Simple Tips to Growing Up Gracefully

There are a lot of things that get better as you get older. You’ll hopefully have your finances and career under control, you’ll be more vibrant than you were in your 30s, and you may be making exciting retirement plans to travel the world and live life in a similar fashion to your how your 21-year-old self spent his gap year.

Before you board the plane to Thailand for your third-age Rumspringa, you’re probably more concerned with ensuring you have all of your medication packed than you are about your first full moon party. Times may be a’ changing, but it doesn’t have to mean navigating the beach on a zimmer frame. If you can catch certain health conditions early and make sure you have the right treatment, you will be well on your way to having a holiday in good health.

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Hair loss is common among older men, and although you may be dreaming of growing out your locks during your travels, you will have to contend with the science that it is going to be much harder than when you were 23. You can pre-empt hair loss by ensuring that you’re getting regular vitamins to ensure hair strength. If your hair is already thinning and you’re worried about the rate of loss, many men take the prescription drug Finasteride and report thinning happening at a much slower rate; indeed, some have even experienced new hair growth. For something a little milder, there are plenty of shampoos that offer a regular treatment for hair thinning, as well as various natural serums.

Regaining your vitality in later life is about more than just traveling. For instance, it might be about reconnecting with your partner, and as you get older, you might find it more difficult to get things going. There are lots of purported remedies for ED and although it can feel embarrassing, roughly 50% of men in their 50s experience ED and it is easily treatable. Cloud pharmacy start-up Many offer an online consultation and a great relationship with London-based pharmacists, who dispense medication quickly and dispatch it discreetly to your door in unmarked packaging.

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A lesser symptom of getting old is hair growth in odd places. Your eyebrows or nose hair may suddenly cascade down your face and managing it becomes another step in the daily grooming routine. It can feel unfair that your hair isn’t growing on your head but insists on adding to unnecessary places such as your nose. You can now get electrolysis on these small areas to slow and eventually cease hair growth without affecting the hair on your head.

It can feel difficult when your body doesn’t act as young as you feel, but thanks to modern medicine, there are plenty of ways to combat early signs of aging. For some, this aging happens earlier than others, but it doesn’t have to change your life at all.

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