Step-by-Step Guide to Order Custom Cakes at Costco with Payment and Pickup Details

How to Order Cakes at Costco

Costco is a membership warehouse club that offers a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, home appliances, and clothing, at discounted prices. It’s a popular destination for bulk shopping, as it offers quality products at affordable prices.

Costco is also known for its delicious and affordable cakes, which are perfect for any occasion. The cakes are made with high-quality ingredients and come in various sizes and designs. In addition, Costco offers customization options, such as adding personalized messages or photos to the cake. Ordering a cake at Costco is a convenient and affordable option for anyone who wants to celebrate a special occasion.

If you are looking to order cakes from Costco, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will be sharing you with the complete guide to ordering cakes at Costco including various cake options, customizations, how to order, payment and pickup options for you to successfully place the order at Costco. So, let’s get started.

How to place the cake order at Costco

To order a cake at Costco, you need to follow some simple steps provided below.

I have some exciting news for Costco Wholesale Members who are looking to pre-order decorated celebration cakes. Now, you can easily place your cake order online and pick it up from your preferred Costco Warehouse Bakery Department.

To add a personal touch to your cake, you can customize it with a special message or inscription of your choice. These cakes are quite large, measuring 40cm x 30cm in size and serving up to 48 people. The price for these cakes is incredibly reasonable, at only £16.49, while the plain undecorated version sells for just £15.49.

To place your order, all you need to do is fill out and submit the order form provided on the website. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the necessary details. Please note that a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for all order collections.

If you encounter any difficulties while placing your order, don’t hesitate to contact your preferred Warehouse for assistance. Lastly, it is important to note that these cakes contain WHEAT, MILK, EGG, and SOYA. While every effort is made to prevent cross-contamination, traces of nuts or nut products may still be present due to production methods.

Follow the steps below to order the cake at Costco:

STEP ONE: Select your cake design.

There are over 20 designs you can have your cake at Costco. Some of the names are Plainly undecorated, Football pitch, Roses, Spray Roses, Ballons, Rainbow, Caterpillar, Over the hill, Communion cake, Christening cake, Princess Crown, Heart, Carriage cake, Dinosaur, Golf, Rugby, Celebration, graduation, and some seasonal cakes such as Daffodil and EID.

Here you will select one of these designs

STEP TWO: Sponge/Filling/Icing Selection.

In this step, you need to select your Sponge either it is Chocolate or White and then your Filling, which can be Chocolate, Rasberry jam, Rasberry Jam/Chocolate, Rasberry Jam/Vanilla, and Vanilla and finally your icing will be Chocolate or White. Once you select these steps you will move to the next step of customization.

STEP THREE: Customise your cake.

Here you will need to select the colour. According to the website, you can choose up to 2 colours from the available Green, Orange, Pink, Violet and Yellow. Here, you can add more details to your baker such as inscription text or any other details.

Once you complete this step, you will move to the next step, your details

STEP FOUR: Enter your details.

Here you will need to provide your details such as your membership number, First name, last name, email address, Telephone number etc.

Finally, you will also need to provide the Pickup location, Pickup date, and Pickup time. Then proceed to SUBMIT your order and pay it. As soon as the order goes into their system you will be emailed with the order details.

Note: All the custom orders need at least 48 hours prior notice. So, plan accordingly.

Determine your requirements

 Before ordering your cake at Costco, you need to think of specific details of the cake that you want to order. This includes choosing the cake flavour, size, design, and any customization options that you want to include.

For example, you may want a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and a special message written on top. By determining your requirements in advance, you can communicate your needs clearly to the bakery staff and ensure that you get the cake that you want.

Additionally, it can help you avoid any confusion or misunderstandings during the ordering process, making it a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Costco Cake Customizations

Costco offers a range of cake customization options, including different flavours, sizes, designs, personalized messages, and photo cakes. Customers can choose from pre-made designs or work with the bakery staff to create a custom design. Below are some of the cake customizations you can have with Costco.

Cake Flavor

Costco offers a wide variety of cake flavours, ranging from classic vanilla and chocolate to more unique flavours like tiramisu and raspberry cream. According to Costco’s website, their cakes are made with high-quality ingredients, including fresh eggs, real butter, and high-quality chocolate.

Cake Size

Costco offers cakes in a range of sizes to suit different occasions and party sizes. Their cakes are available in 1/2 sheet, full sheet, and round cake sizes. According to Costco’s website, their 1/2 sheet cake can serve up to 48 people, while their full sheet cake can serve up to 96 people.

Cake Design

Costco offers a range of cake designs, from simple and classic to more elaborate and themed designs. Their cakes can be decorated with frosting, whipped cream, fruit, and other toppings. Customers can choose from a variety of pre-made designs or work with Costco’s bakery staff to create a custom design.

Personalized Messages

Costco offers the option to add personalized messages to their cakes. Customers can choose from a variety of fonts and colours for the message. According to Costco’s website, there is a limit of 48 characters for personalized messages.

Photo Cakes

Costco offers the option to add photos to their cakes. Customers can provide a digital image to be printed on the cake. According to Costco’s website, the photo must be a high-resolution JPEG file and should be submitted to the bakery at least 48 hours before the pickup time.

Costco cake prices

Cake TypeSizePrice
Round Cake10 inch$16.99
Half Sheet$19.99
Full Sheet$39.99
Specialty Cake (Tres Leches)Half Sheet$21.99
Full Sheet$43.99
Cheesecake10 inch$12.99
12 inch$17.99
1/4 Sheet$20.99
1/2 Sheet$39.99

The prices have been taken as an estimation only, these may vary depending on your location and customization options.

Update: As of 2020, Costco bakers have discounted half sheets. They no longer accept half-sheet cakes.

Payment and Pickup

When ordering a cake online at Costco, you can pay with various forms of payment, including cash, debit cards, Costco Cash Cards, and most major credit cards. However, they do not accept checks or EBT cards for online cake orders. Payment is required at the time of online order placement.

For Cake Pickup, you will be prompted to select a pickup date and time. Costco requires a minimum of 24-48 hours advance notice for online cake orders. On the day of pickup, go to the bakery department of your selected Costco store and provide your order confirmation number. If you’re picking up a custom photo cake, bring a printed or digital copy of the photo you want on the cake. Costco does not offer delivery for online cake orders. Cakes must be picked up in-store.

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free pickup experience, make sure to double-check the pickup date and time before completing your online order. If you’re unable to pick up the cake yourself, you can authorize someone else to do so by providing them with your order confirmation number and a copy of your photo ID.

If you’re running late for your pickup time, call the Costco bakery department to let them know. They may be able to hold the cake for a short period of time or make other arrangements. Costco recommends transporting cakes in a cool, flat area of your vehicle to avoid damage or melting.

Common mistakes to avoid while ordering cake online

  • Determine the occasion and the number of guests: Think about the event you’re celebrating and how many people you’ll be serving. This will help you choose the right size cake for your needs.
  • Choose a reputable bakery: Do your research and choose a bakery with good reviews and ratings. This will help ensure that you receive a high-quality cake that meets your expectations.
  • Double-check the customization options: Make sure you understand the customization options available and provide clear instructions for any personalized messages or photos you want to add. This will help ensure that the bakery staff creates a cake that meets your specific needs and preferences.
  • Allow enough time for the cake to be prepared: Depending on the bakery, it may take some time to prepare your cake. Make sure you allow enough time for the bakery to create and decorate your cake, especially if you’re ordering a custom design or photo cake.
  • Double-check the order details: Before submitting your order, double-check all the details, including the cake size, flavour, customization options, and pickup/delivery date and time. This will help ensure that there are no mistakes or miscommunications that could lead to disappointment on the day of the event.
  • Communicate with the bakery staff: If you have any questions or concerns about your cake order, don’t hesitate to reach out to the bakery staff. They can provide guidance on the customization options and help ensure that your cake meets your expectations.
  • Be patient and flexible: Remember that ordering a cake online may involve some waiting and flexibility, especially if you’re ordering during a busy time. Be patient and understanding, and keep in mind that the bakery staff is working hard to create a cake that meets your expectations.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your cake order goes smoothly and that you get exactly what you want.

FAQs about How to Order Cakes at Costco

Are cakes from Costco good?

A. Costco cakes are of great quality and value for money. They offer a wide variety of flavours and customization options and are known for their moist texture and delicious taste. Costco cakes also come in big sizes that can serve a large number of guests at a reasonable price.

How to order birthday cake at Costco?

A. To order a birthday cake at Costco, you can visit the bakery department of your nearest Costco store. Select the cake flavour and design you want and provide any customization details, such as text or photos. Choose a pickup date and time, and pay for your order at the time of placement. On the day of pickup, go to the bakery department of your selected Costco store and provide your order confirmation number.

Q. Can I place a cake order online?

A. Costco does not offer online cake-ordering options at this time. To order a cake from Costco, you will need to visit or call the bakery department of your local Costco warehouse.

How can I check the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, log in to your account and go to the “Orders and Purchases” section. Here, you will see a list of your recent orders and their current status, such as “Processing,” “Shipped,” or “Delivered.” Alternatively, You can also track your order’s shipping progress by clicking on the tracking number provided in your order confirmation email.

Q. How many people does a Costco sheet cake serve?

A. A standard Costco sheet cake is 12 inches by 16 inches and can serve around 48 people, depending on the size of the slices. However, Costco also offers larger sheet cakes that can serve up to 96 people, as well as round cakes in various sizes that can serve anywhere from 8 to 24 people.


Ordering a cake at Costco is a convenient and affordable way to celebrate any occasion. With a wide selection of delicious cake flavours, beautiful designs, and customization options, you’re sure to find the perfect cake to suit your needs.

Whether you order in-store or over the phone, the bakery staff is always friendly and helpful, ensuring that your cake is made to your exact specifications. So next time you’re planning a birthday party, graduation celebration, or any other special event, consider ordering a cake from Costco. Your taste buds – and your wallet – will thank you!

So, why not head over to your nearest Costco store or give them a call to place an order for your next cake? You won’t regret it!

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