Topics No More – Here are some of the best Putlocker Alternatives

Putlocker used to one of the amazing movie streaming website that amp up your movie viewing experience. Putlocker has ahuge collection of movie, that you can find alsmot every new movie relased on the website. The sites so popular that over 1.6M visitors visited this site on its peak day. However, due to copyright issues, like many other streaming sites, putlocker has to pack the bags and go to home.

However, it didn’t stop them coming up with new putlocker alternatives sites in from of Putlocker proxy and mirroor sites. Many movie lovers have searched for it and found many different putlocker clones to watch movies and tv shows.

For some people, the putlocker was not able to load. If you are among such person, I know how frustrating it is to see putlocker blocked for you. However, all hope isn’t lost. We have gathered a list of putlocker alternatives using which you can easily stream your desired movie online. In fact some of these sites have better collection of movies than putlocker. then what are you waiting for. Without any further ado, lets jump into the list of free putlocker alternatives.

The problem with Putlocker

Even though Putlocker was an undeniably popular movie streaming site, it wasn’t without its problems. Despite its popularity, this didn’t erase the fact that it was still a pirated site and piracy, as we all know, is not legal in many if not most countries. Putlockers was one of the pioneers in the world of streaming movies online, which caused officials and copyright holders to take action.

Since then, many Putlockers users noticed that the site was riddled with issues and was always down. Eventually, the site has been shut down and all the movies and TV shows were removed from their domains.

At this point in time, Putlocker is no more. A lot of putlocker clones have popped up in the form of putlocker proxy and mirror sites. But, some may be hesitant to use those sites, as they could be full of spam and viruses at the click of a button.

List of Putlocker alternative sites

On the bright side, there are several movies streaming websites available that work similarly to Putlocker. Most if not all of these alternative sites are free as well, so you can have a blast watching your favorite movies or Tv shows without having to subscribe to a monthly platform like Netflix. With that in mind, here are some of the best Putlocker alternative sites you can watch movies on while Putlcoker is still shutdown.


There are many streaming sites available but only few considered as the true putlocker alternatives. 123Movies is one of them that focus on movie streaming, user safety and and convenience. 123movies website is extremely userfriendly all the movies available on the website are well organized into different sections.

Based on your movie history, it will automatically suggest suitable movies and tv shows to watch.

Official website:


Tubi tv is another great platform to watch movies and TV shows for free like putlocker. On the website, you will all the movies for free. The popular movies are old classics that you will rarely find anywhere else. The UI is pretty simple and you can find almost everything using the search bar.

Apart from movies, Tubi TV also offers some of thee best web series online. Moreover, its completely legal website. All in all, its definitely worth your time.

Official website:


Solarmovie is yet another popular movie streaming site that offers a host of movies and TV shows from various sources. unlike, only English movies, you can also find other country-specific movies as well. such as Asia, International, Japanese, France, Taiwan, and others as well. The website is very clean and doesnt have too many ads that interfere with your movie watching experince.

Registration sis not required to use solarmovies. However, if you want to request specific movies and Tv shows, you should have an account with them. Overall, it is an awesome resource after putlocker to watch movies online.

Official website:


want to watch movie, Tv shows in one place. You need to visit Popcornflix. It is considered as one of the best alternatives sites like putlocker. Popcornflix mostly have old classic movies in its database, that doesnrt mean you cant find new movies, You can find almost all tje movies usign popcornflix.

Registration is not required to watch movies on Popcornflix so that you can immediately start watching your favorite movies online. It is quite straight forward to stream on Popcornflix without much ads.

Official website:


Losmovies another great platform that provides movies, TV Shows, and documentaries for free. Although they are available in English you can find various subtitles to watch it in your native language. New movie releases, and popular TV shows are quickly available on the website.

The website does have some ads. If you use adblocker, it will disable the flash player available to stream movies and tv shows in the website. Except that, Losmovies is a must visit alternative to putlocker.

Official website:


The prime wire is a notorious website that provides free streaming of movie and tv shows in HD quality. There is no registration required to use the site. you can directly log in as a guest and start browsing your favorite movies online. There is a huge collection on the website that can be sorted according to the release date, recently added, country, and top IMDb ratings. The site UI is very simple and you wont find too many ads while watching your favorite movies.

Official website:


FMovies is one of my favorite movie streaming sites similar to Putlocker. The UI is very up to date and the sleek interface makes it one of the few sites you can depend upon after putlocker. You can easily navigate through its categories and genres and watch your desired movies without much hassle.

The quality of the movies is amazing. but you will find few ads before playing the movie. If you have any issues with streaming, consider using a VPN connection to enjoy an uninterrupted movie experience.

Official website:


Crackle is yet another legal planform to watch movie and Tv shows online without downloading. The collection here is going to surprise with a huge selection of Hollywood movies and series you never get short of entertainment. Thousands of movies are already in its database. And they keep on increasing day by day.

The website is very minimal you will not find any unnecessary features to curb your movie watching experience. As this platform is ad supported, you need to deal with a few pop ups.

Official website:


Megashare is another handy website hat is similar to Putlocker. It provides HD movies, TV series without any registration or sign up. All the movies are avialble in HD quality, thugh the website design bit outdated youw ill find your desired movie within few clicks.

Based up on your internet connection you can choose between different streaming qualities. and you can also enable subtitles while watching movies on Megashare. If you are looking for simple yet useful Putlocker alternatives, this site must deserve a place here.

Official website:


AZMovies is one of the best Putlocker alternatives for movie lovers. No signup or registration is required to stream movies online. You just have to click on the streaming link. The movie will load automatically. The design looks a bit cluttered however, it doesn’t make any difference to find the movies on the platform.

All the movies available on the website are HD quality so you can be sure experience awe movie experience. On top of that you can easily turn on/off subtitles whenever you want.

Official website:


GoMovies is a user friendly website that boasts thousands of new and old movies in its database. The website has two different homepages for the convenience of the user. The default homepage is what most people like to use as it is clutter free and search function which does amazingly well.

The movies are organized into different section like Genres, country, recently added, movies, TV series, top IMDB, top watched movies and much more. the streaming quality of he website is amazing,. you will not find any buffers during the movie streaming.

Official website:

That’s the end of our list of Putlocker alternatives. I hope these websites will satisfy your cravings for movies in absence of Putlocker. Now I would like to hear it from you. which is your favorite Putlocker alternatives from the list. or did i miss anything. Let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

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