Moving Home: How To Preserve Art Work

Preserving the artwork, you have when moving house can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to loading it all in the moving truck. But by adding bubble wrap, inner packaging and a strongbox you can move your artwork from home to home in the back of a moving truck without any damage what so ever. In this article, we will be providing you with our top tips on how to achieve the best results.

Wrap Them In Bubble Wrap

Wrapping your items in bubble wrap is a simple way of keeping them protected before you place them in the box. It will not only prevent them from getting scratted but it will prevent any damage being caused should the artwork move within the box. It is important to ensure that the bubble wrap is thick enough to protect the art, particularly if it is a canvas as these can be fragile in the middle.

Strengthen The Corners Of The Box

When you have wrapped up the artwork and placed them in the box you must strengthen it. By strengthening the corners of the box, you are then ensuring that it can withstand any movement during transit. In addition, strengthened corners will help to keep the box in tack should another box hit it. For added protection to your art, you could also add cardboard covers to the corners and sides. This will ensure that the art is protected whilst ensuring that the bubble wrap does not rip in the process, thus limiting the chances of damage.

Securely Seal The Box

Whether you are transporting a family air loom or a piece of canvas artwork from it is important to ensure that the box is tightly secured and labelled. This will prevent the art from falling out and will show to the moving company that it should be handled with care. This can be achieved by providing packing tape to the top and bottom seams of the box. This packing tape has a gum that fuses with the box for ultimate security. Additionally, this packing tape can be bought with the words fragile already on them. This will showcase to anyone that sees the box to lift it with care.

Travel With Them In Your Car

The final way that you can guarantee that your artwork will not become damaged is to move them in the car with you. If they are particularly fragile, they can be placed on the back seat and transported when you move. This will limit the likelihood of the art becoming damaged when you move. This can also prevent it from becoming lost I transit or even stolen should it be very valuable. Though this is only possible if you have space in the car, this is perhaps the most secure way of transporting your artwork.

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can begin to transport your artwork when moving home all whilst prevent as much damage as possible when placing it in the moving truck.

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