Startup Branding: How to Build a Strong Brand for Your Business

Starting your own business is a dream for many.

However, dreams can quickly turn into disappointment when you just can’t seem to get any attention for your startup. With hundreds of businesses launching every day, it is critical to stand out with a strong brand.

Imagine choosing an outfit for a party attended by all your peers. How would you dress to impress? Would you wear a loud Hawaiian shirt, a suit, and tie, or just be casual? And would how you dress amplify or obscure your personality?

What Is Branding?

Branding is essentially the identity of your business. An organization’s brand must closely represent its values and purpose. Your potential customers will view your business based on your brand, and first impressions last a long time.

Just like the party outfit that you’ve chosen, your branding will be what defines your business in the marketplace. Therefore, it is important to choose an ‘outfit’ that emphasizes the real you and what you can deliver.

Develop Your Identity

 Before you decide on what you want to wear, you need to spend some time introspecting. Sit down, meditate for five minutes, and bring your thoughts back to your story.

Why did you create this startup? How does your background influence how you perceive the world? What problem are you trying to solve? What do you care most about? Who do you want to notice you?

These questions may seem simple, but they are integral in drawing the lines that define your brand.

Create Your Voice

Once you have decided on what your business is here to achieve, it is time to set a voice and tone for your brand. Your brand’s voice is how you will communicate to your potential customers. It should be consistent and relatable for your target audience.

An easy way to find your voice is to think about the words that describe your identity. Honest. Innovative. Experienced. Friendly. Simple. Real. These are just some examples.

When you’ve written down your words, think about your target market and choose three words that would be most appealing to them. These three words will now define your voice and the vibe that you put out to the world. 

The Visual Brand Environment

Now that you’ve got the hard thinking done, it is time to develop a visual outfit for your brand that matches its inner personality.

You can start by putting together a mood board on Pinterest that matches your corporate vibe. Are you vibrant and orange or cool and blue? Is your style clean and confident or rugged and fun?

From your mood board, put together a color palette, a typographic direction, and any additional elements (like a mascot) that embody your brand. Make sure that the visual aspects convey the same message as your brand identity.

This is a great time to involve third parties such as professional designers or branding agencies. Their expertise will ensure that you will have a solid set of brand guidelines that can be carried over to your entire marketing presence.

Establish Your Presence

Now that you have your brand guidelines, you can produce fresh content while remaining consistent and recognizable. 

Social media marketing has become essential for brand building and is an excellent tool for lead generation. Think about your audience and create content that speaks to them.

Choose partners that will help you in promoting your business and defining your brand. This could mean a social media influencer or a trusted professional. If you are targeting mobile users, why not consider developing a mobile app?

Lean on Costs

Great. Your brand is receiving good feedback from your target audience. Now it is time to ensure that you can deliver what you promised.

While it may be tempting at first to do everything on your own, it is easy for startups to find themselves overwhelmed. Some companies like Redwerk can help by providing quality software development for startups.

This ensures that you reduce costs on development while still having access to experts working in the field. Outsourcing development can allow you to focus on business and marketing goals instead of worrying about infrastructure problems.

These are some tried and tested ways to build a strong brand for your business. Be sure of your business identity and dream, then enlist the help of experts to give you a hand along the way.

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