Step By Step Guide To Playing Real Cash Poker Games

With the popularity of poker games soaring, playing real cash games is becoming more common. Poker cash games are ring or cash games that require real financial bets by the players. They mostly have no time limit and can be played at all times in any online poker room or live casino tables. The playing cash amount depends on how much the table or the platform allows the players to bet. The betting can have a minimum to maximum cash margin.

Plan your game to win big

The entire success rate of an online poker game or playing at a casino table lies in good strategies. Cash games can be stressful if not planned well. Cash games are very different from tournaments and require a different strategy altogether.

Here are a few vital tips that will help you understand the game and increase your chance of winning big:

1. Select your table wisely –

When starting to play poker cash games, try not to play with seasoned players. That is why choosing your poker table is important. It is better to start with a table full of amateur players and win something than play with professionals and win nothing. In cash games, you can leave the table as you please. So, once you have had your win, it is better to leave the table and find another. Choose wisely and research well. This will ensure that your profit margin remains good at the end of every game.

2. Know your game positions –

Positions are one of the most important factors when playing real cash poker games. It is advisable for you to know your positions and study your opponents’ positions well at every game. Once you have a position on your opponents, you can study their reaction in each post-flop betting round. This will ensure that you have an idea of how you need to act on your next hand. It also allows you to put maximum pressure on your opponents by giving them a chance to make mistakes out of the position. This will allow you to bring out the highest profits when playing a poker hand-in position.

3. Learn bankroll management –

There are set rules to win or lose in poker. Anything can happen anytime – one day you can win big, and another day, maybe you will lose big. So, you need to learn proper bankroll management. This will make sure that you never feel financially stressed after any game. This is especially beneficial in case you are playing No-Limit Hold’em, in which all the money that you currently have on the table could be in the pot, all at once.

  • If you are just playing for recreation and are still learning, keeping the minimum to 20 buy-ins is advisable for whatever stake you play.
  • If you are a professional player, having a bankroll of about 100 buy-ins along with six months of living expenses should be sensible.

4. Bluffing at moderation is good –

Bluffing is a good part of poker but only in certain situations and limited frequencies. If you do not bluff ever, then your opponents will fold against you whenever they are facing any aggression. Similarly, if you bluff too much, then your opponents will call you down with lesser value hands to exploit your bluffing tendency.

5. Choose the correct bet sizes –

Bet sizes are crucial as it directly impacts your poker success rate. If you choose the correct bet sizes, you can:

  • Increase your expected value (EV)
  • Decrease your losses
  • Control your opponents’ continuing ranges
  • Manage your bluffing frequencies

When you are up against an opponent who will always call, not caring about the betting size, you should always bet the most amounts to get the maximum winning value.

6. Try to put your opponents on ranges –

Always consider what your opponents have to offer, and do not simply play the strength of your hand. Try not to put your opponents on a specific hand during the game. This can make you jump to the wrong conclusions on how to play your hand. This only increases your chance of making huge mistakes. When thinking in terms of ranges, always try to see the bigger picture and consider the outcome. This will also ensure that you have the best play against all your opponents’ holdings. As a result, you can maximize your expected value (EV).

7. Learn when to quit the cash game –

Knowing when to leave your real cash games is crucial when playing online poker. You do not have the option to quit or take a break in multi-table tournaments (MTT). So quitting is an advantage that only cash game players have. The two most common reasons to quit are unstable emotions and distracted attention. If you see yourself being angry or sad in the middle of the game, taking a break or quitting are the best options. Similarly, if you find yourself distracted in the game, to avoid losing, you should quit the game. This knowledge will help you to improve your game in the long run and increase your winning strike.

In conclusion

Real cash games have advantages and disadvantages like every other game setup. Nowadays, many online poker sites have popular games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and others that are easily available. You can even find a range of stakes to suit all budgets available at various popular online poker sites. So, go through the above-stated tips, strategize your battle plan, and get ready to win some online real cash poker games.

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