Medical treatment abroad

medical treatment abroad

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More and more patients from all over the world prefer to receive medical care abroad. People mainly go abroad if in another country they can get cheaper medical services or medicine is at a higher level. Medical treatment abroad can be provided to anyone who can afford this treatment. You are welcome to use the Booking Health service to see prices and book a medical program on the preferred dates.

Is it challenging to organize treatment abroad?

Self-organization of treatment abroad is associated with many challenges. You have to look for a hospital, contact its administration, wait a long time for a response, and after receiving it, get in line and wait for a medical program to start for several weeks or even several months. It is necessary to translate medical reports into English or another language, apply for a visa, book a hotel, get from the airport to the hospital, and also look for an interpreter to communicate with an attending physician.

Some of the organizational services can be provided by hospitals abroad. However, their cost is usually high.

It is much easier if the Booking Health company organizes your treatment abroad. In this case:

  • We will select the most suitable hospital that achieves excellent results in the treatment of your disease
  • We will contact the hospital administration and agree on everything
  • We will reduce the waiting time for your treatment, which will avoid the progression of the disease
  • We will translate medical reports and eliminate the need to repeat the previously performed diagnostic procedures
  • We will book a hotel and airline tickets for you
  • We will meet you at the airport and take you to the hospital by car
  • We will provide interpreting services
  • We will provide support at any time to solve any problems

Is it expensive to undergo treatment abroad?

Prices in developed countries are higher than in countries with a low level of medicine. But this is only if we compare the cost of a separate procedure or operation. If you take into account all the costs of medical services, the treatment may be even cheaper, and here is why:

  • Countries with poorly developed medicine carry out the inaccurate diagnosis of diseases: you can be treated for months and years for a non-existent condition
  • Doctors can miss a dangerous disease that progresses, and, at the advanced stage, it is more difficult and expensive to treat it
  • Medical facilities in countries with poor healthcare systems often use medicines and procedures with unproven effectiveness (you have to pay for these procedures, but get no health benefits)
  • For patients undergoing treatment in countries with poor medicine, complications are more common, and additional financial resources have to be spent on combating them
  • When undergoing treatment in a developed country, you are highly likely to get rid of the disease, but in countries with a low level of medicine repeated treatment, including surgery, is often required

Prices for treatment abroad will be lower for you if you book a medical program through the Booking Health service. Some hospitals provide our customers with personal discounts for specific procedures. In addition, when booking your treatment through Booking Health, there are no overpricing and additional fees for foreign patients.

Many patients are faced with the fact that after the start of treatment the initially declared cost increases significantly, sometimes even by several times. When booking through the Booking Health company, this is excluded. Should any additional procedures be required, all costs will be covered by the insurance provided by our company.

You are welcome to use the Booking Health service to make your treatment abroad easier, faster and cheaper. On the company’s website you can find prices, compare the cost of medical services in different hospitals, and book your medical program at the best price. Our experts will take care of the organization of your trip, relieving you of unnecessary worries.

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