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Semiconductor Shortages Continue to Trouble Tech Sector

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It has been a turbulent year for many of us but fortunately, we’ve had plenty of entertainment to fall back on as there has been a huge surge in new players turning to game opportunities on amongst others as well as exploring new hobbies and passions in tech. Success in one space doesn’t particularly mean success across the board, however, as the tech sector continues to struggle with shortages as it seems it could be quite some time before things return to normal.

These semiconductors – or the brains for many of our electronic gadgets, initially found supply issues during factories shutting down toward the start of 2020 leading to short term delays in supplies, and whilst production has returned to normal levels, the rising demand for electronic goods and the step-up in production for other electronics companies, and many are realizing it’s starting to hit at home too – but where have been the biggest impacted spaces for the consumer?

The latest console releases have been a big one

This past holiday season saw the release of both Microsoft and Sony’s newest gaming consoles, and both immediately saw huge sale numbers as well as the growing issue of scalping and price gouging found by online sellers, and for many, it seems like that will continue for quite some time. Recent announcements have suggested that Sony will continue to have production issues well in to 2022 due to the shortages. Not the only gaming platform to experience these issues either, as Nintendo has warned that their planned release of the Switch Pro could also be hampered by shortages for the same reasons.

Mobile has experienced the same

Apple was set to release earlier in 2020 before the shortage of semiconductors led to a two-month delay for the newest releases and continues to face constraints moving forward to showing that even the biggest and more insulated businesses that handle as much of production as possible were also falling into the shortages. The newer iPad models have also been targeted suggesting they could also face shortages, as demand has increased with changes to remote working and remote education, and lower supply, these shortages could continue for quite some time.

Demand will be a key factor too – as noted with mobile and Apple, but as well with the shifting focus on electric cars and other electronic goods too as a changing working and education landscape will lead to increased usage as a whole, with a great usage required the shortages seen will likely continue to hit hard throughout the next year until this demand can be met, and whilst the expectation is to have supply return to normal, further changes could still yet exacerbate this issue leading to a knock-on effect.

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