Nyaa proxy | List of Nyaa unblocked proxy & Mirror sites (2018)

Nyaa Proxy and Mirror sites – Nyaa is a superb torrent site for those who want to download Anime, Audio, and Live action movies. Nyaa is one of the first sites to provide Anime episodes and updates on the internet. Thousands of users visit this site on daily basis to download and watch anime for free. If you use it regularly, you know how much Nyaa torrents have made it easy to download/watch anime for free.

Nyaa is extremely easy to use. On the home page, it displays all the anime content with the raw, subtitle, and lossy audio files. It also displays the file size, torrent links, and date of upload. You can just click on your favorite anime series and download it. All you need to have is an internet connection and a BitTorrent client like uTorrent. if you are one among them and annoyed by why Nyaa is not opening for you then its main domain is blocked from your internet connection.

Nyaa proxy | List of Nyaa unblocked proxy & Mirror sites (2018)

Why I am unable to access Nyaa?

Due to strict internet laws, internet organizations, and the country’s government many ISPs have blocked access to Nyaa because they didn’t find its method ethical. Nyaa Anime torrents are currently blocked in Japan, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and other countries. I know many of you have your strings attached to Nyaa anime so strongly that you can’t find its alternatives even though there many free anime streaming sites available.

So, for such people like you, I have come up with some simple solutions to Unblock Nyaa Anime torrents for you. Using these tricks, you don’t need to use any software, plugins, or script to unblock Nyaa torrents. So, basically, to we use proxy sites and VPN to access any blocked site. However, in our case, all the popular Nyaa domains like, have either permanently shut down or not available at the moment.

In this case, we need a couple of Nyaa Proxy/Mirror sites in hand. Then, we use a TOR browser or VPN to safely access them. Below, I have provided a list of Reliable Nyaa Proxy/Mirrors below. The proxies and Mirrors have the same content, just on a different domain.

The List of Nyaa proxy/Mirror sites

Your ISP will track your torrent activity and the Proxy sites don’t ensure enough safety. So, I recommend you to use a VPN or TOR browser before using the Nyaa Proxy/Mirror sites that I provided above.

Here’s a list of best VPN Software for Windows/Mac

How to Use Nyaa Anime torrents safely?

Follow the steps below to safely unblock Nyaa anime torrents.

Step 1: Once the VPN is installed, enable it

Step 2: Now click on one of the Nyaa Proxy sites listed in the article. It will unban Nyaa quickly and open up the home page.

Step 3: On the home page, select your favorite anime series, or manga books and click on it. or click on the torrent symbol next to it. then skip step 4

Step 4: It will take you to the download page. Click on the torrent or magnet link to download the torrent file.

Now open this torrent file with Utorrent. that’s it. your file will be downloaded in a couple of minutes.

Nyaa Alternatives

Nyaa is such an amazing anime torrent site, it is difficult to replace it completely. However, below are some of the best possible alternatives to Nyaa.

Over to you

With this, I am concluding this article on how to unblock Nyaa Anime Torrents with the help of Nyaa Proxy/Mirror sites. I hope it was helpful.

What do you think? Let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

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