a post-graduate study abroad experience then the Franklin University  Master of Science in International Management could be exactly what you’re looking for. FUS alumni have gone on to become global leaders in a range of different fields and you could join them.

Taught in English, this year-long course with a focus on international management skills could help you learn how to use technology effectively in a way that makes you valuable to organizations and corporations in any industry. Not only this, but courses at FUS have dual accreditation in both the US and Europe, giving your resume an international component that can only make you a more desirable candidate to potential employers.

Inside the Master of Science in International Management at Franklin

Despite its focus on Responsible Management and Climate Action and Digital Transformation, the skills you will learn on this one-year Master’s course are applicable to any industry anywhere around the world. The program combines academic theory taught by faculty who are experts in their fields with perspectives from industry professionals working for organizations such as the United Nations. You will also have the opportunity to put the things you have learned into practice and make the most of the mandatory academic travel component to South Korea, where you will have the chance to learn about major international technology corporations such as LG Electronics, Samsung, and Hyundai firsthand.

Beauty in diversity

Each year, the cohort of students studying for the Master of Science in International Management at Franklin University Switzerland come from a wide range of different academic backgrounds and skills, each of them bringing something very different to the classroom table. Recent years have included students from scientific, accounting, medical, and business backgrounds. Students from different areas of study are encouraged to apply the knowledge they already have to the course. You may learn things from your fellow students that will help you later on in your career or even beyond the working world. Students also benefit from one-to-one professional coaching throughout the course.

Not only this but being based in the heart of Europe provides cultural opportunities and new perspectives you would never be able to acquire at home. If you are already focusing on an international career, there could be no better first step along your career path than a study abroad experience.

Want to find out more about whether a Master of Science in International Management at FUS could be the perfect next step to help you hit the heights in your career? Check out the university’s website for more information about the course and campus life in general.

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