Perfect socks for sports shoes

Perfect socks for sports shoesSocks complement the comfort and functionality of sports shoes. They play a major role in ensuring your feet feel good with every step they take. So what should perfect sports socks be like? Read on to know the features you have to look for when shopping for sports socks.

1. Made of cotton

Thanks to its comfort, breathability, and light design, cotton seems the best material for sports shoes. Your feet will feel great having the freedom of breathing during intense exercises. If ventilation is low, the skin may get hot, which will badly annoy you while doing sports. You would be extremely lucky if you stumble upon cotton socks with additional ventilation mesh.

The mesh will double the circulation of air, making up for a perfect footwear option in hot weather. For cooler weather, the ventilation provided by the cotton alone will be fairly enough to prevent excess sweating. Cotton is also soft and pleasant at the touch, keeping extreme friction with the skin and discomfort at bay. The light design takes the additional burden from your feet, making running easier and preventing excess sweating.

2. Cushions

Even if the shoe has its own cushioning systems, additional cushioning in the sock will never make the situation worse. You have to be prepared for high tensions and protect your sensitive foot parts against shocks. There are two parts of the foot that are especially vulnerable to tension-caused injuries: the toes and the heel. The toes’ articulation system is always subject to the high pressure during takeoffs, while the heel is always the one to receive the landing impact on its shoulders.

That’s why, they both need to be properly protected, else pain and fractures are hard to avoid. When shopping for perfect socks for sports shoes, pay attention to the presence of cushioning in the mentioned areas of the foot. If it exists, the socks are a step closer to become your perfect match.

3. Arch support

While casual socks are ok without arch support, for sports socks it is quite a requirement. When running, playing team sports, or working out, the heel is subject to enormous tension. Having a compression patch around the arch area would save the heel from pain and inflammation that may arise after intense training sessions. The compression material provides a cozy and tight fit that keeps the arch from too much stretching, deformation, and fatigue while making you feel comfortable with every step you take.

4. No-slip grip

A silicone grip may add significantly to your sports performance. Being located at the back of the heel, the grip has the role of reducing the sliding potential to the minimum and impeding your foot from diving down into the shoe. This will contribute to explosive takeoffs and more productive running, as the heel doesn’t sink, rather it’s always up there for a new explosive step. If you think that the grip will cause discomfort for your heel, it’s not so, as the silicone isn’t coarse at the touch and rather behaves gently when interacting with the skin.

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