Seven Ways to Keep From Getting Stressed Out in College

College is a fantastic time of life! But along with the academic studies comes a lot of stress to make grades, find your major, learn a skill or trade, manage relationships, learn how a professor grades, and keep your scholarships. So whether you are learning how to balance eating and exercise or learning how to pull all-nighters and when to call in an essay writing service, there are lots of things to learn to keep you from getting stressed out at college. Consider these six things to keep you calm.

  1. Exercise

There is no doubt about it. Exercise is one of the best ways to control stress. And research shows that you don’t have to exercise that much to get a significant impact on your health. In fact, 150 minutes a week, even walking, will keep your cardiovascular health at a higher level and you will feel less stress. College is also a great time of life to try intramurals. Enlist in a sport that you have never tried before. Many colleges also have facilities that rival the best gyms in the country. So take advantage of those opportunities!

  1. Eat Healthy

Have you heard about the Freshman Fifteen? Or the Sophomore Seven? No, these aren’t the number of scholars in your class; it is the average number of pounds students put on at college! Suddenly, students are thrust into opportunities to eat from all-you-can-eat self-service dining halls, and it is no wonder that students add weight. Remember to eat healthily and balance the fruit, veggies, lean meats, and grains with all those carbs! Exercise and healthy eating together are a potent tag team.

  1. Sleep Well

It might be fun to talk about all-nighters, hanging out late with your friends, and partying but you must make time for your sleep. Sleep is essential for good health and the ability to focus on the other things in life you need to concentrate on, such as your academic studies. You know what your right minimum sleep time is to help you function. Agree never to sleep less than that unless there are extreme circumstances. The average hours of sleep for someone your age is recommended to be approximately eight.

  1. Know-How to Approach Your Academic Life

It is tempting to procrastinate and try all the fun things you can do around campus but having a regular place and time to study helps you learn more than cramming it all in. But even with the most prepared students, there are times when assignments take longer than expected and you need help. Many students enlist the help of an online essay writing service in times just such as these.

  1. Touch Base with Home

Your family and friends love you and miss you every day. Even as you are embarking on your new and exciting future, remember to keep in touch with those at home who know you and will love you no matter what happens. Share your joys and those trials that occur along the way too.

  1. Say no to the Drama

Those petty relationship squabbles that seemed so “middle school” or “intermediate school” still happen in college life. What you can do best is to stay above the drama of petty people. Don’t let those who complain, demand attention, or bully others be part of your life. Say no to the drama and those who require it! It is also important to stay away from toxic and negative individuals. These individuals tend to affect everyone around them and quite literally suck the enjoyment out of life. It’s recommended to cut such individuals out of your life for good for long term enjoyment.

  1. Find a relaxing hobby

Depending on your major, many students find themselves swamped with studying and assignments. If you become too focused on the school you can find yourself easily overstressed and burnt out. It’s important for students to find an activity or hobby that can allow them to relax and get away from schoolwork for a while. Hobbies that are relatively cheap and easy to do like computer games, art (drawing), knitting, and other similar hobbies are great because they are easy to get into and you can stop and continue at any time.

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