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10 things to check before enjoying your shopping spree online

Shopping is an excellent way to de-stress and indulge. It distracts you from your routine, which, let us face it, is necessary now and then.

Whether you are buying stuff for the coming season, packing for a trip abroad or merely trying to arrange an outfit for an upcoming event, shopping is exciting and enjoyable. After all, who does not like having new things?

As fun as it may be, there is no denying the fact that your shopping spree can go awry if you do not plan it out well.

Ever since the advent of online shopping, everything you could ever want is just a few clicks away.

With daily newsletters alerting you about new products, flash and clearance sales, and vouchers, it can be challenging to restrain yourself from hitting your credit card limit.

If you are thinking, it is not as serious as it sounds; you are wrong because binge shopping is an actual problem. They are called shopaholics for a reason, after all.

We all have a list of things we need and a list of things we want. Our needs are limited; our wants, however, not so much. Aside from the wants and needs, there emerges a new group of commodities called the ones you never knew you wanted. These mystical items are the ones that you discover while scrolling through the web or strolling casually by a store. These attractive items lure you into buying them despite your better judgment. The next thing you know, you have gone way over budget.

Before you decide to go on your next shopping spree online, here are 10 tips to consider that will help you save money.

Make a List

Online shopping is very distracting. The second you hit click, a plethora of items appears in front of your screen. While it may be overwhelming, at that moment, they do seem almost necessary to add to your cart. Statistics say that 80% of young consumers make impulse buys online.

The best way to prevent yourself from checking out with an unnecessary buy, in the end, is to start with a list. Shopping lists allow you to stay on track. It allows you to filter out everything that you do not need strictly only leading you to the thing you came here to buy in the first place. If you want to refrain from impulse shopping, make a list; it is that simple.

Set a Budget

When you are shopping online, you will likely be using your card to make payments. While cards are convenient, they can be quite a hassle because you do not run out of money on them. With cash, you know how much to spend. The likelihood that you will overspend while shopping online as opposed to shopping in a store in person is much higher.

The best way to prevent yourself from overspending is to start with a set budget. Once you have established a limit, you know you have to keep expenses under that limit only. Once you have hit that limit, you know it is time to log out.

Compare Prices

Aside from being convenient, online shopping comes with another pro, and that is options. You have so many options to choose from; why not make use of it?

For instance, if you find yourself at an online leather jacket store in search of a cute jacket, be sure to check other online stores as well. Do not buy the first thing you set your eyes on.

If you want to save money, always compare prices, so you know you are getting a good deal on an item. Never impulse buy. Always double-check the prices you see online with retailers. Opt for the one with the lowest price.

Invest in Basics

Clothes are a necessity; however, no one needs that many of them. When it comes to cloth shopping, a good idea is to always invest in the basics rather than the trendy picks. A casual cardigan is a much better investment than a neon pair of boots. Always determine usability before you hit checkout. Basics come into good use and are super easy to pair other things with. If you are concerned about looking unique, accessorize.

Do not Shop when Bored

Unnecessary shopping is the one you do most when you are bored. Do not just scroll through your favorite shopping site if you are bored because you will regret it. Instead, find ways to distract yourself.

Pull the Chord when in Doubt

If you are not sure about a purchase, drop it, and move on. If you are feeling indecisive, give yourself time to analyze the pros and cons. Once you have made up your mind, only then go back to complete your purchase.

Tag a Friend Along

If you struggle with making shopping decisions, take a friend along. However, make sure that your friend is one who will stop you from making impulse buys as opposed to someone who would do the opposite.

Watch out for Good Deals

The best part about online shopping has to be its sales. Before you plan your shopping spree, keep an eye out for sales. A good time to shop is when the season is ending because that is the best time for sales. Additionally, you will always find hidden coupons and vouchers online, so be sure to look out for those first to save some extra dollars.

Shop Out of Season

Out of season shopping is very profitable because you will get a better deal on items, especially clothes. If you have a big shopping spree planned, try to schedule it at a time when the seasons are transitioning so you can get excellent discounts while you are at it.

Thrift Shopping

Thrift stores are a treasure chest because you never know what gem you might stumble upon while rummaging through the piles. Not only can you find some fantastic collector’s items or vintage pieces at thrift stores, but you can also help the environment that way. Buying used items is a much better investment for you and the world around you. Additionally, thrift stores are super cheap. There are many online thrift stores such as eBay and Etsy now that sell not only clothes, shoes, and bags but also items like makeup, and household items.

Final Thoughts

Shopping is an exhilarating experience for some but daunting experience for others. No matter how much you love or hate shopping, the feeling of excitement that comes with the arrival of a parcel at your doorstep is unmatched.

A pro tip is to make sure to keep the receipts on hand. Don’t remove the price tags unless you have tried on everything and are content with it. In case you need a replacement, anything without a tag, cannot be returned. Therefore, the next time you decide to visit your favorite online shopping store, be sure to use these tips to keep you from going broke.

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