New remote-controlled scooters head to Boise for first world test

What if you accidentally give an electric scooter to millions of people and let them do what they want? This led to the ban, and the electric scooter industry is about to collapse. 

In November 2018, Ford Smart Mobility acquired Spin Now, an electric scooter company. American citizens and officials were tired of the mess of electric scooters on the streets and shifted their investment to landfills. 

Like a teenager willing to get out of trouble, Ford threw an olive branch. If this plan works, it will be the most brilliant corporate economy in the history of modern companies.

Remote-controlled electric scooters will soon appear on the streets of Idaho. Electric scooter company Spin (owned by Ford) hopes to add new features to electric scooters. 

The scooter company Ford has received a lot of reports from the national technical media about a pioneering project that will mobilize more than 300 new scooters in Boise, which can be remotely controlled. Spin did not inform the local media about the details of the project prior to the test. If you don’t want to spend money on a rental scooter and think about buying your own, go to Go2scooter, you will find what you want. 

‘Spin Valet’ in Boise, Idaho

The “Spin Valet” plan, will deploy a batch of new three-wheeled scooters equipped with front and rear cameras. The Verge website said, the Chinese Segway scooter company will contact a team in Mexico City, who can operate the scooter remotely.

First, the remote technology company Spin allows the remote operator to control and move the scooter after the driver parks it. When the rider operates the scooter while in the vehicle, the remote control can be activated after the device is parked and the scooter is in motion. Move pedestrians away from the street, pull down the ADA ramp, or leave the street. 

According to Spin, the setting can be done in “a few seconds,” and the scooter travels only 3 miles per hour. Driverless motorcycles will soon appear in downtown Boise. 

Testing will begin this spring. According to the company’s website, the scooter will also be equipped with improved brakes, and the three-wheel scooter will be “more stable.”

The company said that the next step will be the “Scooter Challenge.” The user can click the button in the “Rotate” application, and then connect the device to the button remotely. In the next stage, the scooter can also return to the charging center when the battery is about to run out.

In addition to having three wheels, the Spin S-200 scooter has also reappeared in the crowded two-wheeled crowd through a redesign. It is also equipped with relocation software, allowing remote operators to travel thousands of kilometers. Vehicles in Idaho and Boise will test about 300 Spin S-200 scooters this spring, but the goal is much larger in both North America and Europe.

Beam you up, scooter

Spin’s Ben Xiong said: “The potential of remote-controlled electric scooters has caused a lot of sensation, but this partnership marks a turning point in the actual plan to bring electric scooters into city streets.” By ensuring consumer reliability. This can greatly improve the efficiency of equipment, help reduce CO2 emissions and increase the maintenance required for repairs and mobile fleets.

Spin is the third company to use remote scooters in the downtown Boise area after Lime and Bird. As a whole, scooters have caused many problems in cities. In 2019, scooters have become the main activity of the city. 

Two family sources said that…a demonstration test was recently conducted on the city government. 

Boise first, then beyond

The scooter uses Tortoise technology for remote control. After being tested by Boise, it can be expanded to North America and Europe. 

Shevelenko, founder of Tortoise told tech magazine TechCrunch: “We are committed to making Boise a complete success, and I think these figures will correct this problem.” If the daily rent of this scooter is 25% higher than the rent of its standard fleet, it will Change its fleet as soon as possible. 

Over the years, this new technology has been proven in the Boise area. Today’s ubiquitous Caller ID technology passed some of the earliest tests in Boise in 1991. Albertsons tested real-time scanning technology in stores in the 2000s. 5G cellular technology.

Shevelenko said: “In some ways, I think tricycles are a big problem.” “This is necessary because it can solve the balance problem effortlessly, but it is also very attractive for drivers under 20.” It’s bigger, you feel tighter, and it’s very difficult to tip and fall. I think ensuring that people in their 40s, 50s and 60s can climb comfortably will be very destructive.

Remote control electric scooters will completely change the scooter sharing industry. 

Recently, the Estonian company Bolt launched its electric scooter, which has been used in many European cities. In addition, if the scooter is parked outside the designated parking area, a fee will be charged. Since the new scooter sharing service is currently being tested in Atlanta, Georgia, there is no longer a need to be punished for leaving the scooter somewhere after use. 

The project was supported by three companies. Go X provides scooters and provides services. The scooter is equipped with a Tortoise remote control. The third company is Curiosity Labs, a smart city incubator located in Peachtree Corners. The company believes that this service is the future of collaborative mobility. These are not really standalone scooters, nor will they automatically take you anywhere. When you need a scooter, you can use the remote control. It can also be used to bring electric scooters to designated parking lots, where staff checks the devices.

The remote-controlled scooter device looks larger than a traditional electric scooter because it has a pair of training wheels to keep the two-wheeler stable when operated remotely. In addition, multiple components are installed on the platform and handlebars. 

It becomes easy to redistribute scooters in town without having to wait until the end of the day to send a scooter finder to redistribute the scooters. The service will start this week, and approximately 100 scooters will be leased. 

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