Receive Your Special Ed Degree Online In 1.5 Years

Receive Your Special Ed Degree Online In 1.5 Years

In this developed and increasingly compassionate modern world, society has made an extra effort to make sure those born with developmental issues are still well educated. Special education can be a very rewarding career pursuit, with educators themselves experiencing a multitude of both natural and practical benefits. Nowadays the nation is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of teachers, as you find out for yourself at, and so special ed. is in particularly high demand. How would you like to get a university degree with the highest degree of freedom? You may be able to travel to any state and start working for any school district or private program you choose. With most desirable jobs the situation is usually quite the opposite where you are forced to compromise on location in order to work your dream job. 

The Flexibility Of A Master’s In Special Education

But with qualifications such as a master’s degree in special education, the world of foundational education lays at your feet. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in special education or even general education, you can get your Master of Education in Special Education degree through any special ed. master’s program. If you do not have an education-specific degree you may also apply to the same program but you would only qualify for the Master of Science in Special Education track. This route is great for those who have majored in social sciences, political science, or even nursing, to name a few. Although in the end, any undergraduate degree will suffice if you make it clear that this is your career choice.

Be At The Very Top In Your Practice With A M.Ed. 

With an M.Ed. in special education, you can increase your starting salary to over $55k per year. Find out in this table what starting salaries come with similar education levels.  This particular qualification takes just under two years to achieve, requiring around 30 credit hours. The M.Ed. path takes a research-based approach to understanding applied behavior analysis, where the overall goal is to sharpen your caregiving skills to a point. Students who graduate with this advanced licensure are prepared to work with people of disability from all ages and backgrounds. The roles available for an M.Ed. are diverse- often blending both the educational and community environments- worlds away from a daily routine at a public school!

Gain Managerial And Political Expertise With An M.S.

An M.S. Special education degree can offer just as much opportunity both flexibility and pay-wise, in case you are not as passionate about working up close with the developmentally challenged. Yet taking up this career here requires the same level of acceptance and empathy for those same needy folk, as an M.S. in special ed. seeks to provide aid and improved education to them systematically, or to even bring justice to them. The study focus of the degree starts with all the basic 500-level courses on special education, but hones in on learning deeply the ins and outs of our special education system: How did it come to be? And what is being done to improve the way we teach and treat those with learning disabilities? Graduates with this M.S. can become program directors or some related position in special ed. politics or management.

Receive Your Special Ed. Master’s Degree 100% Online

For those of you seeking to end their special education master’s with an M.S., maybe you would enjoy going to campus and living the academic life. It is no shame that administrative and political sciences are best taught from a classroom. But if you are in pursuit of your M.Ed. in the same field, as bad as you want the higher credentials, you may not want to leave your current disabled kin. Luckily there are in fact 100% online M.Ed. and M.S. in special education programs available for you to choose from. Don’t forget to do extensive research to decide where you would like to receive your online special ed degree. If you do not have an undergraduate degree of 3.0, certain institutions may ask you for certain prerequisite test scores, such as from the MAT or GRE.

Pick Up A Few More Prerequisite In An Accredited Program

As mentioned previously, you can come into one of these master’s programs with only a general four-year degree. Depending on the online school, the additional requirements you must complete may vary, but it may be necessary to first take a few general special education classes such as child psychology, human development, or similar introductory education courses. Some online universities may even expect you to take all related prerequisite classes from them. There are currently 598 institutions that offer master’s degrees in special education. Hopefully, all of them are recognized by the National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES), but just in case, you will want to do a quick background check on each program whose website you visit. 

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