Must-Have Gear for Safe Cycling 

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There are a lot of benefits to becoming a cyclist, especially as a commuter. Not only is cycling a fantastic form of exercise, but it can help you get places faster during peak traffic hours.

Unfortunately, cycling has many risks. Everyone deserves to arrive at their destination safely. Here are some useful gear recommendations to help you arrive alive.

Lumos Kickstart Bike Helmet

Lumos helmets are revolutionizing cyclist safety. These incredible helmets use LED lights to show drivers exactly where a cyclist is on the road, no matter what time of day or night. 

Additionally, the Lumos Kickstart helmet has turn signals on the back for clear communication with drivers. Anyone operating a motor vehicle is supposed to learn cyclist signals. However, as cyclist fatalities in motor vehicle accidents are on the rise, it’s not enough to rely on the education of others when your safety is at stake. 

The Lumos Kickstart also has great visibility and durable materials for holistic safety and protection while cycling.

Cygolite Metro Plus 800 USB Nighttime Headlight

The Cygolite Metro Plus 800 USB headlight promises both brightness and clarity for nighttime cycling. Whether you’re on a trail or a road, the 800 lumens of white light will enhance your visibility and highlight any obstacles in your path. 

Another feature that makes this headlight great is the daylight setting. You can switch the Cygolite Metro Plus 800 USB to “DayLightning Mode” to help you stand out against oncoming traffic in daytime conditions. This USB rechargeable light easily mounts on your bike and can be removed for recharging and can be used as a flashlight during evening runs.

Hotrod 50 USB Nighttime Taillight

The Hotrod 50 USB is a vertical-mount nighttime taillight that helps you stay visible from behind. This red LED is bright enough for both daytime and nighttime use without causing distractions. It has numerous settings, including pulses and flashes, to increase visibility during night cycling.

The Hotrod 50 USB is rechargeable and water-resistant, making it ideal for commuters who put in long hours at the office.

Cateye BM-500 Mirrors

Mirrors are absolutely essential for commuters and urban cyclists. Shoulder checks are insufficient in high-traffic areas. The Cateye BM-500 mirrors are heavy-duty and durable while still flexible and lightweight. The cat-eye shape and format make these adjustable mirrors ideal for seeing a wide-angle view that extends from the end of the handle.

Cateye BM-500 Mirrors compete with a lot of new and innovative helmet-mountable and sunglass-mountable options. However, the challenge with many of those options is that they inhibit some areas of visibility while enhancing others. With the Cateye BM-500 Mirrors, you won’t notice them until you need them.

Garmin Edge Explore 1000 Emergency Computer

There are a lot of fitness trackers and apps that let your family and friends track your progress and see your location. But what if they aren’t watching? Garmin has long been an industry leader in GPS fitness tracking. The Garmin Edge Explore 1000 takes safety to the next level without inhibiting your cycling experience.

With the Garmin Edge Explore 1000, you can program your emergency contact. The system offers route tracking and planning, as well as the usual speedometer and pace measurements that are standard with fitness trackers. What sets this system apart is the incident detection setting. When the integrated accelerometer detects a sudden stop, it can automatically trigger a call to your emergency contact and notify them of your location. 


These gear options offer both functionality and safety features that are well worth the investment. Whether you’re an offroader or a commuter, the right gear can ensure that every adventure has a happy ending. 

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