Mobile Bingo Trend in the UK

Bingo is and will be, for the foreseeable future, a well-known and much-loved game for various age groups and backgrounds but is there still a place for it in the modern world with the huge rise of online gaming over the past few years.

The continual growth in popularity for online slots accounts for about two-thirds of the iGaming industry but the ever-growing appeal of casino table games, Poker, and even Bingo just adds to the popularity of the abundance of online casinos that are now available.

To find some of the best websites for Bingo on your mobile check out these mobile bingo sites. You will find full reviews of the best place to access real money bingo online and receive a bonus in the process. As for the remainder of this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the recent history of the game and find why mobile bingo is becoming a trend again in the UK.

The Rise of Online Bingo in the UK

As is the case for online Poker, Bingo had its real ascent in the iGaming business in the 1990s when online gaming really took off but after 2010 Bingo seemed to take a hit in demand.

However, in 2014 the game was given a lifeline when George Osborne announced that the duty would be slashed from 20% to 10%, of course, allowed for rejuvenation for Bingo in the iGaming world as between April 2019 and March 2020 Bingo halls and online versions of the game accumulated over 900 million in the UK alone.

What Has Caused Bingo to Become a Trend again and bring mobile bingo into the limelight?

One of the biggest reasons for the resurgence in Bingo’s popularity is the soaring demand for online gaming in general. Between 2019 and 2020 we saw a rise of people regularly betting at online casinos of 7%, from 17% to 24% in just one year.

Although these numbers are partly down to the Corona Virus pandemic and the knock-on effect of land-based casinos and bingo halls closing their doors, there has also been a shift in demographics and improvements in mobile technology.

It is the belief that around 75% of gamblers in the UK between the ages of 18 and 34 that regularly bet online made these bets from their smartphone’s or tablets, this applied to all forms of online betting, including online Bingo, online casinos, and sports betting.

As more people play online bingo the support networks and technology behind the game continue to improve, and in a place like the UK, mobile bingo sites are fully licensed under the UK Gambling Commission bingo licensing adding trustworthiness to the online and mobile bingo industry.

More Lucrative Bonus Offers

With so many options of the online casino or online Bingo websites now available, operators have to compete for consumer trade with increasingly attractive bonus offers. The most popular form of bonus offered by these iGaming websites is deposit match welcome bonuses where the company will offer to match your first deposit, seemingly doubling your money but of course, this comes with terms and conditions, which for any inexperienced online gambler could be deceiving.

If you decide to take a casino up on one of these bonuses please check the wagering requirements for each game when wanting to use bonus money. These bonuses have certainly widened the demographic for online bingo and casino sites, attracting a new and younger audience.

Interactive Experiences and Chat Rooms

The one thing that early online casinos or Bingo sites failed to simulate on their websites was the social aspect you would get from visiting a land-based casino or bingo hall. Now with the development of interactive chat rooms and live dealer games, being able to interact with other players, dealers or hosts adds to the feeling that you could be sitting in a Bingo hall in the comfort of your own home. It isn’t only social interaction that has helped casinos survive, but it played a big part in simulating users and fostering repeat business. To find out how casinos have stood the test of time, check out this article.

With the continual advances in technology and online experiences, it’s difficult to believe that the Bingo trend will end any time soon and will maintain its status as a mainstay in the gambling industry.

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