Top 10 Free Unlimited Podcast Hosting Services

Podcasting has become increasingly popular these days. If you are pod-caster and looking to host your podcast for free, there are various free podcast hosts are available over the internet.

However, there’s is the thing:

Before we select a host we should definitely consider the amount of bandwidth and the quality of host.  In this article, I have featured the top 10 best hosts that provide free podcast hosting with unlimited bandwidth.

List of Free Unlimited Podcast Hosting Sites

  1. SoundCloud

    soundcloud podcast

Podcasting on Soundcloud makes it easy for anyone who wants to tell stories, upload and share episodes with your followers on the platform. Soundcloud offers a free 6 hours of upload time.

And the best part:

It also gives you a unique URL for your profile that you can share it on your blog or twitter streamline.

With Soundcloud pro, you can double your upload time and get additional stats including where your audience is. The pro plan will cost you around mere $7/month. With the huge following, it has will mean that unlikely your podcast goes not noticed. Try it free today and enjoy podcasting on SoundCloud.

  1. Internet Archive

archive org podcast is one of the most popular and well known free podcast hosts. You can host various files including videos, mp3 files, images, books and much more. The site is a bit slow and you can’t replace a media once it has been uploaded. In spite of the fact that has few limitations, it is still a good option for your podcasts with free unlimited hosting.

  1. Podomatic

podmatic free unlimited podcast hosting

Podomatic is yet another best free podcast hosting service with unlimited features. They give you 500 MB of free storage space for your podcasts and a mere 15GB bandwidth per month. This is enough to grow a cult movement.

Not complete yet;

Podomatic also gives you a chance to reach a wider audience on iTunes and Google Play with its effective promotional strategies. You can even earn from your podcasts on Podomatic. It has a dedicated app for both iOS and Android where users can engage with each other. If you are looking for free podcasting service, what more can you expect than this?

  1. Amazon Web Services

aws unlimited free podcast

Amazon s3 is the most reliable and ridiculously fast cloud hosting service. Where you can upload numerous and/or large files such as podcasts, videos, apps, websites etc. Though, it’s a paid service it does have a free plan as well, with a limit of 5GB storage space and up to 15GB of bandwidth (each month) absolutely free.

A lot of well-known brands like Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest and many other use Amazon s3 to host their reliable and scalable web services, mobile apps, and media storage solutions. What are you waiting for? Start using Amazon s3 today and host your podcasts for free.

  1. Podbean

podbean free podcast

Podbean is the All in one solution for new podcasters. It has very competitive pricing and plans for every podcaster. There is an unlimited podcasting plan starts at $9/month when paid annually with advanced stats, a website, podcast themes and a custom domain.

If you can a afford a little amount Podbean is an awesome solution for unlimited podcasting. Start using Podbean today and enjoy unlimited features.

  1. Libsyn

libsyn free unlimited podcast hosting

Libsyn is one of the oldest and popular podcasting services to consider. It is not free to use but gained trust from all users. The plans start at $5/month with 50MB of upload limit. But, the advanced plan of $15/month will bumps up the limit to $250MB and will give some basic stats.

Libsyn offers a lot of other features such as podcast RSS feed and HTML5 Media Players. It also allows you to monetize your podcasts on iTunes.

  1. Buzzsrpout

buzzsprout free hosting

Buzzsprout is one of the easiest ways to host, promote and track your podcast.  Buzzsprout makes it easy for your listeners to find your podcast with its embedded audio player. It also gives you a free starter website, tips for getting into iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcasting directories.

You can smoothly connect with your social media accounts like Facebook, and Twitter as well. They provide you with a 90 day trial period if you want to test the service before you buy it. You will get all the reports like who has listened for how many minutes and from where.

  1. Podiant

podiant free unlimited free podcasting

Podiant is a new relatively a new podcast host. It is built to give casual and professional podcasters an awesome environment to create and plan their next big podcast project. They have various plans such as Coffee, Supporter, and Hero.

You can use Podiant for free, with no strings attached. No storage limits or bandwidth caps. But, if you want to support this platform you can sign up to any of the plans mentioned above.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is another free and best choice for unlimited podcast hosting. You can use tools like Auphonic to automatically post a podcast to YouTube where it will be unlisted. You can add description and tags before making it public. The cover art is used for the visual for the video.

  1. Podcast Blastoff

Podcast Blastoff is beyond just podcasting. It also offers a website builder to createa podcast website with zero development skills. Your Blastpod account will come with 2 professional templates and 10 different color schemes. And many other templates and color schemes are available for purchase.

If you are serious and seeking aspiration into podcast business you should definitely have a good looking website that matches your tone. Podcast Blastoff completely does this.

  1. Blubrry

blubrry podcast host free

Blubrry is highly optimized for those who use WordPress with Powerpress plugin. It doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other platforms. It has various plans such as Small, Medium, Large etc. You can choose the plan based on the features that you want.

Blubrry is full of features such as Storage with no-fault coverage, Professional statistics, A World class CDN, and optimized for iTunes, Google Play, and other podcasting directories.


ourmedia free podcast host is a non-profit organization that offers completely free unlimited podcasting without any restrictions. However, all the files will go under moderation for anything inappropriate. If they find something so, it will not be allowed.

This host doesn’t limit podcast bandwidth, allowing as many listeners to your podcast as possible. And uploads are very fast too.

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Final Words

These are the list of best free podcast hosts available right now. Among all, I will recommend you to make the best use of Libsyn, Blubrry, and Podbean. If I missed anything, please mention it in the comment section below.

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  1. THanks for providing the list of free podcast hosts. I really amazed with Blubrry and Amazon s3 when it comes to pricing and the bandwith facilities. I really recomond Amazon s3 for various hosting purposes. it works good.

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