Men’s Belts Rules Every Man Should Know

The belt is a classic accessory that holds the potential of either making or breaking your entire appearance. But today we are going to guide you towards picking and matching your belt for that gentlemanly look portrayed with swagger by the red-carpet hunks. The ideal belt will not only hold your trouser in place but also impart a whole new makeover to your personality. Read on to know more about our specially curated rules which can help you strike the perfect harmony between style and functionality.

  1. Match the shade and texture of your belt and shoe

Whether you opt for a black belt or patent leather shoe, the corresponding accessory should have a similar look and feel. You can nail brownie points from the fashion police by matching fabric with fabric, suede leather with suede leather, and plain leather with plain leather. However, this rule is not all-inclusive and applies only to dressy shoes like loafers, oxfords, double monks, pumps, boots, and derby.

  1. Match the hue and texture of metal bits for your overall outfit

It is always preferable to match the metal portions on your belt buckle, loafers, tie bars, blazer buttons, cuff links, and watch for a more streamlined appearance. You can wear a gold buckle and matching belt with gold horse-bit black loafers to keep the ladies swooning all around you. For shoes having silver metallic accents, you need to ensure that all your accessories and even the metal bit of the belt buckle are silver in color. Read more details on belts.

  1. You can break the shade and texture matching rule in case of casual footwear

Dressing up in casual wear is meant to be fun and you can exude a cool casual flair by either choosing a complementary or contrasting style. So, go ahead and have fun wearing a mid-brown belt with a dark brown boar shoe or a white canvas with a casual brown belt.

  1. Know the difference between a casual and formal belt style

Wide belts are considered to be casual whereas the narrow ones are treated as formal fashion. For falling under the formal category, belts need to have a diameter of 1 ¼ inch and should come attached with a single buckle.

You can team up the narrow belts with chinos, dressier pants, and dark denim. They can also be worn with dress shoes like Monkstrap, Oxfords, Formal Loafers, Derby, and Formal Pumps.

Wide belts having a unique texture look more flattering when worn with cargos and denim pants or canvas and sneakers. The fabric and canvas belt varieties are considered to be more casual. The same also holds true for the size of the belt buckle. For example, wearing a mammoth-sized belt buckle with a business suit is the worst form of fashion blunder you can commit.

  1. Choose the right shade of the belt

Brown belts are extremely versatile as they can be worn with suits of all colors except black. They look especially flattering when worn with khakis and jeans. In the case of non-leather belts, the sky is the limit in terms of hue and pattern. Some popular shade options are white, gray, tan, oxblood and navy. Formal belts, on the other hand, need to tag along with a dignified flair to your overall appearance and so you should choose solid colors like black or brown.

  1. Take the buckle style into consideration

The classic buckle style featuring a silver square framed buckle having a single prong is the perfect fit for formal and corporate looks. In the case of a well-tailored suit, you can totally give belts a miss by tailoring side adjusters with your trousers. This can help you either go belt-less or wear suspenders. But you should never wear belts along with suspenders as that looks utterly unprofessional.

  1. The right belt size

If you are unsure about the belt size, then you need to stick to an easy thumb rule. The belt shouldn’t be shorter than or two times larger than your waist measurements. Ideally, the belt should be such that it should reach the second belt loop after the buckle. Thus, if you have a 36-inch waist, then you need to wear a 38-inch belt.

  1. Follow the Gig Line rule

According to this fashion staple, your shirt’s top collar button needs to be aligned with the middle of your buckle and the trouser zipper. This can definitely turn heads as you look more respectable and sharper. Maybe this is why the gig line is adhered to by the military and adored by women.

  1. Choose the right belt material

If you are on the lookout for premium grade belt materials, then you need to opt for full-grain leather. Manufacturers might often use confusing terms like ‘top grain leather’ or ‘genuine leather’ to dupe the buyers into purchasing subpar qualities of leather. This is why you should always go for the full grain variants.

  1. Wear the right Dress Belt

It is always better to proceed with simpler dress belts as they can streamline your entire appearance. Some of these belts might be feathered whereas the others might have a flat look devoid of any stitching. It is always better to choose simple dress belts without excessive patterning or decoration.

  1. Rules for suits and separates

You can add a whole new edge to your look by teaming the separates with a belt. They tend to draw attention to the other parts of your outfit. People with lanky physiques can break up the continuous appearance of their matching jackets and pants by wearing a belt.

  1. Taking care of your suede belt

You can wet a soft rag with warm water and wipe away the dirt accumulations on your suede belt. In case of stubborn stains, you might have to use a leather cleaner and follow it up with a leather conditioner once the stain is gone. For applying the conditioner, you need to dab it using a soft and clean towel and allow it a resting time of 15-30 minutes.

  1. Catering to belt storage woes

The belt can either be hanged flat using a belt hanger or kept rolled up in a shoebox or drawer.

  1. Considering Technology in belts

There are also high-end belts like anti theft, sports utility belts, hidden pocket belts, self-adjusting smart belts available in the market.

Most Frequently Answered Questions about Belts

Q. Should you wear the belt clockwise or anticlockwise?

A. The belt should be worn in a matter which accentuates your level of comfort. Usually, women wear it clockwise and men wear it anti-clockwise.

Q. What is the average life span of a belt?

A. Usually, a belt can be used over a span of 9 to 12 months when worn regularly.

Q. What belt should be worn with dual-tone shoes?

A. Just identify the dominant color and wear a belt of the same shade.

Q. What belt should you wear with oxblood shoes?

A. The oxblood shade carries an inherent redness making them more attention-grabbing compared to the brown ones. This is why you need to wear it with an oxblood belt strap.

Don’t let its seemingly small stature fool you as the belt can hold a magnanimous impact on shaping your look. When not worn correctly, it might end up being a distraction that can sabotage your otherwise perfectly styled outfit. You can stay a step ahead in the world of fashion by following our expert-approved trips and tricks.

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