My EasyFi: Track and Manage Your Expenses Like a Finance Pro

Managing your finances isn’t an easy job. Though everyone has day to day expenses and probably a budget, the money challenges can sometimes be hectic, whether you’re a solo or a family often. Like your life, you have to juggle the finances to the point of balance.

It takes research, understanding, and expert assistance that helps you align with your financial plans. You need something that enables you to manage your expenses, savings, and debts. Most of the time, people rely on hiring a finance expert to solve the money puzzle for them, but that doesn’t mean you have to hire one.

While it could be one of the best options to take your money through an easier route, it’s also possible that you can expertly manage your finances like an expert without spending thousands of dollars. One best alternative is My EasyFi expense tracking software with unlimited features.\

What Is My EasyFi?

My EasyFi is a comprehensive budget tracking software with passive income features. As you sync your bank account, you can designate your expenses, set your savings and debt repayment goals, and manage your money the best way possible. Once you know where you stand financially, My EasyFi also allows you to earn through the app’s affiliate program.

With this app, you can pin your financial situation instantly and know how you’re dealing with the economic swings. Whenever you’re overspending or have pending bills, the app notifies you so you can skip the penalties later. Most of all, it allows you to get a hold of your financial condition without having to hire an expert.

How to Sign Up for My EasyFi Account

There are several ways to register for your My EasyFi account. Either you could register directly at the website and choose your desired plan (basic or paid) or download the app and take it from there.

Another option is to sign up through the social media pages. Just click the ‘use app’ button on the My EasyFi page, and you’re all set!

Guide to Using My EasyFi App

Here’s a quick guide to making the most out of the best financial app.

1. Dashboard

As soon as you register, you’re taken to the dashboard where all your financial data is displayed. This data comprises your monthly income, spending, expenses, and targets. Here, you can see the amount you’ve spent as well as your goals. Also, your needs want, and savings are listed in separate color sections.

The dashboard gives you highlights of your budget along with a detailed check on your debt and savings, where you can track all your spending and your debt countdown.

2. Toolbox

The toolbox consists of all the necessary components to get you started with your bank account. The app is one-way, meaning that you can link your bank account and sync your income without having the app to create transactions. For Invoicing, there is plenty of great free invoice template out there to check out.

The first step is choosing your bank, add in your account number and sync your details. If the bank isn’t listed, you can add it yourself.

Here, you can also add your transactions and assign categories to every transaction you make.

As you sync your account, you can also add your income, designating its source as primary (main income source) and secondary (interest, commission, side hustle, etc.)

This feature enables you to add your income source, its frequency, and income type and designate your expenses. However, you won’t notice any transactions from your bank account. All your monthly goals will be aligned, giving you the ease of tracking your paychecks.

Whatever expenses you have, you can list them in the auto payment option, specifying the expense category. You can then submit it, and the system will keep a record of it.

3. Budget Builder

Mainly a budget app, you can browse the menu to find the budget builder that is primarily created to keep your budget in check. From displaying your income to showing your 6-month data in stats, it helps you stay aware of your income, debt, savings, and future goals. With this budget feature, you will be able to create realistic budget goals.

My EasyFi works by accumulating your data for six months. Based on these findings, the app allows you to create realistic goals. It leads you through a proper and oriented plan that revolves around your budget needs and debt repayment methods.

As soon as you separate your needs, you can peek into how much budget is spent or how much of it is remaining. You can track where your money went and how it is adjusted in your budget. With this feature, it is evident that you’ll know your spending habits and add some balance to your finances.

4. Affiliate Program

There’s hardly any budget app that offers you a chance to earn. While My EasyFi fastens your financial seatbelts and puts a leash around all the destructive spending habits, it also allows you to earn effortlessly. No matter where you are in the world, the app offers you to join its basic and paid affiliate program.

While both basic and paid members get a commission of 50%, the basic affiliates get to enjoy a one-time payout for one month on paying members. On the other hand, the paid members (after acquiring full membership of $100) can retrieve both financial services as well as the marketing program for over a year.

5. Money Tracker

As mentioned before, My EasyFi helps you keep track of your finances and delivers insight about smart money management. The app uses algorithms for your 6-month app usage data, which shows the detailed statistics and analytics in the form of interactive charts.

All your money is categorized into three main categories, namely Critical Needs (50%), Personal Priorities & Discretionary Spending (30%), and Financial Fitness (20%). Even if your taste buds are craving for something of the fast-food family or you’re getting the shopper’s itch, the app has a smart system to notify you when you’re pursuing some overspending.

6. Debt Eliminator

Everyone pressured under the debt wants to pay it off. As soon as you redefine your spending habits and align your saving goals, this distinctive feature helps you track your debts as well. All you have to do is to enter the debt amount, choose the interest rates, the amount you pay each month as well as minimum payments made.

Here, you also get the real-time strategies to pay your debt faster, mainly in the form of two types of debt repayment methods, snowball and avalanche. In the snowball method, you may start the debt repayment from the lowest balance first. In the second method, you choose to pay the highest balance first.

You can choose any debt repayment option with your flexibility. However, if you want to amplify the debt payoff, you can cut the chase using the app’s premium affiliate program.

7. Future Planner

Based on how your financial performance is going, this feature enables you to create your plans on saving your money. No matter what type of saving you’re aiming for, you can list all those here and rely on the app’s intelligent future planner to help you pinch your way to financial fulfillment.

8. Resources

Just in case you need a calculator to add in your total savings, the app comes with an in-built calculator. While you count up, you might want to need some expert advice about what to do next. Under the resources category, you can also find tips and tricks to gain some knowledge on smart money ways.


My EasyFi is an all in one financial assistant you will ever need to have your finances fixed. Whenever you need expert advice or want someone to keep a regular check on your financial situation, My EasyFi is always there for you.

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