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Top 10 Best Sites to Send Anonymous Text Pranks

Anonymous texting is one of the best activity to have fun with friends. When I was a kid, I always used to play pranks with my friends by sending a prank message from an unknown number. It is an awesome way to tease your friends. And it works.

I know what you are thinking;

You are looking to send anonymous text messages to your friends as well. am I right? In this quick article, you’ll discover Top 10 Best sites to send Anonymous Text Message to your friends for free. And you don’t even need any registration too.

You can send unlimited prank messages right from your computer with the help of the sites below. Enjoy.

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How Can you Use Anonymous Text

  • Tell someone you love them via phone
  • Trick your friends with spoof text messages
  • Give sweet warnings to your friends
  • Inform authorities about the illegal activities
  • Use when your crush blocked your phone number

Declaimer: Please know that these sites are not intended for any abuse or illegal activity. You can be easily tracked even if you use these proxy sites too. And your IP address will be blocked and published online.

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Best Sites to Send Anonymous Text Message

1. Send Anonymous SMS

This is one of the best sites when it comes to sending an anonymous text message. It supports almost all countries in the world.

Popular and trusted brand in the field of anonymous text message services.

Over 100000 messages are being sent and received on a daily basis on SAS. You can easily determine its popularity.

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2. TxtDrop

TxtDrop is a free Anonymous Text Message service which enables users in the USA and Canada to send messages with instant delivery.

TxtDrop offers a free Dashboard widget for Mac and Windows users as well. So, You can send messages right from your computer instantly.

3. TxtEmNow

This is another great website to send free fake text messages to your friends. It supports US, Canada, and other international cell phone providers.

TextEmNow is one of the best sites to send anonymous/prank messages to your friends without any registration.

You will need to provide the details like Recipient number, Where it is located and your Text to send. That’s all you need to send a free anonymous text message.

4. Anonymous Text (UK)

Anonymous Text is one of the best SMS services where you can play pranks with your friends for free. For instance, you can send a fake message to your friend by pretending like his secret girlfriend.

The best part is, you can also schedule the messages to send at later time of your choosing.

5. Textem

This an awesome website where you can send and receive free picture messages. You can simply use this website to send anonymous text message to your friends.

You can register with them and add your contacts online. It supports 155 character length message. To send anonymous text message, just enter receiver number, Mobile carrier and type your message and hit Enter. works with carriers such as AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile and so on.

6. Smsflick

SMSflick is yet another great website for sending free text messages to some you know. It works very similar to other anonymous text services where you need to enter receiver’s country, mobile number, and text to send.

This site doesn’t need any registration. You can send prank messages from the internet for free.

7. AnonTxt

This is one more awesome website to send prank messages without disclosing your identity. You don’t need to register or pay anything to enjoy the features of this website. It is completely free to use.

You can send anonymous messages almost instantly to your friends in the United States and Canada.

Update: Due to a lot of abuse, AnonTxt has shut their services recently. So you can’t text from this site as of now.

8. A Free SMS

A Free SMS is another similar service similar to other mentioned. But It supports International text messages that too without paying anything. And you can send messages instantly with their fast SMS service.

No registration/Sign up required to use a free SMS service. The Homepage is very straight to what it has to offer.

9. SMS Anonymous (Australia)

This is one more best site to Send anonymous text message to any Australian number.

Confess your dear one that you are the secret admirer of her. or you can even plan a perfect break up plan for him. Text one of this anonymous message like some other girl waiting for him and flip his phone carefully to find out about the message.

10. TextforFree

text for free is one of the useful anonymous texting websites where users can free text messages to anyone whom they want to play pranks with.

Absolutely catch proof. No one will be able to catch you. You can send a free anonymous text without registration/sign up.

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What Do You Think?

These are the top 10 sites that you can use to send anonymous text message to your friends. Have you ever tried these sites? If so, what was your experience? Share them in the comment section below.

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  • Can I use this sites to send anonymous text from my iPhone. Is there any particular app for this. please let me know.

    • You can use anonymous text sites right from your iPhone. There are some apps such as the truth, fake-a-text and so on. honestly, no app can beat these sites.