Top 3 best tools to convert Mp4 to MOV format

Mp4 and MOV are the two main video formats which are used widely. Some software or programs may support MP4, while others may support MOV. Both are commonly used while sometimes you may need to convert the MP4 into MOV because it is more supported by the advanced programs and devices. You will find it compatible both with IOS and Microsoft programs. Because of this advanced approach and flexibility, people prefer their videos to be converted into MOV format. There are many ways which allow you to make this conversion without any difficulty. We have come up with top 3 ways to convert mp4 to mov which you will find appealing.

It is the safest and advanced way to convert different files. Many formats are supported by this tool which allows you to switch from one type to another. You can also convert Mp4 to MOV with easily. It comes with high capabilities to do the task in an excellent and fast way. You have to follow few simple steps without downloading it.

How to convert Mp4 to MOV using

  • Go to
  • Upload the file from the computer or google drive which you want to convert
  • Drop the file on the main page of this converter
  • Select MOV from the list of many formats
  • Click on the convert options
  • Download the file after the procedure completes

Movavi Video Converter

It is a great online video converter tool which assures fast, safe and high-quality conversion. You can change the format of any video into another type. MP4 can be converted to MOV easily with some straightforward steps. The user interface is very simple without any complicated methods. All the features and capabilities are excellent, which makes it one of the top video converters.

How to convert Mp4 to MOV using Movavi Converter?

  • Download the converter free in your computer
  • Run and install the program to use
  • From the Add Media option, upload the Mp4 video to convert it
  • Select the format MOV from the various options available
  • Click on Convert
  • Save the converted file after the procedure is done

Clip Converter

You will find this free online video converter very appealing because it offers many advanced options to its users. The conversion is safe without losing any data or quality of the file. It possesses many exceptional features in which the most prominent is that you can even convert the videos on YouTube, Vimeo and many sites like this by adding URLs. Many video formats are supported by this online tool.

How to convert Mp4 to MOV using Clip Converter?

  • Go to Clip Converter website
  • Enter the URL in the bar or select the file from your computer by clicking on Upload and Convert File
  • Click on Continue
  • Choose the MOV from the Conversion Format option
  • Select the Start button for further process
  • Download the converted file at your desired location


There are other tools as well to convert your videos online. However, these are my favorite ones. I hope it was helpful.

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