How to Spend Your Money Smarter and More Securely When Gaming Online

Money Smarter and More Securely When Gaming Online

Microtransactions are increasing in the gaming industry as more people continue to exchange money online frequently. This spending on gaming is skyrocketing because many gamers are paying for in-game purchases and subscriptions for their PCs, mobile, and console games.

However, the heavy spending on games and other related expenses can attract fraudsters with ill intentions. 

Although game developers are taking measures to stop these criminal activities, cyber criminals still find other ways of duping unsuspecting people. However, gamers have an active role in ensuring their financial and personal information is secure.

In this article, we explore four ways you can spend your money smarter and more securely when gaming online.

Always Lock Your Game Accounts

Most gamers think hackers and cyber criminals are the only threat to their finances and sensitive data as they enjoy online games. They ignore the looming threat that is right in their homes. Some children have a habit of spending their parent’s money without authorization.

For instance, there are cases of children spending on online games using their parents’ credit or debit cards. 

Fortunately, some games have parental control features that can curb this issue. These games can send you notifications whenever a purchase is initiated and allow you to stop all unauthorized transactions. Some also allow you to set spending limits.

In either case, locking your game accounts is an excellent option that will prevent unauthorized access by members of your household or anyone with access to your gaming platform.

Cost of Convenience

Game developers are striving to provide the best gaming experience without any interruptions. They have developed a straightforward payment process that allows users to save their payment details. However, this convenience comes at a cost because anyone that logs into your account will have access to your credit card information.

Any slight negligence in protecting your login credentials can cost you hefty losses. It is advisable to have unique and unbreakable passwords to prevent unauthorized parties from getting into your gaming accounts.

Another fantastic option is to make it a habit of only playing your favorite games from top-tier platforms like Libra Spins Casino. Such sites have advanced security features that allow users to protect their game accounts. You can get the complete Libra Spins Casino review by visiting their site.

On top of its cutting-edge security features, this casino also has over 3000 slot games and more than sixty live games. Moreover, it has several popular payment options and fast withdrawals of between 24 to 36 hours.  

Be cautious of Fleeceware

Removing credit card details from your gaming account will protect you from fraudsters and fleeceware apps. Such apps exploit unsuspecting gamers by providing free offers and later impose hefty prices.

Unfortunately, kids are the most vulnerable victims of these apps, and their parents face the loss of paying exorbitant fees and monthly subscriptions.

As a parent, you should protect your kids from such apps by keeping your payment information confidential.

Opt for Payment Methods that Give You Control

Privacy cards offer an excellent solution to prevent overspending on gaming, especially for gamers with children. These virtual cards act as your credit card, but they don’t expose sensitive information.

You can lock privacy cards to a specific game or vendor and set monthly or weekly payment limits depending on your preference. 

These virtual cards will also enable you to keep your kids on a budget as they play their favorite video games. You can also use these cards to teach your children how to budget.

In case your gaming account is hacked, you can cancel the privacy card without affecting your credit card.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, online gaming also comes with its fair share of risks. Any slight negligence in securing your personal or financial information will make you vulnerable to hacking.

As gaming developers safeguard their games with cutting-edge technology, gamers should also lock their gaming accounts, avoid fleeceware apps, and use payment methods that give them absolute control. These strategies will enable you to spend money on gaming securely and intelligently. 

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