Simple ways for women to make family happier

Having a happy family is always the desire of every person. In a family, a woman is considered as the main factor who makes family happy and connects family members. Actually, knowing how to keep family happy is one of the most important goals in every woman’s life.

Build a good relationship with husband

Be a good friend of your husband

Know how to listen and share with your husband about all happiness and sadness is one of the best ways to have a happy family. Be a wife, you need to understand your husband’s thoughts and feelings. Do not be indifferent to his confidences. Instead, listening and sharing will make two people closer and understand each other more.

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A happy couple knows how to listen and share to understand each other

Besides, although two people are in the “same roof”, each person need private space. Therefore, your husband also needs time to take care of himself as he wants and do the things he likes. Actually, control all your husband’s time will make him feel uncomfortable, from that does not want to share anything to his wife.

Find out good points of your life partner

Be a wife, you should find positive points of your husband. If you always see the flaws of him and blame your husband because of those flaws, your relationship will be stressful and suffocating. Let’s take a real story as an example. There was a woman who found that she was having trouble with her husband, her marriage life was not happy.

She went to see a psychiatrist for advice. This psychiatrist advised her: “In three weeks, find small strengths of your husband every day and praise him”. At the beginning, she felt very difficult to carry out that advice. She was reluctant to find a good point of her husband and complimented him; however, it made him happy. Later, she found that: “My husband is so good, why did I not notice before?”. After three weeks, she changed the way of appraising her husband, whereby the husband also changed his attitude and behavior in a positive way.

Respect sweet memories

Happy couples tend to forget sad memories in the past and focus on happy moments. Recollecting beautiful memories can help change your thought about your life partner and your relationship. Try practicing this exercise whenever you feel that your relationship needs to be warmed up: Remember your first dates, the happiest moments such as a happy holiday, a picnic, the moment of jubilant jokes and so on. Do not let precious memories be forgotten by the worries and anger of daily life.


Let’s use sweet memories as a tool to connect two people

Warm up the love

Do not forget to warm up your love with delicious meals, shopping day, street strolling or short-term tours. Share your interests and desires with your spouse, give him sincere thank and praise him when receiving the romance. This will make your husband happy and try to maintain those happy atmospheres. Actually, sweet actions even small are indispensable spices for a happy marriage.

Create daily connection habits

It is the habit of doing simple things together in everyday life that connects a happy couple. You and your husband can cook a meal, do exercise or fold clothes together. Actually, it is the small things that make your marriage sustainable. A hug, the listening, sharing, a warm meal bring more value than you think.

Doing things together is a good way to warm up your love

Build the “real home” for family members

The balance between work and family

In our modern life today, women take on many roles such as doing tasks at work, doing housework, being a good wife and a good mother. Therefore, life will be easier if you know how to balance work and family. You should create a to-do list to well manage your daily tasks. If possible, you should divide housework for other family members and calculate the time to complete all of them.

The sharing of housework will help women ease the pressure of life and connect family members. After hard working days, weekends are a suitable time to spend on family. Turn off the computer, put the phone down and spend that precious time completing the unfinished housework. This helps you have more time to teach your children or talk to your husband.

In addition, do not forget to plan a picnics, outings, shopping or even a special meal prepared by all family members. Although family and work are women’s top concerns, you should also arrange a time to do things you like such as meeting friends, shopping or doing outdoor activities. Actually, when women can meet their individual needs, they can ensure a balance between work and family.

A modern woman needs to know how to balance time between work and family

Take good care of yourself

Remember that: men always love beauty. They always look for the “more beautiful” thing if you have not met that beauty. So, if you would like to keep family happy, study the way of taking care of yourself. Of course, you do not need to be too meticulous and sophisticated. Do not let family happiness be governed by simple factors that you can control such as “beauty”.

Make the house become a “real home”

Do not ask “how to keep family happy” if you can not understand the importance of a home in your life. A house is a place where family members give love to each other, where husband and children enjoy nutritious meals cooked by the family’s woman and where parents use love to bring up and educate their children.

Make your house become a “real home”, the best place for every family member to arrive

Be a woman, let’s make your husband and children feel “home is the best place to arrive, the wife is the best person to love”. After a busy day, adults in general and women, in particular, should spend time taking care of the home. There is no need to be too finical to prepare meals. Sitting together and enjoying a cup of tea, a piece of cake is enough to bring a warm atmosphere. Each member can share their own story, they receive encouragement and advice from other ones.

Spend time for children

Having more time for the ones we love is the desire of every person. For children, they always want to be with their parents a lot. However, modern parents in general and modern mother, in particular, tend to spend less time on their children.

Women can make up for their children with a lot of gifts, but that can not fill the emotional emptiness of their hearts. With over 30 years of working as a counselor on marriage and family, American psychologist Dr. Gary Chapman affirmed that spending time is a valuable gift that parents can give their children. It conveys to children the message: “I am very important to my parents. Mother/ Father is happy to be with me”.

Spend time for children build up a happy family via do choi td

The fact that the mother spends a lot of time with children not only cultivates the kids’ feeling but can even influence their IQ. There is some evidence show that first child often has a higher IQ than their siblings because the first child often gets more attention from the mother.

In fact, modern women have more concerns and roles in life. They have to balance time between work and family to keep family happy. However, do not forget to take good care of yourself to have a completely happy life.

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