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Morpheus TV Installation Guide for Firestick

In this digital era, viewing television is a whole new experience! Traditionally, you had to wait for a specific time to watch a particular TV program. Missing your favorite show was such a disappointment as it was almost impossible to play it back.

However, with technological advancements, you now don’t have to worry about fixed TV programs’ schedules. Thanks to the internet, you can watch TV at any time of the day, wherever you are, on your preferred device. Numerous TV live-streaming apps, including Morpheus TV Apk, have made watching television more convenient than cable and satellite TVs.

What is Morpheus TV Apk?

Morpheus TV Apk is an Android and Smart TV application for streaming and downloading TV shows and movies. The app is compatible with various devices as its capacity is similar to that of TV and D-pad navigation. Morpheus TV is a third-party application with a vast collection of movies and TV shows. Despite its unavailability on the Google store, Morpheus TV Apk does not offer any pirated or illegal content.

Unique Features of Morpheus TV Apk

  • A friendly user-interface.
  • Over 50 video providers.
  • Thousands of movies and TV shows in various categories according to their genres.
  • A trending option where you can stream live or download the latest content.
  • A powerful power engine to help you search for your favorite TV show or movie.
  • Subtitle support for all videos.
  • Customizable subtitles in different languages.
  • Filtering option to match subtitles with relevant videos.
  • HD video quality to enhance your viewing.
  • Compatibility with devices such as Android boxes and smartphones, Firesticks, and Fire TV.
  • Video resolution changing settings depending on your type of device.
  • Customizable buffering, including buffer time and buffer for playback.
  • A support to save your watched content.

How to Install Morpheus TV on Amazon Firestick

So, have you been wondering how you can install Morpheus TV Apk on your Amazon Firestick? The app’s installation process has never been easier. However, you first have to install the Downloader app as Morpheus TV is unavailable on Apple and Google Play Stores.  You also need to allow the installation of third-party apps on your Firestick.

Here are the steps to follow when installing the application on Amazon Firestick:

Part 1: Enabling apps from unknown sources

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your Firestick.
  2. Select the ‘My Fire TV’ option.
  3. Scroll downwards and select ‘Developer options.’
  4.  Turn on the ‘ADB debugging’ and ‘Apps from unknown sources’ options.
  5. Press ‘Enable’ to confirm your selection.

Part 2: Downloading and Installing Downloader and Morpheus TV applications:

  1. Go to your Firestick’s search option and type ‘Downloader.’
  2. Select ‘Downloader’ (with orange background) and click ‘Download’ to download the app.
  3. After downloading the app, click ‘Open’ to launch the Downloader.
  4. Click the ‘Allow’ and ‘OK’ buttons to permit the app’s access to photos, media, and files.
  5. Type on the keyboard and then click the ‘Go’ button.
  6. The Morpheus TV app will download. Click ‘Install’ after the downloading process is complete and then ‘Done.’
  7. Click the ‘Delete’ button twice to remove the backup file.

Your Morpheus TV app is now ready for use! You can move the app to your location of choice on the home screen and click ‘Allow’ if launching the application for the first time.

Morpheus TV Real-Debrid Integration

Morpheus TV Apk allows real-debrid integration. So, what does this entail? Real-Debrid refers to the unrestricted multi-hoster that enhances the speed when streaming or downloading videos. Integrating Real-Debrid improves the quality of content provided by apps such as Morpheus TV Apk and add-ons. The service eases your live streaming by reducing buffering and providing better playback on your Morpheus TV application.

Here is a simple guide on how to integrate Real-Debrid on Morpheus TV:

  • Sign up for a Real-Debrid account.
  • Go to ‘Settings.’
  • Click on ‘Accounts.’
  • Select ‘Log in to ‘Real-Debrid.’
  • Write down and memorize the code appearing on your screen.
  • Using a browser, go to Real-Debrid via this link
  • Enter the memorized code and click ‘Continue’
  • Wait for an ‘Authorization complete’ alert.

You’re now connected to Real-Debrid within Morpheus TV!

How to Integrate External Media Player

Did you know that Morpheus TV’s new version also supports the integration of an external media player? Media players are significantly efficient when using live streaming apps. They help you to play any stored videos or audios on your app’s resources. Integrating the external media players enhances the streaming application’s performance, hence, providing you with a pleasant experience.

Well, Morpheus TV Apk allows you to add your preferred external players to the application. You can integrate popular players, including VLC Media and MX Players to improve your live streaming adventure.

Here’s a short guide on how to integrate an external media player on Morpheus TV Apk:

  • Install an external player of your choice, for example, MX Player.
  • Launch Morpheus TV and search for a TV show or movie.
  • Pick any streaming link and then click on ‘Select other players.’

There you go! You have successfully integrated your external media player.

Is Morpheus TV legal?

Morpheus TV doesn’t support any illegal content; thus, one may consider it a legal application. However, it remains the user’s responsibility when choosing the kind of content to stream or download. You can follow the guidelines in this article to install Morpheus TV Apk on your Firestick and dive into the world of entertainment.


Live streaming apps have revolutionized how we watch television nowadays. The newest version of Morpheus TV has emerged as one of the best live TV streaming apps. The application comes with numerous outstanding features to improve your television viewing experience. You might have wondered if Morpheus Lounge is safe to use. Well, you will find no suspicious malware in the Morpheus TV Apk file. However, it is safer to use a VPN to protect your privacy and identity when using the application.

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