The warm rays of the sun,

white sandy beaches,

sipping margaritas,

back yard grills and outdoor thrill,

All this is the harbinger of the fact that the coveted summer season has arrived. It is upon us, and now we have to up our summer fashion game.

Summer fashion for men is all about comfort, style and creating adventurous looks with a bold and edgy color combination to make a statement. The most exciting part is to craft a chic summer wardrobe filled with essentials and accessories to glam you up and get you going for the season.


Dressing up for the summer season can be fun. But with ample options to choose from, it may make you a tad indecisive too. There is no one way to style yourself for summers, but you can definitely up your fashion game through a combination of classy outfits and accessories.

Starting from shirts and trousers to the right kind of shoes, or sandals, wearing a hat and sleek sunglasses, the options for summer outfits, as well as accessories, are infinite.

You can follow the popular fashion trends of the season, or you can start a new trend – this season is all about experimenting with style and loving yourself. So, let’s take a look at a few style ideas you can try this summer.


Be it a polka dot or an abstract design, the breezy cotton and linen shirts are a must-have in every summer wardrobe. They look neat and crisp and get you through a hot day without drenching you in sweat.

You can choose to style them up with your favorite pair of chinos or regular shorts, whatever you consider your style for the day!


Be it a working Saturday, a night out with friends, or even a casual barbeque with family, a polo shirt never looks out of style.

Choose a tailored fit polo shirt and pair it with chino shorts to up your style gradient this summer season.


A plain white shirt is a summer staple. It works with jeans, trousers and shorts. Your summer wardrobe is incomplete is you don’t have a few white shirts to survive the season.

When the summer heat gets intense, you want to shed layers of clothes and adorn the most basic and cool looking vest to make a statement.

You can also opt for a staple black or monochrome vest, or you can add a flare in your style by choosing a printed vest. It’s summer, and you must be headed out to the beach, so wear the vest and kill the heat with some style!


Pastel sneakers are the talk of the town this season. Even though sneakers are considered far from being dressy, you can choose neutral or pastel tones to match them with most of your outfits, adding a fun yet professional look to it.

Try the simple white or black sneakers to add a pop to your outfit. The brown leather sneaker is also a favorite pick this season which goes well with almost any summer outfit


Summer means comfort. Your body needs to be relaxed to beat the heat. What is more comfortable than slippers?

Slippers are not only restricted to beaches, but they can be worn when you are out and about in the city. Style the easy slip-on with your shorts and a simple t-shirt to get going for the day.


Double brow bar round sunglasses are very much in fashion these days. You may find a lot of celebrities sporting the old-school round frames around the town. Let the hipster in you come out as you wear the round glasses with vibrant colored outfits.

The Wayfarers never go out of fashion and give off the typical casual summer vibe. Dress classy by pairing Wayfarers with a white button-down shirt and blue denim to stand out as the most stylish in the crowd.


This style of denim for men is not going anywhere; rather, the designers have made sure we see all shades of ripped blue denim this season.



Fashion shows and models on the ramp can be seen wearing all shades from basic to light and dark and even indigo.

This summer, style the ripped denim with the shirt of your choice. You choose the lighter ones for daytime and the dark shades of ripped denim for night events.


You have a lot of options when it comes to chinos. Rock your white chinos with a classic polo shirt or a button-down semi-casual shirt as prepare to attend that afternoon work meeting.

If you want to give it a more casual look, you might as well fold the ankles and feel lightweight. You may pair your chinos with loafers or even sneakers for a casual look.


When on the beach or out in the city, summer for men is incomplete without shorts.

They come in different fabrics and variations for the men to choose from. This season longer shorts that end just below the knees are trending with classy designs and bold colors.

There are many options for shorts this season, starting from losing fitted cargo shorts to chino and denim.

So whether it is a pool party, walk down the city, or a trip to the shopping mall, summer shorts for men, are the most stylish choice.

However, with shorts, you have to wear comfortable underwear as well. As summer is all about comfort, you need to make sure that your underwear has good elasticity to prevent itching.

As the heat gets intense during the season, the best men underwears to wear in this season are those that are made up of moisture-wicking fabric.


Baseball caps are the hottest and an absolute favorite for men every summer. All men love to wear this headgear that not only makes a style statement but also keeps the face and head covered from the sun.

Another option can be adorning fedora hats to create a vintage and charming look. Get all the attention from the ladies around as you carry this classic style across the town.


Are you even a fashion junkie if you are not wearing trendy men bracelets?

Fashion bracelets are the talk of the town, and most fashionable men are seen wearing it no matter what their choice of outfit and what the occasion—colorful bracelets on the wrist ups your fashion game like nothing else.

You may want to wear a single bracelet of a neutral of color or many bracelets together falling under the same color family. You may go wild with it, too, using bracelets of various funky and bold colors.


A man without a statement watch is always underdressed.

Wear a watch that matches your style – be it a chain strap, leather strap watch, digital watch, or a smartwatch. Make sure you wear one best suited to your outfit and the season.

Summer fashion is all about keeping it casual, chic, and minimal. Keep yourself cool and up your style game this summer season.

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