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How to Install Nora GO on Firestick, Fire Tv and Android Tv box

Nora GO is a famous free IPTV player working with a variety of popular IPTV services. The application serves as an IPTV services library or media player. You can stream various Live TV channels depending on the Nora GO IPTV service of your choice. If your IPTV allows, you will also be able to access on-demand video content.

Besides accessing live TV shows and on-demand content, with Nora GO, you can also watch these contents in their highest quality. The App’s compatibility facilitates the high-quality content in Nora GO with HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streamer over HTTP streams). With HLS and MPEG-DASH, the content reaches you with uncompromised quality even if your network connection is poor.

Features of Nora GO

  • Nora GO App is very straightforward to set up and launch.
  • It has a simple configuration that does not need much tech knowledge.
  • The App has an excellent customer support.
  • The Nora GO App is compatible with many devices like Android devices and Apple devices.
  • Lastly, Nora GO has a fantastic tracking functionality.

These great features of Nora GO make it a visually appealing service that you can easily control using a remote. The App comes with an Electronic program guide, EPG, commonly known as the TV Guide. The guide provides you with a schedule for the programs in the various channels offered by your choice’s Nora GO IPTV service. The IPTV service of your choice charges Nora GO’s subscription.

IPTV services were introduced as cable TV replicas. If you want to watch an IPTV service on your Firestick TV, it is impressive and straightforward with Nora GO. However, Nora GO is not available on the Amazon app store officially, but there are various ways of sideloading it on your Firestick device. This article discusses how you can download and install the Nora GO app on Firestick.

A Simple Guide to Install Nora GO on Firestick 

  • Before installing the Nora GO app, let your Firestick allow app installation from unknown sources. To do this, select “Settings” on your Firestick’s home screen
  • Then, click on the “Device” or “My Fire TV” options.
  • From the list provided, select “Developer Options.”
  • After this, turn on “ADB Debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Sources.”

You can now successfully install the App on your Firestick. There are two ways of executing the installation, as discussed below:

Installation of Nora GO Using the Downloader App

  • On your Firestick home screen, search for “Downloader” in the search box.
  • Click on the Downloader app icon to download it.
  • After opening it, click on “Allow” for the Downloader to access your device’s photos, media, and files.
  • Finally, select the OK option.

If you had already installed the downloader app, skip the above steps.

  • After launching the downloader app, on the left of the screen, click the “Home” tab.
  • Right-click the URL field to pop up a window for typing the source URL.
  • Type the Nora GO APK URL and tap “Go” to download the APK file. Then, wait for the App to download.
  • Click “Install” after the download is complete.
  • Two buttons, “Open and Done”, will appear after the installation. Click “Done.”
  • Since you no longer need the APK file after the Nora GO app is installed, click the delete button to discard the file.

Installation of Nora GO on Firestick through the ES File Explorer

  • Type “ES File Explorer” in the Firestick search bar of your Firestick and click on the App’s icon.
  • On the explorer’s home screen, click on the downloader folder.
  • Add the Nora GO app APK URL in the “New” option.
  • Insert the URL and label it “Nora GO”. Then, click on the “Download Now” button.
  • After the download, select the “Open file” option.
  • Click on the “Install” button to install the App.
  • Click “Done” after the installation is successful.
  • Select the “Local” option on the ES File Explorer’s left side and then click on the second “Home” option.
  • On the screen’s right side, select the download folder and click on “Nora GO APK.”
  • Now that you have installed Nora GO App successfully, on your Firestick remote, long-press the OK button and click “Delete” to discard the Nora GO APK.

How to Use the Nora GO App on Firestick

  • The Nora GO app will appear at the Apps and Channels section of your Firestick, but you can put it anywhere you choose on the screen.
  • Use a remote to navigate the Nora GO app and click the “Options” button.
  • Using the navigation keys, press the “Move to Front” option.
  • After launching the App, login by selecting either the Username-Password or PIN code.
  • Enter a security code to log in.
  • On the screen that shows, type your Provider ID click “Submit.”
  • You will stream your IPTV service content after a successful login.
  • Click on the TV to browse all your IPTV’s live channels; the Movies option brings you the on-demand videos provided by your IPTV service.
  • By selecting the “Catch-Up” option, you can access any catch-up content prior telecasted by your IPTV service channels.
  • The EPG option presents you with a schedule of programs in various channels.
  • The search option helps you to locate channels, programs, or content quickly.

If the Nora GO app is not working on the Firestick, you must uninstall it.

  • On the App’s menu on your Firestick, go to Settings, then Applications, and click on “Manage Installed Application” to locate Nora Go and uninstall it.
  • Use the magnifying glass on the left side of the Home option to search for the Downloader app.
  • After opening the Downloader app, type the following URL in the provided box:
  • If the App is completely installed, press the 3-line button on your remote to open it.


The Nora GO app will provide you with unlimited impressive content depending on your subscription. Unfortunately, the App is unavailable on the Amazon app store, so you must side-load it for installation on your Firestick. Sideloading is risky as the search engines you use to locate the Nora GO APK might provide malicious files.

Also, Nora GO provides you the media content for free. Since the content is meant to be paid for before watching, Nora GO executes complete piracy, which can land you in uncalled trouble. A VPN will also mask your actual IP Address to protect you from cyberbullying.

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