Questions to Ask When Selecting a Tech Sales Training Platform


There have been many debates on investing in training resources, and it has always been on the optional-spend list. But recently, a light has been shone on the importance of development and training for the employees.

A study led by the National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce says that an increase in workforce education level showed a significant increase in productivity. When upgraded equipment yielded a 3.4% increase in productivity, education gave up to 8.6% productivity.

Once you decide to offer these perks to your team, it is now the time to choose the right tech sales training platform. With so many learning centers and companies out there, it takes a considerable number of factors to shortlist one.

Do They Have A Good Track Record And Success Rate?

The compatibility of the training platform can be analyzed if you look into their records. Perform complete background checks of the organization before you make any decisions. Please take a look at their client list and the profiles of their top clients.

The training organizations like Uvaro should have the required experience in the particular industry and domain. Their revenue and sales volume can also make strong impressions when you are selecting the trainer.

Any successful platform will have steady and recurring revenue from existing clients. Such platforms are also trustworthy in the long run. Along with these factors, you can also get feedback from their previous trainees and clients and from other sales teams they have worked with before.

What Is the Quality of the Trainers

This depends on the number of trainers the platform has and their expertise and experience in the domain. Also, make sure that the trainers are specialized in the niche you are looking for.

Training platforms like Uvaro have a good number of trainers. When there is an ample number of trainers, it attributes to the longevity of service the platform can provide. Specialized premium trainers are hard to find, so you are good to go if the organization has such resources.

Does The Platform Have A Learning Management System?

Learning Management Systems can be of great help in the training process. A good LMS will have features like,

  • Automated End-to-end training demo.
  • Workflows with customizable features.
  • Complete analytics.
  • Enterprise reporting.

LMS can help you track the ambit of the employees’ education and development. In this system, please keep track of your employees’ training, what they have attended, what is pending, and more. You have to keep an eye on the learning funnel to recognize if your company is on the forward march.

Do They Have Different Delivery Methods?

Hybrid delivery methods are the most efficient compared to singular models. To suit the needs of the employees, a multi-channel and multi-model approach is required.

Effective learning can be set forth if there are different approaches like,

  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Online classes and modules.
  • Classroom sessions.

Only a few established training platforms offer such diverse delivery methods. Invest in such a platform to reap the benefits.

These are only some of the basic questions you can ask the vendor. If they meet these basic needs, you can think about the next steps and a detailed evaluation before landing on a particular platform.

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